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(Plats on Microfilm, Somerset)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office in 1952. Plats filmed included those interspersed in land, equity, insolvency, and judicial records. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give names or descriptions of the land, names of owners or litigants, dates, and citations to the records where the plats were recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plats from Land Records) in series C2409 and C2410, (Plats from Equity) in series C2411 and C2412, (Plats from Insolvencies) in series C2415, and (Plats from Judicials) in series C2413 and C2414. The citations to land commissions are actually land records.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1905Land Records OTB 43, p. 387CR 47023Abell, Annabel Chapman, Henry Cooper LandS1545-1
 Details1926Land Records JMT 104, p. 124 Abbott, O. W., 7/8 acre, surveyed for N. W. Webster, conveyed to O. W. Abbott, on Deal Island S1545-2
 Details1919Land Records WJS 78, p. 143CR 47024Abbott, R. & L. DashiellS1545-3
 Details1904Land Records OTB 39, p. 16CR 47023Adams, Cinderella, Westover District: 12 acresS1545-4
 Details1922Land Records WJS 86, p. 331CR 47024Adams, John S., Little Samuel Tull, Brinkley District: 60 acresS1545-6
 Details1927Land Records JMT 112, p. 148CR 47025Adams, Nettie V., West Princess Anne District: 7 4/10 acresS1545-7
 Details1914Land Records WJS 66, p. 396CR 47024Adams, Robert W., Woodland in Dublin District: 10 acresS1545-8
 Details1913Land Records SFD 63, p. 333CR 47024Adams, Samuel, Brinkley District: 5 acresS1545-9
 Details1914Land Records WJS 67, p. 95CR 47024Adams, S. U., Brinkley District: 16575 square feetS1545-10
 Details1910Land Records SFD 54, p. 554CR 47023Adams, T. J., Dublin District: 62 acresS1545-11
 Details1915Land Records WJS 68, p. 84CR 47024Adams, William C., Brinkley District: 33 1/8 acresS1545-12
 Details1922Land Records WJS 86, p. 354CR 47024Adams, William C., Brinkley District: 8 acres & 100 square polesS1545-13
 Details1880-1881Land Records HFL 3, p. 698CR 47023Adams, William F., Brinkley District: 132 3/8 acresS1545-14
 Details1914Land Records WJS 67, p. 333CR 47024Adams, William H., Fairmount District: 1 acreS1545-15
 Details1917Land Records WJS 71, p. 539CR 47024Adams, William H., Fairmount District: 11 1/2 acresS1545-16
 Details1912Land Records SFD 62, p. 307CR 47024Adams, William T., Land in Brinkley District: Lot 3; -28 acresS1545-17
 Details1920Land Records WJS 80, p. 507CR 47024Addition to Crisfield; Map of North Somerset AvenueS1545-18
 Details1935Land Records JMT 106, p. 572CR 47025Addition to Presbyterian Church, 1.67 acres, Rehoboth, MarylandS1545-19
 Details1932Land Records JMT 104, p. 157CR 47025Alder, Roy, West Princess Anne District: 1525 Square FeetS1545-20
 Details1906Land Records SFD 44, p. 475CR 47023Aldrich, William F., Saint Peter District: 27 1/40 acresS1545-21
 Details1919Land Records WJS 78, p. 123CR 47024Allen, C. E., Land in Westover District: 272 acresS1545-22
 Details1908Land Records SFD 49, p. 96CR 47023Allen, Francis, B., Part of Cherry Grove in Princess Anne District: 30 acresS1545-23
 Details1917Land Records WJS 79, p. 355CR 47024Allen, Ira B., Village of Marion Station, Brinkley District: 2 rods & 15 Square PolesS1545-24
 Details1922Land Records WJS 90, p. 350CR 47024Allen, I.A.B., Lawson District: 56 5/16 acresS1545-25
 Details1907Land Records SFD 45, p. 29CR 47023Allen, William F., Princess Anne District: Egypt Farm - 3 Lots; Lot 1 - 155.46 acres; Lot 2 - 78.7 acres; Lot 3 - 232.10 acresS1545-26
 Details1914Land Records WJS 66, p. 391CR 47024Alward, Harry E., West Princess Anne District: 5 acresS1545-28
 Details1920Land Records WJS 81, p. 291 Anderson, C. H. and et al; Lawson District: 2 Lots, each 4 1/4 acres S1545-29
 Details1924Land Records WJS 90, p.579CR 47024Anderson, E. L., West Princess District: 28.5 acresS1545-30
 Details1935Land Records JMT 110, p. 342CR 47025Anderson Hotel, Property on Deal Island, 35/100 acresS1545-31
 Details1920Land Records WJS 81, p. 456CR 47024Anderson, M. E., East Princess Anne District: 22.7 acresS1545-32
 Details1915Land Records WJS 70, p. 343CR 47024Andrado, M., Saint Peter District: 3 acresS1545-34
 Details1937Land Records JMT 113, p. 291CR 47025Andrews, John M. & wifeS1545-35
 Details1915Land Records WJS 68, p. 600CR 47024Antioch, M. E. Church, Cemetery PlanS1545-36
 Details1906Land Records SFD 44, p. 450CR 47023Armstrong, Daniel C., Westover - 166 3/4 acresS1545-37
 Details1919Land Records WJS 79, p. 427CR 47024Armwood, L. and et al, West Princess Anne District: 4 Lots - 1/4 acresS1545-38
 Details1926Land Records WJS 93, p. 100CR 47024Asbury M. E. Church, Asbury District: 3,000 Square FeetS1545-39
 Details1920Land Records WJS 80, p. 39CR 47024Asbury M. E. Church, Asbury DistrictS1545-40
 Details1916Land Records JMT 102, p. 199 Atkinson, J. F. & et al, Lawson District: Private Cemetery S1545-43
 Details1855Land Records LW 4, p. 19CR 47022Atkinsons, Levin - part of Woodland, William H. Wisons Woods - 67 1/8 acres; W. H. Wilson Woods - 73 7/8 acres; W. H. Wilson Clearing - 104 6/8 acres; Levin Adkinson Clearing - 188 5/8 acresS1545-44
 Details1922Land Records WJS 85, p. 568CR 47024Austin, J. W., Mount Vernon District: 1 1/4 acresS1545-46
 Details1883Land Records HFL 1, p. 73CR 47023Avery, Josiah, Greenwood 1, also tracts 2-7S1545-47
 Details1936Land Records JMT 112, p. 297CR 47025Ayres, P. C., Cullen Lot, Crisfield MarylandS1545-48
 Details1900Land Records OTB 28, p. 159CR 47023B. S. Church, leased by N.Y.P. & N.R.R. Co., Lot in Crisfield MarylandS1545-49
 Details1923Land Records WJS 87, p. 477CR 47024Bacon, A. F., East Princess Anne District: 17 acresS1545-50
 Details1914Land Records WJS 66, p. 219CR 47024Bacon, H. B., West Princess Anne District: 3.39 acresS1545-51
 Details1923Land Records WJS 87, p. 478CR 47024Bacon, J., East Princess Anne District: 8 acresS1545-52
 Details1915Land Records WJS 68, p. 53CR 47024Bacon, Moses, W. Princess Anne District: 2 acresS1545-53
 Details1916Land Records WJS 70, p. 369CR 47024Bailey, A. & et al, Fairmount District: 1532 acresS1545-55
 Details1903Land Records OTB 39, p. 273 Bailey, Daniel, George Jones and Robert Smith, Land in Saint Peter District: Lot 1 - George Jones, 6 acres; Lot 2 - Daniel Bailey, 6 acres; Lot 3 - Robert Smith, 6 acres S1545-56
 Details1913Land Records SFD 65, p. 211CR 47024Bailey, George, W., Mount Vernon District: 6 1/16 acresS1545-57
 Details1921Land Records WJS 84, p. 451CR 47024Bainbridge, C. E., West Princess District: 35 acresS1545-58
 Details1927Land Records GWL 94, p. 176CR 47025Baldwin, William W., Westover District: 5/8 acreS1545-59
 Details1918Land Records WJS 77, p. 429CR 47024Ballard, T. S. & L. Cane & et al, Brinkley District: 4 LotsS1545-60
 Details1921Land Records WJS 91, p. 101CR 47024Ballard, William U., Dublin District: 1 3/4 acresS1545-61
 Details1914Land Records SFD 65, p. 553CR 47024Bank of Marion, Brinkley District: 2,890 Square FeetS1545-62
 Details1928Land Records GWL 97, p. 88CR 47025Bank of Somerset & P. M. Penick, Dublin District: 1113.85 acresS1545-63
 Details1928Land Records GWL 97, p. 91CR 47025Bank of Somerset, Dublin District: 871 acresS1545-64
 Details1881Land Records HFL 4, p. 266CR 47023Barbon, Elizabeth, Part of Cox Choice; Jones Purchase & Manning Resolution - 30 1/4 acresS1545-65
 Details1915Land Records WJS 68, p. 335CR 47024Barcus, B. T., East Princess District: 25 acresS1545-66
 Details1927Land Records GWL 94, p. 219CR 47025Basrkley, E., West Princess Anne District: 3 9/10 acresS1545-67
 Details1920Land Records WJS 81, p. 560CR 47024Barkley, Winter J., Asbury District: 25 8/10 acresS1545-68
 Details1919Land Records WJS 78, p. 7CR 47024Barkley, W. J. & et al, Land in both Crisfield & Asbury District: Lot 1, .539 acres; Lot 2, 5.63 acresS1545-69
 Details1910Land Records SFD 55, p. 130CR 47023Barnes, E. F., B.J. Barnes, Part of Oxhead, E. F. Barnes part - 30 acres; B.J. Barnes part - 215 acresS1545-70
 Details1891Land Records HFL 10, p. 8CR 47023Barnes, Francis, Dublin District: 3 3/4 acres; Land in Brinkley District: 10 7/8 acresS1545-71
 Details1883Land Records HFL 6, p. 170CR 47023Barnes, Francis, 8 3/4 acresS1545-72
 Details1902Land Records OTB 34, p. 381CR 47023Barnes, Gordon H., King's Creek Station: 3/5 acresS1545-73
 Details1902Land Records OTB 33, p. 88 Barnes, Henry F., Beverly divided into lots; showing woodland & Arable land S1545-74
 Details1905Land Records OTB 41, p. 515CR 47023Ballord, H.J.R., Westover District: 2 1/2 acresS1545-75
 Details1896Land Records OTB 18, p. 423CR 47023Barnes, Isaac T., Beverly in Princess Anne District: 703 acresS1545-76
 Details1934Land Records JMT 106, p. 424CR 47025Barnes, I. & E. Brown, Line of partition, East Princess Anne DistrictS1545-78
 Details1926Land Records WJS 93, p. 307CR 47024Barnes, W. D., Westover District: 62 1/2 acresS1545-79
 Details1923Land Records WJS 87, p. 200CR 47024Barnette, T. L. & et al; West Princess Anne District: Lot A - 63 3/4 acres; Lot B - 42 3/4 acres; Lot C - 67 3/4 acres; Lot D - 128 3/4 acresS1545-80
 Details1910Land Records SFD 54, p. 543CR 47023Barrows, M. G., West Princess Anne DistrictS1545-81
 Details1932Land Records JMT 102, p. 277CR 47025Bates, L. & Somers & et al, Lawson District: Marsh Side Farm, 55.88 acresS1545-82
 Details1913Land Records SFD 62, p. 106CR 47024Baylis, N. M., West Princess Anne District: 134 acresS1545-83
 Details1884Land Records HFL 1, p. 272CR 47023Beauchamp, Charles T., Saint Peter District - 2 acres & 28 polesS1545-84
 Details1920Land Records WJS 80, p. 284CR 47024Beauchamp, L. J., Westover District: 76 1/4 acresS1545-85
 Details1898Land Records OTB 23, p. 124CR 47023Beauchamp, L.W., O. T., F.E. & et al., Land divided in LotsS1545-86
 Details1902Land Records OTB 33, p. 509CR 47023Beauchamp, Oliver F., 4 1/2 acresS1545-87
 Details1920Land Records WJS 80, p. 281CR 47024Beauchamp, R. T., Westover District: 62 acresS1545-88
 Details1919Land Records WJS 79, p. 183CR 47024Beauchamp, T. F. & et al., Westover District: 7 LotsS1545-89
 Details1920Land Records WJS 81, p. 64CR 47024Bell, John H., Brinkley District: 2 acresS1545-90
 Details1909Land Records SFD 52, p. 134CR 47023Bell, Jolly R., Lawson District - 1 acresS1545-91
 Details1878-1879Land Records HFL 1, p. 22 Bennett, James L., 12 3/8 acres S1545-93
 Details1926Land Records WJS 93, p. 296CR 47024Saint Peter District: 1/2 acreS1545-94
 Details1900Land Records OTB 30, p. 23CR 47023Bennett, William S., Thomas H. and Robert Ricketts; Saint Peter District: Lot 1, Robert Ricketts - 5/8 acre; Lot 2, William S. Bennett - 1 6/10 acres; Lot 4, Thomas H. Bennett - 3/4 acreS1545-95
 Details1913Land Records WJS 66, p. 42CR 47024Benson, Delia, Brinkley District: 1 1/8 acresS1545-96
 Details1875Land Records LW 16, p. 104CR 47023Benton, Alex W., Deal Island - 5/16 acresS1545-97
 Details1934Land Records JMT 106, p. 341CR 47025Benton, William J., Deal IslandS1545-98
 Details1919Land Records WJS 80, p. 202CR 47024Bernette, T.L. & J. B. Roberts, West Princess Anne District: 450.65 acresS1545-99
 Details1919Land Records WJS 79, p. 454CR 47024Bevans, George and Elijah Jones, Lawson District: Elijah Jones - 1 1/2 acres; George Bevans - 1/1/2 acresS1545-100
 Details1918Land Records WJS 78, p. 117CR 47024Birkhead, C. H., East Princess Anne District: 20 74/100 acresS1545-101
 Details1918Land Records WJS 78, p. 113CR 47024Birkhead, J. H., East Princess Anne District: 25 97/100 acresS1545-102
 Details1932Land Records JMT 102, p. 322CR 47025Bishop, H. G. Dublin District: 50 acresS1545-103
 Details1912Land Records SFD 60, p. 117CR 47024Biven's George H., Lawson District: 3 5/100 acresS1545-104
 Details1883Land Records HFL 5, p. 541 Black, Thomas H. & Thomas S. Hodson, Land in Crisfield District - 3 1/2 acres S1545-105
 Details1905Land Records OTB 41, pp. 64-66CR 47023Land in Crisfield District: Lot 1 - 1 1/8 acres; Lot 2 - 1 1/8 acres - 4 1/5 acresS1545-106
 Details1922Land Records WJS 85, p. 570CR 47024Bloodsworht, B. P., Mount Vernon District: Hazard Resurveyed - 85.8 acresS1545-107
 Details1907Land Records SFD 47, pp. 122 - 149 - 172 Bloodworth, J. E, A. Jones & Fred C. Jones S1545-108
 Details1921Land Records WJS 84, p. 186CR 47024Bloodsworth, L.L., Mount Vernon District: 9.4 acresS1545-109
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