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(State Road Plats)

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Right of way plats for state and federal roads, prepared by the State Highway Administration and its predecessor the State Roads Commission. The documents show the proposed road beds, right of way lines, and number and/or name of the route. Additional information may include property names, names of property owners, and vegetation and structures to be affected by road construction. Sources consulted for compilation of the plats may encompass metes and bounds descriptions from deeds, other road plats, and highway survey field notes. The records may include citations to these sources along with cross references to property item files, right of way project numbers, construction or contract numbers, and, if applicable, federal aid project numbers. Each plat is assigned a sequential number and dated to show time of compilation and filing. The records are arranged numerically by plat number. Access available in electronic form derived from databases and paper based indexes. Between 1932 and 2002 the plats were recorded by filing them with the clerk of the circuit court in the county where the rights of way were located. As of October 1, 2002, the Maryland State Archives serves as the court of record for these road plats. They are filed as electronic images. The Archives posts these images on the web site plats.net for the jurisdictions where the rights of way are located.

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