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(Plats on Microfilm, Washington)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office. Plats filmed included those maintained as hanging files, recorded in a state road plat book, and those interspersed in land and equity records. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give the names of owners or litigants, and sometimes the property, and citation to the record where the plat was recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plats) in series C2167, (State Road Plat Book) in series C2165, (Plats from Land Records) in series C2526 and C2527, and (Plats from Equity) in series C2528 and C2529.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details1917Land Records EO 152, p. 224CR 47033 (Scanned)Abrams to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-1
 Details1940Land Records EO 210, p. 536CR 47034Adams to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown S1547-2
 Details1851Equity Record 7, p. 484CR 47033 (Scanned)Adams vs. Newcomer S1547-3
 Details1892Land Records GBO 99, p. 369CR 47033 (Scanned)Ahl to Boyers S1547-4
 Details1886Land Records GBO 88, p. 707CR 47033 (Scanned)Albert Property on West Washington Street S1547-5
 Details1879Land Records GBO 77, p. 701CR 47032 (Scanned)Alms House Property S1547-6
 Details1935Land Records EO 198, p. 328CR 47033 (Scanned)American Cement Corp. to Potomac S1547-7
 Details1932Land Records EO 190, p. 651CR 47033 (Scanned)American Fruit Growers, Inc. to State of Maryland S1547-8
 Details1948Land Records JGW 247, p. 580CR 47033 (Scanned)American Fruit Growers, Inc. to Potomac Edison Company S1547-9
 Details1942Land Records EO 219, p. 579CR 47034American Fruit Growers, Inc. to Potomac Edison Company S1547-10
 Details1947Land Records EO 242, p. 299CR 47034American Oil Company to Hagerstown Coca Cola Bottling Works S1547-11
 Details1945Land Records EO 230, p. 303CR 47034Anderson to Zimmerman  S1547-12
 Details1917Land Records EO 150, p. 383CR 39579Angle to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-13
 Details1911Land Records EO 136, p. 575CR 39579Angle to Cumberland Valley Railroad Company  S1547-14
 Details1906Land Records GBO 125, p. 81CR 39579Angle to Western Maryland Railroad Company  S1547-15
 Details1892Land Records GBO 99, p. 241CR 47033 (Scanned)Angle to Potomac Valley Railroad Company S1547-16
 Details1937Equity Record 58, p. 227; Case 13633CR 47033 (Scanned)Ankeney vs. Sisumg S1547-17
 Details1918Land Records EO 153, p. 630 Antietam Paper Company to Security Cement and Lime Company  S1547-18
 Details1916Land Records EO 149, p. 418CR 47033 (Scanned)Antietam Paper Company to Broome S1547-19
 Details1912Land Records EO 138, p. 557CR 39579Antietam Paper Company to Frederick and Hagerstown Power Company S1547-20
 Details1911Land Records EO 137, p. 345CR 39579Antietam Fire Company to Sherley S1547-21
 Details1880Land Records GBO 79, p. 343CR 47032 (Scanned)Appleman and Baker to Shenandoah Valley Railroad Company S1547-22
 Details1890Land Records GBO 83, p. 149CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrongs Addition to Hagerstown, Old Fair Grounds S1547-23
 Details1885Land Records GBO 87, p. 499CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrong to Armstrong S1547-24
 Details1886Land Records GBO 89, p. 309CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrong to Harris S1547-25
 Details1889Land Records GBO 94, p. 701CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrongs Allotment of the Lutheran Graveyard S1547-26
 Details1889Land Records GBO 94, p. 239CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrong to Cumberland Valley Railroad Company S1547-27
 Details1927Land Records EO 178, p. 495 Armstrong to Potomac Edison Company  S1547-28
 Details1892Land Records GBO 97, p. 700CR 47033 (Scanned)Armstrong and Scotts Addition to Hagerstown S1547-29
 Details1912Land Records EO 139, p. 698CR 39579Armstrong and Scott to Bester S1547-30
 Details1876Equity Record 20, p. 243; Case 2698CR 47033 (Scanned)Arnald vs. Rohrer S1547-31
 Details1898Land Records GBO 107, p. 628 Atlantic Refining Company to Cumberland Valley Railroad Company  S1547-32
 Details1946Land Records EO 234, p. 227CR 47034Aughinbaugh to Western Maryland Railway Company S1547-33
 Details1929Land Records EO 184, p. 152CR 47033 (Scanned)Aul, M. E. to Potomac Edison Company S1547-34
 Details1943Land Records EO 222, p. 336CR 47034Aulabaugh to Fulton S1547-35
 Details1935Land Records EO 199, p. 614CR 47033 (Scanned)Bachtell to Potomac Edison Company S1547-36
 Details1935Land Records EO 199, p. 280CR 47033 (Scanned)Bachtell to Potomac Edison Company S1547-37
 Details1907Land Records GBO 126, p. 71CR 39579Backenbaugh to Norfolk and Western Railroad Company  S1547-38
 Details1916Land Records EO 149, p. 165CR 47033 (Scanned)Baker to Broome S1547-39
 Details1900Land Records GBO 113, p. 487 Baker to Cumberland Valley Railroad Company  S1547-40
 Details1935Land Records EO 198, p. 321CR 47033 (Scanned)Baker to Potomac Edison Company S1547-41
 Details1915Land Records EO 147, p. 77CR 47033 (Scanned)Baker to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-42
 Details1894Land Records GBO 102, p. 477 Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company to Hagerstown Manufacturing, Mining, and Land Improvement Company  S1547-43
 Details1942Land Records EO 218, p. 122CR 47034Baltimore and Ohio Eastern Lines S1547-44
 Details1918Land Records EO 154, p. 78CR 47033 (Scanned)Bain to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-45
 Details1939Land Records EO 210, p. 392CR 47034Banzhoff to Potomac Edison Company S1547-46
 Details1936Land Records EO 203, p. 12CR 47033 (Scanned)Barkdoll Estate to Potomac Edison Company S1547-47
 Details1936Land Records EO 203, p. 3 Barkdoll Estate to Potomac Edison Company  S1547-48
 Details1932Land Records EO 192, p. 12CR 47033 (Scanned)Barnes to Potomac Edison Company S1547-49
 Details1898Land Records GBO 109, p. 94 Barr to Hagerstown and State Line Railroad Company  S1547-50
 Details1882Equity Record 24, p. 100; Case 2738CR 47033 (Scanned)Bear vs. Wishard S1547-51
 Details1935Land Records EO 199, p. 282CR 47033 (Scanned)Beards Church to Potomac Edison Company S1547-52
 Details1867Land Records IN 18, p. 676 Beaver Creek  S1547-53
 Details1908Land Records GBO 127, p. 691CR 39579Beckenbaugh to Norfolk and Western Railroad Company  S1547-54
 Details1921Land Records EO 161, p. 188 Beckenbaugh to Norfolk and Western Railway Company  S1547-55
 Details1934Land Records EO 197, p. 52CR 47033 (Scanned)Beckley to Beckley S1547-56
 Details1925Land Records EO 171, p. 225 Beckley to Potomac Transmission Company  S1547-57
 Details1910Land Records HEB 132, p. 385CR 39579Bell to Bell S1547-58
 Details1925Land Records EO 170, p. 621 Bell to Potomac Transmission Company  S1547-59
 Details1882Land Records GBO 83, p. 319CR 47033 (Scanned)Bells Addition to Weverton S1547-60
 Details1946Land Records EO 233, p. 522CR 47034Bell to Potomac Edison Company S1547-61
 Details1913Land Records EO 141, p. 620CR 39579Bell to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-62
 Details1948Land Records JGW 247, p. 174CR 47033 (Scanned)Bender to Western Maryland Sportsmen Club S1547-63
 Details1948Land Records JGW 247, p. 124CR 47033 (Scanned)Bender to Crider S1547-64
 Details1946Land Records EO 233, p. 521CR 47034Bentz to Potomac Edison Company S1547-65
 Details1939Land Records EO 210, p. 60CR 47034Berger Heirs to Stone  S1547-66
 Details1939Land Records EO 210, p. 665CR 47034Berger to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown S1547-67
 Details1922Land Records EO 161, p. 693 Bernhardt to Woodmount Rod and Gun Club  S1547-68
 Details1882Land Records GBO 83, p. 353CR 47033 (Scanned)Berrys Addition to Hagerstown S1547-69
 Details1873Land Records WMcKK & GBO 6, p. 210CR 47032 (Scanned)Berry to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-70
 Details1880Land Records GBO 80, p. 155 Berry to Humrichouse  S1547-71
 Details1912Land Records EO 139, p. 235CR 39579Berry to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company S1547-72
 Details1912Land Records EO 139, p. 697CR 39579Bester to Bell S1547-73
 Details1917Land Records EO 152, pp. 140-141CR 47033 (Scanned)Bester to Western Maryland Railroad Company S1547-74
 Details1917Land Records EO 152, p. 549CR 47033 (Scanned)Bester to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown S1547-75
 Details1894Land Records GBO 102, p. 265 Bester to Bester Ice Company  S1547-76
 Details1910Land Records HEB 132, p. 705CR 39579Bester to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown S1547-77
 Details1947Land Records EO 242, p. 516CR 47034Bester to Western Maryland Railway Company S1547-78
 Details1907Land Records GBO 127, p. 380CR 39579Bingham to Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Company  S1547-79
 Details1900Land Records GBO 112, p. 558 Birely to Western Maryland Railroad Company  S1547-80
 Details1930Land Records EO 186, p. 449CR 47033 (Scanned)Bishop to Potomac Edison Company S1547-81
 Details1895Land Records GBO 104, p. 251 Bitner to Cumberland Valley Railroad Company  S1547-82
 Details1946Land Records EO 233, p. 514CR 47034Bitner to Potomac Edison Company S1547-83
 Details1946Land Records EO 233, p. 510CR 47034Bittner to Potomac Edison Company  S1547-84
 Details1837Equity Record 2, p. 795CR 47033 (Scanned)Blecher and Hoffer vs. Easton and Blecher S1547-85
 Details1931Land Records EO 188, p. 541 Bloom, F. M. to Western Maryland Railway Company  S1547-86
 Details1928Land Records EO 181, p. 472CR 47033 (Scanned)Bloom, F. to Western Maryland Railway Company S1547-87
 Details1917Land Records EO 152, p. 244CR 47033 (Scanned)Bloom to Dennis S1547-88
 Details1919Land Records EO 155, p. 541 Bloom to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown  S1547-89
 Details1946Land Records EO 237, p. 651CR 47034Bloom and Bowers to Potomac Edison Company S1547-90
 Details1919Land Records EO 155, p. 96 Bloom to Tulis  S1547-91
 Details1883Land Records GBO 85, p. 30CR 47033 (Scanned)Blue Ridge Hotel Company to Gray, Graham, and Gilmer S1547-92
 Details1913Land Records EO 142, p. 714CR 39579Board of County School Commissioner of Washington County to Fitzgerald  S1547-93
 Details1937Land Records EO 203, p. 134CR 47033 (Scanned)Board of Education to Potomac Edison Company S1547-94
 Details1897Land Records GBO 105, p. 693 Bokee to Western Maryland Railroad Company  S1547-95
 Details1921Land Records EO 161, p. 609 Bond, Eyerly, and Schindel to Mayor and Council of Hagerstown  S1547-96
 Details1919Land Records EO 154, p. 385 Bonzoff to Western Maryland Railroad Company  S1547-97
 Details1846Equity Record 4, p. 598; Case 905CR 47033 (Scanned)Booth and French vs. Hogmirey and Van Lear S1547-98
 Details1936Land Records EO 203, p. 5CR 47033 (Scanned)Boppe to Potomac Edison Company S1547-99
 Details1934Land Records EO 196, p. 374CR 47033 (Scanned)Bostetter to Rice S1547-100
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