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(Plats on Microfilm, Worcester)

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Plats filed in the county circuit court, that were filmed by the Land Office. Plats filmed included those maintained as hanging files with plat book citations and those interspersed in land records, proceedings, and equity records. The electronic finding aid contains entries that give names owners or litigants, sometimes the property, and citation to the record where the plat was recorded in the courthouse. The series also provides references to (Plat Book) in series C2157, (Plats from Equity) in series C2213 and C2214, (Plats from Land Records) in series C2207 and C2208, and (Plats from Proceedings) in series C2215 and C2216. Many entries are duplicated in (Plats, Index) in series C2203 and C2204.

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DatePlatFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details Land Records AZ, pp. 337-339CR 47116Plat of Addition to Inheritance and Rich Point S1549-1
 Details Land Records CWN 2, p. 288CR 47116Plat of a small part of Adkins, Charles S. LotS1549-2
 Details Land Records BB 11, p. 584CR 47116Adkins, R. W. to John E. Shockley S1549-3
 Details Land Records BB 11, p. 586CR 47116Adkins, R. W. from J. E. Shockley S1549-4
 Details Land Records EDM 4, p. 644CR 47116Public Road thru property of Heirs of Anderson, John et alS1549-5
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 3 Plat of Part of Anderson property S1549-6
 Details Land Records JEB 9, p. 73CR 47116Subdivision of the Ardis, Sarah W. farm for Marion L. Ardis and Harry W. Ardis S1549-7
 Details Land Records ODC 13, p. 452CR 47116Armstrong, Daniel C. from William J. Pilchard S1549-8
 Details Land Records ODC 28, p. 172CR 47116Survey for Armstrong, Daniel C. S1549-9
 Details Land Records ODC 30, pp. 163-164CR 47116Survey for Armstrong, Daniel C. S1549-10
 Details Land Records ODC 30, p. 166CR 47116Survey for Armstrong, D. C. S1549-11
 Details Land Records ODC 13, pp. 209-210CR 47116Armstrong, D.C.'s plat and certificate of Sturgis Farm S1549-12
 Details Land Records GMH 7, pp. 553-554CR 47116Public Road to Landing through lands of Atkinson, Charles, Charles N. Handy, Isaac Townsend and John C. BaconS1549-13
 Details Land Records JEB 3, p. 571CR 47116Atlantic Hotel S1549-14
 Details Land Records EDM 4, p. 644CR 47116Public Road through property of Aydelotte, Benjamin, et al S1549-15
 Details Land Records EDM 4, p. 644CR 47116Public Road through property of Aydelotte, James, et al S1549-16
 Details1888Land Records JWS 2, p. 189CR 47116Aydelotte, John S. and George C. Townsend from Clayton J. Purnell, trustee S1549-17
 Details Land Records ODC 35, p. 75CR 47116Aydlotte, William H. S1549-18
 Details Land Records GMH 9, p. 473CR 47116Public Road thru lands of Macmaster, Samuel, John Brittingham, John Goot, William I. Aydelotte, et alS1549-19
 Details Land Records SMC 56, p. 535CR 47116Plat of woodland sold by Ayres, John J. to Edward B. Truitt S1549-20
 Details Land Records ODC 5, p. 255CR 47116Ayres, Harry from Jno. N. Henman S1549-21
 Details Land Records GMH 7, pp. 553-554CR 47116Public Road to landing through lands of Atkinson, Charles, Charles N. Handy, Isaac Twonsend and John C. Bacon S1549-22
 Details Land Records EDM 3, p. 496CR 47116Public road thru property of Bailey, Isme, William Smark, Littleton Dennis, and Littleton Bailey S1549-23
 Details Land Records EDM 3, p. 496CR 47116Public raod thru property of Isme Bailey, William Smark, Littleton Dennis, and Littleton BaileyS1549-24
 Details1890Land Records FHP 1, pp. 181-182CR 47116Bailis, William from Major W. PilchardS1549-25
 Details Land Records ODC 15, p. 213CR 47116Right Of Way property of Baker, Jesse S1549-26
 Details Land Records BB 37, p. 285CR 47116Survey of part of a farm called, Rachel Baker Farm S1549-27
 Details Land Records JEB 3, p. 496CR 47116Part of Rachel Baker Farm S1549-28
 Details Land Records ODC 14, p. 98CR 47116Part of the tract called Baltimore S1549-29
 Details Land Records JEB 3, p. 43CR 47116Baltimore and Eastern Railroad Company, Ocean City property to be conveyed to United States of Maryland S1549-30
 Details1832Land Records AX, p. 516CR 47116Barnes, Thomas, deceasedS1549-31
 Details Land Records BB 22, pp. 231-233CR 47116Barnes, Wilson K. from Ella W. Lednum and Robert Lednum, her husband S1549-32
 Details Land Records BB 7, pp. 456-457CR 47116Barnes, Wilson K. to Ernest C. Jones S1549-33
 Details Land Records JEB 9, p. 183CR 47116Murphy, Walter G.'s part of Bartlett and Magee's Lot S1549-34
 Details Land Records JEB 9, p. 185CR 47116Quillens, Horace E. part of the Bartlett and Magee Lots S1549-35
 Details Land Records JEB 3, p. 128CR 47116Bartless, Frank H.'s William T. Johnson Farm S1549-36
 Details Land Records JEB 8, p. 415CR 47116Plat of Quillen, Horace's part of Bartlett's Lot S1549-37
 Details Land Records JEB 8, p. 417CR 47116Taylor, Edwarad's part of Bartlett's lot S1549-38
 Details1885Land Records ITM 10, p. 522CR 47116Lands of Bassitt, Benjamin lying in Worcester County as divided between his sons, Wilmer Bassitt, Isaac Bassitt, Alfred Bassitt, Charles Bassitt, Frank Bassitt, John Bassitt and James Bassitt S1549-39
 Details Land Records SMC 55, p. 465CR 47116Survey for Baylis, J. W. S1549-40
 Details Land Records WET 2, p. 337CR 47116Survey of Beachboard, James land (A very faded plat)S1549-41
 Details Land Records SMC 55, p. 135CR 47116Poles on property of Pierce Beam, et ux S1549-42
 Details Land Records SMC 55, p. 494CR 47116Part of Jones, John Emerson Farm, or Bears Landing Farm S1549-43
 Details Land Records ODC 15, pp. 551-552CR 47116Beasley, Robert from L. Paul Ewell, attorney S1549-44
 Details Land Records JEB 18, p. 356CR 47116Beauchamp, Arthur L., Jr. to Everett L. McCabe, et ux S1549-45
 Details Land Records FHP 23, p. 70CR 47116Polk, W. U. to M. Hayman for Lot #1 and C. G. Beauchamp for Lot #2 (duplicate Plat on folio 72) S1549-46
 Details Land Records ODC 35, p. 352CR 47116Beauchamp, Charles S1549-47
 Details Land Records JEB 12, pp. 66-67CR 47116Beauchamp, Charles E. S1549-48
 Details Land Records SMC 56, pp. 548-549CR 47116Survey for Beauchamp, C. P. S1549-49
 Details1907Land Records FHP 26, p. 362CR 47116Beauchamp, James L. and Mary M. Beauchamp, his wife to Syldanious G. Campbell S1549-50
 Details Land Records JEB 9, p. 206CR 47116Beauchamp, Rowland W.'s part of Harry J. Warren Farm S1549-51
 Details Land Records ITM 6, p. 76CR 47116Beauchamp, William L. from James M. BeauchampS1549-52
 Details Land Records ODC 32, p. 35CR 47116Survey for Schoolfield, Mary and Sarah Becketts S1549-53
 Details Land Records FHP 23, p. 566-567CR 47116Bell, Emory E., Jr. to School Commissioners of Worcester County S1549-54
 Details Land Records JEB 12, p. 389CR 47116Bell, Harry T. to Isaac Briddell S1549-55
 Details1897Land Records FHP 8, p. 325CR 47116Plat of Captain Benson, John T.'s Cypress SwampS1549-56
 Details Land Records CWN 2, p. 592CR 47116Property on the North West corner of William and Pitt Streets in the Town of Berlin S1549-57
 Details Land Records ODC 50, p. 456CR 47116Plat of Blake Lot located for Mrs. Revans, Annie S1549-58
 Details Land Records ODC 38, p. 440CR 47116Bevans, George E. W. by Will from Mary J. Johnson S1549-59
 Details Land Records FHP 9, p. 201CR 47116Plat of Bevans, John S. Farm S1549-60
 Details1876Land Records ITM 5, p. 45CR 47116Bevans, John S. W., et al to Webster M. Strayer S1549-61
 Details Land Records BB 10, pp. 294-295CR 47116Survey for John W. Bevans S1549-62
 Details1914Land Records ODC 16, p. 554CR 47116Map of Beverly (A very faded blueprint) S1549-63
 Details Land Records BB 4, p. 231CR 47116Part of Beverly S1549-64
 Details Land Records ODC 19, p. 524CR 47116Part of Birch Farm S1549-65
 Details1852Land Records EDM 4, p. 694CR 47116Wicomico County Public Road beginning near Murray, Isaac to Bishops and Selbies Mills S1549-66
 Details Land Records ODC 10, pp. 130-131CR 47116Bishop, Ellen H. and James R. Bishop to James L. Hall and Nancy Hall, his wife S1549-67
 Details1912Land Records ODC 12, p. 95CR 47116Bishop, Ellen H. and James R. Bishop, her husband to Cyrus W. Thomas S1549-68
 Details Land Records BB 10, p. 82CR 47116Bishop, George W., Trustee to Joseph W. Drexel S1549-69
 Details1930Land Records BB 11, p. 281CR 47116Plat of Bishop, James R.'s land S1549-70
 Details Land Records ODC 49, pp. 166-167CR 47116Bishop, James R., Sr. to Elmer H. Showell, et ux S1549-71
 Details Land Records JEB 20, p. 590CR 47116Bishops, John New Ground Farm S1549-72
 Details Land Records JEB 18, p. 332CR 47116Plat of the Bishop, Olivia or Tull Farm S1549-73
 Details Plat Book CWN 2, p. 23 Bishopville Bank Lot S1549-74
 Details Land Records BB 7, p. 433CR 47116Plat of Bishopville School Lot S1549-75
 Details Land Records EDM 3, p. 312CR 47116Public Road thru property of Blades, Stephen, William S. Blades, Issaac B. Sanding, Benjamin Blades, Thomas B. Melvin, Merrile Dickerson, Major Hall and Ezekiel Coston S1549-76
 Details Land Records EDM 3, p. 312CR 47116Public Road thru property of Stephen Blades, William S. Blades, Isaac B. Sanding, Benjamin Blades, Thomas B. Melvin, Merrile Dickerson, Major Hall and Ezekiel S1549-77
 Details Land Records EDM 3, p. 312CR 47116Public Road thru property of Blades, Stephen, William S. Blades, Isaac B. Sanding, Benjamin Blades, Thomas B. Melvin, Merrile Dickerson, Major Hall and Ezekiel Coston S1549-78
 Details Land Records ITM 6, p. 316CR 47116Plat showing agreement between Stephen Redder and William L. Blades as to exchange of landS1549-79
 Details Land Records SMC 55, p. 50CR 47116Plat of James P. Blaines Anderson lot S1549-80
 Details Land Records ODC 50, p. 456CR 47116Plat of Blake Lot located for Mrs. Bevans, Annie S1549-81
 Details Land Records BB 7, pp. 345-347CR 47116Board of Education from Burton, Mary E. and John W. Burton, her husband, et al S1549-82
 Details Land Records BB 7, p. 105CR 47116Board of Education, Stockton S1549-83
 Details Land Records ODC 37, p. 114CR 47116Survey for Board of Education of Wrocester County S1549-84
 Details Land Records ODC 33, p. 213CR 47116Board of Education of Worcester County S1549-85
 Details Land Records ODC 37, p. 114CR 47116Survey for Board of Education of Worcester County S1549-86
 Details Land Records JEB 7, p. 89CR 47116Plat of land purchased by Worcester County Board of Education, Berlin S1549-87
 Details Land Records JEB 2, p. 493CR 47116Bodley, John W. Farm S1549-88
 Details Land Records GMH 1, p. 548CR 47116Right of Way for road through property of E. B. Gate, Levi Mevill and Esaw BostonS1549-89
 Details Land Records JEB 21, p. 513CR 47116Boston, John J. to Harold B. Talley and Mary R. Talley, his wife S1549-90
 Details Land Records CWN 1, p. 563CR 47116Plat of Boulevard Heights S1549-91
 Details Land Records ODC 49, pp. 208-209CR 47116Bounds, Edward G. to Cohn and Bock S1549-92
 Details Land Records ODC 27, p. 262CR 47116Bounds, George A. from G. Trachsler S1549-93
 Details Land Records SMC 54, p. 492CR 47116Plat of Bowen M. E. Church Lot S1549-94
 Details Land Records BB 4, p. 150CR 47116survey for Bowen, Samuel S1549-95
 Details Land Records JEB 10, p. 345CR 47116Bradford, Laura P. from Wilmer S. Purnell, Sheriff S1549-96
 Details Land Records ODC 20, p. 433CR 47116Bradford, William from Joseph H. Hamblin S1549-97
 Details Land Records FHP 21, pp. 126-127CR 47116Plat with deed to Bredell, Luther A. from Laurence Hastings, et ux, et al S1549-98
 Details Land Records BB 32, p. 31CR 47116Plat of Brick Kiln Lot S1549-99
 Details Land Records JEB 12, p. 389CR 47116Briddell, Isaac from Harry T. Bell S1549-100
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