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(Patents, Cecil, Tract Index)

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Electronic index to certificates of survey and patents, created from a card index, for land in Cecil County. The white cards refer to patented tracts and pink cards refer to unpatented tracts. Entries on the former give name, tract name, current county, patent date, acreage, and citation(s). Entries on the latter give name, tract name, current county, survey date, acreage, and citation. Arranged alphabetically by county where the lands are currently located and then by tract name. The index includes 3,790 entries and provides references to the following Land Office records: (Certificates, Unpatented, CE) in series S1217 and (Patent Record) in series S11. The patent records themselves do not contain plats. This electronic file will serve as the authority file for access to (Certificates, Patented, CE) in series S1194 and (Certificates, Unpatented, CE) in series S1217. The original index cards are available to view in the Archives Searchroom under Index 55.

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DatePlatDescriptionMSA Citation
 Details1986Patent Record 19, p. 586Abrahams Promise, 300 Acres; CertificateS1586-1
 Details1743Patent Record LG B, p. 682Abrahams Promise, 300 Acres; PatentS1586-2
 Details1702Patent Record DS F, p. 406Abrams Promise, 300 Acres; PatentS1586-3
 Details1702Patent Record DD 5, p. 46Abrams Promise, 300 Acres; PatentS1586-4
 Details1796Patent Record IC K, p. 588Addares Double Purchase, 125 1/2 Acres; CertificateS1586-5
 Details1796Patent Record IC G, p. 691Addares Double Purchase, 125 1/2 Acres; PatentS1586-6
 Details1670Patent Record 16, p. 55Addition, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-7
 Details1670Patent Record 22, p. 256Addition, 180 Acres; CertificateS1586-8
 Details1670Patent Record 14, p. 199Addition, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-9
 Details1722Patent Record FF 7, p. 325Addition, 80 Acres; CertificateS1586-10
 Details1722Patent Record FF 7, p. 326Addition, 80 Acres; PatentS1586-11
 Details1722Patent Record CE 1, p. 409Addition, 80 Acres; PatentS1586-12
 Details1708Patent Record DD 5, p. 496Addition, 298 Acres; CertificateS1586-13
 Details1708Patent Record DD 5, p. 497Addition, 298 Acres; PatentS1586-14
 Details1708Patent Record PL 3, p. 35Addition, 298 Acres; PatentS1586-15
 Details1667Patent Record 10, p. 621Addition, 500 Acres; CertificateS1586-16
 Details1667Patent Record 11, p. 25Addition, 500 Acres; PatentS1586-17
 Details1730Patent Record IL B, p. 357Addition, 360 Acres; CertificateS1586-18
 Details1730Patent Record PL 7, p. 618Addition, 360 Acres; PatentS1586-19
 Details1713Patent Record EE 6, p. 20Addition, 300 Acres; CertificateS1586-20
 Details1713Patent Record EI 1, p. 160Addition, 300 Acres; PatentS1586-21
 Details1686Patent Record 22, p. 217Addition, 300 Acres; CertificateS1586-22
 Details1686Patent Record NS B, p. 398Addition, 300 Acres; PatentS1586-23
 Details1796Patent Record IC K, p. 594Addition, 109 1/4 Acres; CertificateS1586-24
 Details1796Patent Record IC L, p. 231Addition, 109 1/4 Acres; PatentS1586-25
 Details1770Unpatented Certificate 1Addition To Addition, 320 3/4 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-26
 Details1894Patent Record JTS 1, p. 225Addition To Armstrong's Meadow, 1-1-35 Acres; CertificateS1586-27
 Details1894Patent Record WRH 2, p. 516Addition To Armstrong's Meadow, 1-1-35 Acres; PatentS1586-28
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 2Addition To Ball, 13 3/4 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-29
 Details1753Patent Record BC and GS 5, p. 229Addition To Batchelors Content, 33 Acres; CertificateS1586-32
 Details1753Patent Record BC and GS 6, p. 174Addition To Batchelors Content, 33 Acres; PatentS1586-33
 Details1796Patent Record IC K, p. 582Addition To Burgoins Lot, 2A-2R-27P; CertificateS1586-34
 Details1796Patent Record IC L, p. 141Addition To Burgoins Lot, 2A-2R-27P; PatentS1586-35
 Details1734Patent Record EI 3, p. 127Addition To Campbells Dividend, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-36
 Details1734Patent Record EI 1, p. 265Addition To Campbells Dividend, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-37
 Details1753Patent Record BC and GS 1, p. 22Addition To Chance, 3 Acres; CertificateS1586-38
 Details1753Patent Record Y and S 8, p. 582Addition To Chance, 3 Acres; PatentS1586-39
 Details1765Unpatented Certificate 3Addition To Consent, 51 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-40
 Details1787Patent Record IC D, p. 57Addition To Daughters Endeavour, 220A-16P; CertificateS1586-41
 Details1787Patent Record IC C, p. 294Addition To Daughters Endeavour, 220A-16P; PatentS1586-42
 Details1735Unpatented Certificate 4Addition To Forge Mill, 100 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-43
 Details1750Patent Record BY and GS 5, p. 75Addition To The Forrest, 13 Acres; CertificateS1586-44
 Details1750Patent Record BY and GS 2, p. 406Addition To The Forrest, 13 Acres; PatentS1586-45
 Details1773Patent Record BC and GS 45, p. 281Addition To Fultons Desire, 8 3/4 Acres; CertificateS1586-46
 Details1773Patent Record BC and GS 44, p. 243Addition To Fultons Desire, 8 3/4 Acres; PatentS1586-47
 Details1718Patent Record FF 7, p. 223Addition to Heaths Third Parcel, 330 Acres; CertificateS1586-48
 Details1718Patent Record FF 7, p. 223Addition to Heaths Third Parcel, 330 Acres; PatentS1586-49
 Details1718Patent Record PL 4, p. 50Addition to Heaths Third Parcel, 330 Acres; PatentS1586-50
 Details1816Patent Record CGD, p. 28Addition to Hopewell, 210 Acres; CertificateS1586-51
 Details1816Patent Record CG C, p. 193Addition to Hopewell, 210 Acres; PatentS1586-52
 Details1722Unpatented Certificate 5Addition To McHealty, 1530 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-53
 Details1764Patent Record BC and GS 27, p. 152Addition to Mount Harmer , 8 1/4 Acres; CertificateS1586-54
 Details1764Patent Record BC and GS 23, p. 392Addition to Mount Harmer , 8 1/4 Acres; PatentS1586-55
 Details1763Patent Record BC and GS 21, p. 61Addition to New Hall, 27 Acres; CertificateS1586-56
 Details1763Patent Record BC and GS 18, p. 223Addition to New Hall, 27 Acres; PatentS1586-57
 Details1716Patent Record IL A, p. 1Addition Part of, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-58
 Details1762Patent Record BC and GS 19, p. 194Addition To Partners Parcel, 144 Acres; CertificateS1586-59
 Details1762Patent Record BC and GS 17, p. 180Addition To Partners Parcel, 144 Acres; PatentS1586-60
 Details1859Patent Record WL and WS 3, p. 273Addition to Pleasant Garden, 24-2-6 Acres; CertificateS1586-61
 Details1859Patent Record IM 1, p. 359Addition to Pleasant Garden, 24-2-6 Acres; PatentS1586-62
 Details1817Unpatented Certificate 6Addition To Simper's Choice Resurveyed, 27-0-1 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-63
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 5, p. 226Addition to The Rounds, 16 Acres; CertificateS1586-64
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 2, p. 449Addition to The Rounds, 16 Acres; PatentS1586-65
 Details1802Patent Record IC B, p. 113Addition To Sucessor, 8-3-20 Acres; CertificateS1586-66
 Details1802Patent Record IC B, p. 84Addition To Sucessor, 8-3-20 Acres; PatentS1586-67
 Details1819Patent Record CG D, p. 90Addition To The Crooked Lot, 100- 1-36 Acres; CertificateS1586-68
 Details1819Patent Record CG C, p. 281Addition To The Crooked Lot, 100- 1-36 Acres; PatentS1586-69
 Details1725Patent Record IL A, p. 593Addition To The Rounds, 126 Acres; CertificateS1586-70
 Details1725Patent Record PL 6, p. 86Addition To The Rounds, 126 Acres; PatentS1586-71
 Details1872Patent Record GLLD 1, p. 339Addition To Wellington, 12-3-25 Acres; CertificateS1586-72
 Details1872Patent Record WRH 1, p. 34Addition To Wellington, 12-3-25 Acres; PatentS1586-73
 Details1790Patent Record IC F, p. 419Addition To Wheelers Round Stone, 152 Acres; CertificateS1586-74
 Details1790Patent Record IC G, p. 65Addition To Wheelers Round Stone, 152 Acres; PatentS1586-75
 Details1872Patent Record GLLD 1, p. 300Addition To Wild Cat Lot, 2A-5P; CertificateS1586-76
 Details1872Patent Record WHR 1, p. 3Addition To Wild Cat Lot, 2A-5P; PatentS1586-77
 Details1838Patent Record CG D, p. 409Adjalon, 43-1-32 Acres; CertificateS1586-78
 Details1838Patent Record TWL D, p. 216Adjalon, 43-1-32 Acres; PatentS1586-79
 Details1665Patent Record 7, p. 368Adjunction, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-80
 Details1665Patent Record 8, p. 452Adjunction, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-81
 Details1786Unpatented Certificate 7Adventure, 202 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-82
 Details1701Patent Record DD 5, p. 29Adventure, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-83
 Details1701Patent Record WD, p. 341Adventure, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-84
 Details1701Patent Record DD 5, p. 29Adventure, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-85
 Details01/1680Patent Record 22, p. 13Adveture, 187 Acres; CertificateS1586-86
 Details1807Unpatented Certificate 8After Purchase, 105 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-87
 Details1791Patent Record IC F, p. 606Aikins fancy, 172 Acres; CertificateS1586-88
 Details1791Patent Record IC G, p. 111Aikins fancy, 172 Acres; PatentS1586-89
 Details1695Unpatented Certificate 9Albany, 367 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-90
 Details1665Patent Record 9, p. 73Albens, 80 Acres; CertificateS1586-91
 Details1834Unpatented Certificate 10Alderney, 14 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-92
 Details1674Patent Record 15, p. 207Aldriidges Lott, 100 Acres; CertificateS1586-93
 Details1674Patent Record 18, p. 349Aldriidges Lott, 100 Acres; PatentS1586-94
 Details1732Patent Record AM 1, p. 268Alexanderia, 130 Acres; CertificateS1586-95
 Details1732Patent Record PL 8, p. 739Alexanderia, 130 Acres; PatentS1586-96
 Details1753Patent Record BC and GS 5, p. 234Alexanders Chance, 67 Acres; CertificateS1586-97
 Details1753Patent Record BC and GS 2, p. 438Alexanders Chance, 67 Acres; PatentS1586-98
 Details1805Patent Record IC R, p. 337Alexander's Chance, 130 1/4 Acres; CertificateS1586-99
 Details1805Patent Record IC P, p. 623Alexander's Chance, 130 1/4 Acres; PatentS1586-100
 Details1769Unpatented Certificate 11Alexander's Lott, 11 1/2 Acres; Unpatented CertificateS1586-101
 Details1769Patent Record BC and GS 40, p. 45Alexanders Lot, 109 Acres; CertificateS1586-102
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