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(Plat References, Washington, Index)

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Electronic index to plats in provincial, state, and county records, created from a card index that is not comprehensive. Over time Archives' staff members have prepared index cards when plats were encountered during research. Entries give names of tracts, lots, and individuals; date; nature of the record; and citation. Arranged alphabetically by names of tracts, lots, and individuals. Provides references to the following state records: Chancery Court (Chancery Record) in series S517 and (Chancery Papers) in series S512, Land Office (Caveat Papers) in series S5, and Maryland Survey Papers (Division Plats) in series S65 and (Resurvey Plats) in series S64. County records include (Plats from Land Records) in series C2526 and C2527 and (Wills) in series C1981.

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMSA Citation
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Abednegas Pasture, illustration for caveat against Harps potion of Good Luck.  S1570-1
 Details1797Caveat Papers 293Addition to Batchelors Hall, shown with Renches Luck Resurveyed.  S1570-2
 Details1792Caveat Papers 127Addition to Burrells Bower, illustration for caveat against Canaan.  S1570-3
 Details1820Chancery Record 115, p. 441Addition to Chance, Estate of George Scott.  S1570-4
 Details1806Division Plats 3, p. 28Addition to Chews Farm, shown with Chews Farm.  S1570-5
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109Addition to Cumberland, shown with Cumberland.  S1570-6
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Addition to Good Luck shown with Number Two.  S1570-7
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Addition to Good Luck, illustation for caveat against Harps Portion of Good Luck.  S1570-8
 Details1813Land Records Z, p. 147Addition to Hancock Town, for Thomas C. Brent.  S1570-9
 Details1819Chancery Record 111, p. 735Addition to Loss and Gain, John Wade versus James Chapline and John Buchanan.  S1570-10
 Details1786Resurvey Plats 123Addition to Piles Delight, shown with Piles Delight.  S1570-11
 Details1786Resurvey Plats 130Addition to piles Delight, shown with The Resurvey on Part of Porto Sanito.  S1570-12
 Details1789Resurvey Plats 126Addition to Piles Delight, shown with The Resurvey on the Addition to Piles Delight.  S1570-13
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 5Addition to Scared From Home, John McCoy versus Samuel Hogmire, (caveat)  S1570-14
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Addition to Wards Spring, Joseph Chapline versus George Adam Keedy, (General Court).  S1570-15
 Details1809Chancery Record 74, p. 639Addition to Wards Spring Estate of Phillip Hammond.  S1570-16
 Details1788Caveat Papers 110Adventure, John Tomlinson versus Lawrence O'Neal.  S1570-17
 Details1789Caveat Papers 105Alder Thicket, shown with Good Hope, The Resurvey on Hopewell.  S1570-18
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109Allamangle, shown with Cumberland.  S1570-19
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109All That’s Left, shown with Cumberland.  S1570-20
 Details1811Chancery Record 82, p. 49Andersons Delight, estate of Jacob Orendorff.  S1570-21
 Details1818Land Records CC, p. 465Ankeny, George, Estate of, Green Castle, Resurvey on Green Castle, Little Friendship, Well Pleased.  S1570-22
 Details1820Chancery Record 115, p. 440Antirtam Finished, Estates of George Scott.  S1570-23
 Details1839Chancery Record 157, p. 755Antietam Works, estate of John Brien.  S1570-24
 Details1803Chancery Record 53, p. 347Argile Cowen in Lawn, estate of Russell Lee.  S1570-25
 Details1792Caveat Papers 127As You Please, illustration for caveat agaginst Canaan.  S1570-26
 Details1792Resurvey Plats 127Aversole, Christian, versus Jacob Shove, The Resurvey on Save All (proceedings in Western Shore Judgements JG#15, folder 329, JG#18, folder 296).  S1570-27
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109Balsers Misfortune, shown with Cumberland.  S1570-28
 Details1800Division Plats 2, p. 37Banjaner Parry, shown with Keep Tryst, Little I Thought It, The Gleanings, Ore Hill, Samples Manor.  S1570-29
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 5The Barrens, shown with Addition to Scared From Home.  S1570-30
 Details1797Caveat Papers 293Batchelors Hall, shown with Renches Luck Resurveyed.  S1570-31
 Details1845Caveat Papers 49Batchels Abode, shown with The Widows Mite Resurveyed.  S1570-32
 Details1792Caveat Papers 127Bealls Chance, illustration for caveat against Canaan.  S1570-33
 Details1796Resurvey Plats 128Bells Chance, shown with Cornucopia.  S1570-34
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 18Beltzhoover, George (def.), Jacob Rench et. Al. (plfs.), (Caveat)  S1570-35
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109Benchheartts- Establishment shown with Cumberland.  S1570-36
 Details1787Division Plats 3, p. 38Binkley, Christian (Def.), Garret Stonebreaker (Plf.) Binkleys Lot, (proceedings in Caveat Papers #0122).  S1570-37
 Details1787Division Plats 3, p. 38Binkleys Lot, Garret Stonebreaker versus Christian Binkley. (proceedings in Caveat Papers #0122).  S1570-38
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Biddlecoms Contnet, shown with Number Two.  S1570-39
 Details1796Resurvey Plats 128Blooming Plains Shown with Cornucopia.  S1570-40
 Details1813Land Records Y, p. 881Bond, George, Estate of; Johns Lot.  S1570-41
 Details1809Division Plats 2, p. 6Boston, shown with Showmans Forest.  S1570-42
 Details1795Chancery Record 88, p. 355Bowels, Samuel, Estate of , Bowels Establishment.  S1570-43
 Details1795Chancery Record 88, p. 355Bowels, Establishment, estate of Samuel Bowels.  S1570-44
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Boys Harbor, illustration for caveat against Harps Portion of Good Luck.  S1570-45
 Details1839Chancery Record 157, p. 755Brien, John, Estate of Antietam Works.  S1570-46
 Details1797Land Records K, p. 694Brooks Blunder, for Peter Newcomer.  S1570-47
 Details1792Land Records H, pp. 10, 12, 45Burketts Lot, for Henry Holme, Peter Stotler, and Henry Walter.  S1570-48
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Burells Bower, Joseph Chapline versus George Adam Keedy (General Court).  S1570-49
 Details1817Division Plats 3, p. 9Burrells Bower, shown with Resurvey on Hills Dales and The Vineyard.  S1570-50
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Burrells Choice, Joseph Chapline versus George Adam Keedy, (General Court).  S1570-51
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Cady, shown with Number Two.  S1570-52
 Details1811Division Plats 3, p. 54Ceresville, Estate of Otho Holland Williams, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #4940 record Liber 82, folder 242).  S1570-53
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Chance, shown with Number Two.  S1570-54
 Details1815Caveat Papers 112AChaneys Lot, Shown with Fertile Valley.  S1570-55
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 5Chaneys Lott, shown with Addition to Scared From Home.  S1570-56
 Details1806Division Plats 3, p. 28Chaneys Neck, shown with Chews Farm.  S1570-57
 Details1793Land Records H, p. 56Chapline, James, Lease of 60 acres to James Malone.  S1570-58
 Details1786Resurvey Plats 123Chapline, Joseph et al. (Def.), Conrad Shotz (Pltf.), Piles Delight, (General Court).  S1570-59
 Details1789Resurvey Plats 126Chapline, Joseph versus Jacob Long et al. The Resurvey on the Addition to Piles Delight. (prceedings on Western Shore Judgements JG#4, folder 156, JG#5, folder 495).  S1570-60
 Details1792Division Plats 3, p. 50Chapline, Joseph versus Jacob Russell, George Adam Keedy, Jacob Hess, Christopher Orendorff, Jacobs Rest, Tricks and Things, Let Me Alone, Vultons Rest. (caveat).  S1570-61
 Details1794Division Plats 3, p. 55Chapline, Joseph versus Isaac Houser, Charleys Defeat, (caveat).  S1570-62
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Chapline, Joseph versus George Adam Keedy, The Resurvey on Hills Dales and The Vineyard et al. (General Court).  S1570-63
 Details1817Division Plats 3, p. 9Chapline, Joseph ( of Frederick County) estate of Resurvey on Hills Dales and The Vineyard. (proceedings in Chancery Papers #1263 record. Liber 108, folder 320).  S1570-64
 Details1794Division Plats 3, p. 55Charleys Defeat, Joseph Chapline versus Isaac Houser, (caveat)  S1570-65
 Details1814Land Records Z, p. 476Chase, estate of Henry Gaither.  S1570-66
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Chaney, Jeremiah (Def.), Benjamin Ringhold (Plf.), Number Two, (General Court).  S1570-67
 Details1787Division Plats 3, p. 38Chaneys Lot, shown with Binkleys Lot.  S1570-68
 Details1813Caveat Papers 112Chaneys Lott, shown with Greenwood.  S1570-69
 Details1806Division Plats 3, p. 28Chews Farm, Peregrine Fitzhugh and wife Elizabeth Crowley versus Benjamin Galloway and wife Hanrietta Mariam and Henry Locker, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #1758 record, Liber 65, folder 337).  S1570-70
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Claggets Luck, illustration for caveat against Harps Portion of Good Luck.  S1570-71
 Details1825Land Records HH, p. 742Clear Spring, town Lots laid out for Martin Myers.  S1570-72
 Details1834Land Records PP, p. 943Clear Spring, Gehrs Addition to; on clear Spring, Resurvey on Hazzard and Locust Thicket.  S1570-73
 Details1842Caveat Papers 45Compromises, Anthony Bridendolph versus Andrew Hogmire.  S1570-74
 Details1792Resurvey Plats 129Content, shown with The True Establishment.  S1570-75
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 18Contention, Thomas Sprigg, Wendal Gilbert, and Jacob Rench versus George Beltzhoover. (caveat).  S1570-76
 Details1792Resurvey Plats 129Contentment, shown with The True Establishment.  S1570-77
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 18Continuation of Friendship shown with Contention.  S1570-78
 Details1792Caveat Papers 127Corea, illustration for caveat against Canaan.  S1570-79
 Details1792Caveat Papers 127Cornucopia, illustration for caveat against Canaan.  S1570-80
 Details1796Resurvey Plats 128Cornucopia, George Scott versus Barbara Ollabaugh, (proceddings in Western Shore Judgements JG#33, folder 113).  S1570-81
 Details1820Chancery Record 115, pp. 440-444Cornucopia, Estate of george Scott.  S1570-82
 Details1800Chancery Record 45, p. 544Creps, Ludwick, estate of ; More Than Lovely, Resurvey on Jones Delight and More Than Lovely.  S1570-83
 Details1792Resurvey Plats 129Cumberland, shown with The True Establishment.  S1570-84
 Details1797Caveat Papers 109Cumberland, Anthony Bell verses Daniel Hughs.  S1570-85
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Dear Bought, Joseph Chapline versus George Adam Keedy, (General Court).  S1570-86
 Details1817Division Plats 3, p. 9Dear Bought, shown with Resurvey on Hills Dales and The Vineyard.  S1570-87
 Details1814Land Records Z, p. 476Dicksons Oration, estate of Henry Gaither.  S1570-88
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Dicksons Pleasure, illustration for caveat against Harps Portion of Good Luck.  S1570-89
 Details1813Caveat Papers 115The Resurvey on Sweepstakes shown with Royers Venture.  S1570-90
 Details1817Division Plats 3, p. 9Dorins Neglect, shown with Resurvey on Hills Dale and The Vineyard.  S1570-91
 Details1809Chancery Record 74, p. 639Dorrins Neglect, Estate of Phillip Hammond.  S1570-92
 Details1805Division Plats 2, p. 18Downeys Lot, shown with Contention.  S1570-93
 Details1797Resurvey Plats 124Dry Fountain, shown with Number Two.  S1570-94
 Details1811Division Plats 3, p. 54Dulaneys Lot, Estate of Otho Holland Williams, (proceedings in Chancery Papers #4940 record Liber 82, folder 242).  S1570-95
 Details1925Caveat Papers 311Earharts Industry, illustration for caveat against Harps Portion of Good Luck.  S1570-96
 Details1809Division Plats 2, p. 6Easton, Williams versus Casper Snavely, Showmans Forest, (proceedings in Western Shore Judgements TH#15, foolder 534).  S1570-97
 Details1798Resurvey Plats 131Elswicks Dwelling, Joseph Chapline versus George Adam Keedy, (General Court).  S1570-98
 Details1842Caveat Papers 45Enterprise shown with Compromise.  S1570-99
 Details1792Land Records H, p. 13Exchange, for John Gabby.  S1570-100
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