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(Patents, Worcester, Tract Index)

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Electronic index to certificates of survey and patents, created from a card index, for land in Worcester County. The white cards refer to patented tracts and pink cards refer to unpatented tracts. Entries on the former give name, tract name, current county, patent date, acreage, and citation(s). Entries on the latter give name, tract name, current county, survey date, acreage, and citation. Arranged alphabetically by county where the lands are currently located and then by tract name. The index includes 6,555 entries and provides references to the following Land Office records: (Certificates, Unpatented, WO) in series S1233 and (Patent Record) in series S11. The patent records themselves do not contain plats. This electronic file will serve as the authority file for access to series S1233 and (Certificates, Patented, WO) in series S1210. The original index cards are available to view in the Archives Searchroom under Index 55.

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DatePlatDescriptionMSA Citation
 Details1688Patent Record 22, p. 139Aarons Lot, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-1
 Details1688Patent Record IB and IL C, p. 205Aarons Lot, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-2
 Details1766Unpatented Certificate 1Abbington, 103 AcresS1602-3
 Details1694Patent Record B 23, p. 15Aberdeen, 300 Acres; CertificateS1602-4
 Details1694Patent Record B 23, p. 16Aberdeen, 300 Acres; PatentS1602-5
 Details1768Patent Record BC and GS 34, p. 449Aberdeen, 474 Acres; CertificateS1602-6
 Details1768Patent Record BC and GS 38, p. 9Aberdeen, 474 Acres; PatentS1602-7
 Details1735Patent Record EI 3, p. 401Abrahams Lott, 250 Acres; CertificateS1602-8
 Details1735Patent Record EI 4, p. 407Abrahams Lott, 250 Acres; PatentS1602-9
 Details1663Unpatented Certificate 2Abrahames Lot, 3-2-28 AcresS1602-10
 Details1743Unpatented Certificate 3Absolams Choyce, 100 AcresS1602-11
 Details1675Patent Record 15, p. 299Accocompsicke Island, 250 Acres; CertificateS1602-12
 Details1675Patent Record 19, p. 166Accocompsicke Island, 250 Acres; PatentS1602-13
 Details1665Patent Record 9, p. 30Accompson, 150 Acres; CertificateS1602-14
 Details1711Rent Rolls 9, p. 253Ackequesame same as AskeckskyS1602-15
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 4Acquango, 1156 AcresS1602-16
 Details1723Patent Record PL 5, p. 557Acquangoe, 760 Acres; CertificateS1602-17
 Details1666Patent Record 9, p. 468Acquintica, 300 Acres; CertificateS1602-18
 Details1668Patent Record 9, p. 29Acquintica, 200 Acres; CertificateS1602-19
 Details1668Patent Record 12, p. 101Acquintica, 200 Acres; PatentS1602-20
 Details1668Patent Record 9, p. 28Acquintica, 200 Acres; CertificateS1602-21
 Details1668Patent Record 12, p. 99Acquintica, 200 Acres; PatentS1602-22
 Details1724Patent Record IL A, p. 563Aquintico Savanah, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-23
 Details1724Patent Record PL 5, p. 834Aquintico Savanah, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-24
 Details1672Patent Record 16, p. 320Acton, 300 Acres; CertificateS1602-25
 Details1672Patent Record 16, p. 557Acton, 300 Acres; PatentS1602-26
 Details1710Patent Record EE 6, p. 99Adams Fall, 200 Acres; CertificateS1602-27
 Details1710Patent Record EE 6, p. 99Adams Fall, 200 Acres; PatentS1602-28
 Details1763Patent Record BC and GS 24, p. 299Adcorporate to Headly Hill, 174 Acres; CertificateS1602-29
 Details1763Patent Record BC and GS 23, p. 231Adcorporate to Headly Hill, 174 Acres; PatentS1602-30
 Details1775Unpatented Certificate 7Addams Addition, 1776 1/2 AcresS1602-31
 Details1794Unpatented Certificate 5Adams Choice, 6 AcresS1602-32
 Details1795Unpatented Certificate 6Adams Delight, 31 1/2 AcresS1602-33
 Details1743Patent Record LG E, p. 630Addams Garden, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-34
 Details1743Patent Record PT 1, p. 307Addams Garden, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-35
 Details1702Patent Record DD 5, p. 67Addition, 200 Acres; CertificateS1602-36
 Details1702Patent Record DS F, p. 445Addition, 200 Acres; PatentS1602-37
 Details1725Patent Record IL A, p. 574Addition, 75 Acres; CertificateS1602-38
 Details1725Patent Record PL 6, p. 221Addition, 75 Acres; PatentS1602-39
 Details1725Patent Record IL A, p. 584Addition, 85 Acres; CertificateS1602-40
 Details1725Patent Record PL 6, p. 258Addition, 85 Acres; PatentS1602-41
 Details1726Patent Record IL B, p. 233Addition, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-42
 Details1726Patent Record PL 5, p. 847Addition, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-43
 Details1728Patent Record IL A, p. 860Addition, 35 Acres; CertificateS1602-44
 Details1728Patent Record PL 7, p. 291Addition, 35 Acres; PatentS1602-45
 Details1684Patent Record 22, p. 175Addition, 325 Acres; CertificateS1602-46
 Details1728Patent Record IL A, p. 862Addition, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-47
 Details1728Patent Record PL 7, p. 258Addition, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-48
 Details1732Patent Record AM 1, p. 96Addition, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-49
 Details1732Patent Record PL 8, p. 564Addition, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-50
 Details1734Patent Record EI 3, p. 232Addition, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-51
 Details1734Patent Record EI 4, p. 165Addition, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-52
 Details1735Patent Record LG E, p. 631Addition, 32 Acres; CertificateS1602-53
 Details1735Patent Record PT 2, p. 288Addition, 32 Acres; PatentS1602-54
 Details1737Patent Record EI 3, p. 496Addition, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-55
 Details1737Patent Record EI 6, p. 37Addition, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-56
 Details1799Unpatented Certificate 8Addition, 3 1/2 AcresS1602-57
 Details1786Unpatented Certificate 9Addition, 17 3/4 AcresS1602-58
 Details1796Unpatented Certificate 10Addition, 32 1/2 AcresS1602-59
 Details1801Unpatented Certificate 11Addition, 52 AcresS1602-60
 Details1787Unpatented Certificate 12Addition, 12 AcresS1602-61
 Details1770Unpatented Certificate 13Addition, 18 AcresS1602-62
 Details1827Unpatented Certificate 14Addition, 19 AcresS1602-63
 Details1773Unpatented Certificate 15Addition, 278 1/2 AcresS1602-64
 Details1783Unpatented Certificate 16Addition, 409 1/2 AcresS1602-65
 Details1790Unpatented Certificate 17Addition, 12 Acres; CertificateS1602-66
 Details1772Unpatented Certificate 18Addition, 25 AcresS1602-67
 Details1749Patent Record BY and GS 1, p. 483Addition, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-68
 Details1749Patent Record BY and GS 2, p. 84Addition, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-69
 Details1750Patent Record BY and GS 5, p. 402Addition, 2 Acres; CertificateS1602-70
 Details1750Patent Record TI 4, p. 674Addition, 2 Acres; PatentS1602-71
 Details1746Patent Record BY and GS 1, p. 26Addition, 40 Acres; CertificateS1602-72
 Details1746Patent Record TI 3, p. 31Addition, 40 Acres; PatentS1602-73
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 9, p. 82Addition, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-74
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 6, p. 73Addition, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-75
 Details1760Patent Record BC and GS 14, p. 198Addition, 50 Acres; CertificateS1602-76
 Details1760Patent Record BC and GS 13, p. 673Addition, 50 Acres; PatentS1602-77
 Details1762Patent Record BC and GS 21, p. 138Addition, 52 1/2 Acres; CertificateS1602-78
 Details1762Patent Record BC and GS 20, p. 113Addition, 52 1/2 Acres; PatentS1602-79
 Details1775Patent Record BC and GS 51, p. 98Addition, 25 Acres; CertificateS1602-80
 Details1775Patent Record BC and GS 48, p. 422Addition, 25 Acres; PatentS1602-81
 Details1772Patent Record BC and GS 45, p. 110Addition, 27 Acres; CertificateS1602-82
 Details1772Patent Record BC and GS 43, p. 361Addition, 27 Acres; PatentS1602-83
 Details1783Patent Record BC and GS 50, p. 347Addition, 12 1/2 Acres; CertificateS1602-84
 Details1783Patent Record IC A, p. 90Addition, 12 1/2 Acres; PatentS1602-85
 Details1794Patent Record IC K, p. 53Addition, 284 Acres; CertificateS1602-86
 Details1794Patent Record IC H, p. 569Addition, 284 Acres; PatentS1602-87
 Details1788Patent Record IC D, p. 347Addition, 107 Acres; CertificateS1602-88
 Details1788Patent Record IC C, p. 599Addition, 107 Acres; PatentS1602-89
 Details1746Patent Record BY and GS 1, p. 467Addition, 100 Acres; CertificateS1602-90
 Details1746Patent Record TI 3, p. 359Addition, 100 Acres; PatentS1602-91
 Details1796Patent Record IC K, p. 511Addition, 35 3/4 Acres; CertificateS1602-92
 Details1796Patent Record IC M, p. 119Addition, 35 3/4 Acres; PatentS1602-93
 Details1741Patent Record EI 5, p. 569Addtion, 31 Acres; CertificateS1602-94
 Details1741Patent Record LG B, p. 316Addtion, 31 Acres; PatentS1602-95
 Details1744Patent Record 22, p. 175Addition, (The) 325 Acres; CerificateS1602-96
 Details1744Patent Record PT 2, p. 12Addition, (The) 325 Acres; PatentS1602-97
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 9, p. 307Addition By Gault, 156 Acres; CertificateS1602-98
 Details1756Patent Record BC and GS 7, p. 500Addition By Gault, 156 Acres; PatentS1602-99
 Details1784Unpatented Certificate 19Addition Enlarged, 272 AcresS1602-100
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