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(Chancery Papers)

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Documents filed in cases including bills of complaint, petitions, answers, testimony, trustees reports, exhibits, and plats. Many cases are recorded in Chancery Record series [MSA S517]. Arranged numerically by case number. An html listing of the cases is also available here. Indexed by MARYLAND INDEXES Chancery Papers, Index [MSA S1432], which exists as a database and provides a brief description of each case. Also on microfilm, [MSA SM200].

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MARYLAND INDEXES (Chancery Papers, Trustee Index) S1435, 1713-1851
CHANCERY COURT (Chancery Papers) SM200,

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 Details02/26/17911: John Cartwright Aschom vs. John Cartwright. SM. Estate of Charles Aschom. 01/35/05/01017898-1S512-1
 Details05/11/18182: James Anderson, Jr. vs. Richard Tucker. PG. Mortage foreclosure on slave Sarah and children. 01/35/05/01017898-2-1/3S512-2
 Details09/10/18033: Jacob Appler vs. George Winter. FR. Injunction against removal of timber from Abrahams and Jacobs lot. 01/35/05/01017898-3S512-3
 Details05/15/18094: Thomas Armstrong vs. Conrad Miller. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Davids Fancy. Recorded (Chancery Record) 77, p. 222. 01/35/05/01017898-4S512-4
 Details09/06/17995: Robert Amoss vs. Archibald Robinson, Abraham Garrett, and Ralph Bond. HA. Trust estate of Robinson. Recorded (Chancery Record) 59, p. 406. 01/35/05/01017898-5-1/9S512-5
  Details03/25/18116: Thomas Archer vs. Isabell Hall, William W. Hall, Sophia Hall, John T. Hall, Benedict E. Hall, and Elizabeth Hall. HA. Contract to purchase Retreat. 01/35/05/01017898-6S512-6
 Details08/10/18087: Andrew Aldridge and Mr. Crow vs. William Myers and Matilda Myers. BA. Estate of Charles Myers - lots in BC. Recorded (Chancery Papers) 75, p. 94. 01/35/05/01117898-7-1/2S512-7
  Details09/14/18118: Benjamin Amoss vs. Jesse Jarrett. HA. Petition to record deed for Abrahams Pleasure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 82, p. 319. 01/35/05/01117898-8S512-8
 Details08/29/17989: Bennett Allen vs. Thomas Patten and David Steuart. BA. Estate of George Patten - Fells Point. Recorded (Chancery Record) 40, p. 695. 01/35/05/01117898-9S512-9
 Details04/05/179910: William Akers and Thomas Helshy vs. Nathan Newton. TA. Petition to discover accounts. 01/35/05/01117898-10S512-10
  Details09/17/180811: Rev. John Armstrong and Ann Armstrong vs. William Livesay. BA. Estate of William Livesay - Deep Point, lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 76, p. 73. 01/35/05/01117898-11S512-11
 Details04/13/177512: Attorney General and Josias Bowen vs. Nicholas Norwood and Edward Norwood. AA. Title to Jonas Outlet, Norwoods Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 14, p. 211. 01/35/05/01117898-12S512-12
 Details12/24/180813: John Armstrong, George Bange, James Blair, and Solomon G. Albers vs. Catherine Dewitt, William A. Dewitt, John A. Dewitt, Thomas Bodley, and John Merryman. BA. Estate of Thomas Dewitt. Recorded (Chancery Record) 75, p. 273. 01/35/05/01117898-13-1/3S512-13
 Details03/06/179014: Robert Anderson, John Ainger, Hugh Lennox, and Thomas Ewing vs. John Rasin. KE. Estate of John Rasin - New Scotland, Batchelors Lot, Partnership, Adams Hope, Grange. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 371. 01/35/05/01117898-14-1/3S512-14
 Details01/28/181115: William Atwell vs. Daniel Atwell. AA. Petition to sell Cumberston Enlarged. Recorded (Chancery Record) 78, p. 300. 01/35/05/01117898-15S512-15
  Details06/21/180816: Henry Alexander vs. Frisby Lloyd. CE. Estate of Frisby Lloyd - Frisbys Meadow, McCarys Field, The Rounds, Addition the Rounds. Recorded (Chancery Record) 81, p. 146. 01/35/05/01117898-16S512-16
 Details12/09/180017: James Arthur and Daniel Perkins vs. Attorney General. KE. Estate of William Biggs - Stratford Manor. Recorded (Chancery Record) 55, p. 316. 01/35/05/01117898-17S512-17
 Details09/08/181718: William Alexander vs. Lawson Alexander, Henry Alexander, and Araminta Betts. CE. Injunction against execution of judgment on Chases Gift, Cattos Range. Plat. 01/35/05/01217898-18-1/4S512-18
 Details07/22/181819: Mays Abraham and Hevege Abraham vs. Philip Rogers. BA. Estate of Joseph Calman. Recorded (Chancery Record) 110, p. 360. 01/35/05/01217898-19S512-19
 Details11/26/179820: Joshua Amos vs. Benjamin Amos. HA. Injunction against execution of judgment. 01/35/05/01217898-20-1/4S512-20
 Details11/23/181221: John C. Ashcomb and Joseph Parsons vs. William Combs and Wilfred Manning. SM. Injunction against execution of judgment. 01/35/05/01217898-21S512-21
 Details12/10/178422: John Addeson and Overton Carr vs. William Hurley, William Masters, William Jenkins, Leonard Soper, and John Evans. PG. Injunction against removal of timber from Gisborough Manor, Brothers Joint Interest, Berwick Upon Tweed, None Such, North Britain.  01/35/05/01217898-22S512-22
 Details04/01/179923: Polly Ackworth and Shady Fitchett vs. Robert Dennis, Thomas Fitchett, and Salathiel Fitchett. DO, SO. Estate of Daniel Fitchett. 01/35/05/01217898-23S512-23
 Details12/03/180624: Henry Anderson vs. John Perrie, Susannah Greenfield, Dorothy Wailes, William Estep, Mary Estep, and Charles L. Nevitt. SM. Petition to sell slave Hero and child. 01/35/05/01217898-24S512-24
 Details04/20/178825: Rachel Ayers vs. Henry Ayers. WO. Estate of Henry Ayers. Recorded (Chancery Record) 21, p. 733. 01/35/05/01217898-25S512-25
 Details11/15/181326: William Anderson vs. James Bailey, Charlotte Bailey, Charles Bailey, Rachel Hoxworth, Letitia Smith, and Thomas Smith. KE. Estate of Charles Bailey - Deer Park, Canada. Recorded (Chancery Record) 107, p. 324. 01/35/05/01317898-26-1/2S512-26
 Details07/05/181427: Joseph Allender vs. Nathaniel Thompson and Union Insurance Co. of Maryland. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 585. 01/35/05/01317898-27-1/2S512-27
 Details06/19/179328: James Armstrong vs. William Turner, George Turner, Eleanor Turner, and Martha Turner. KE. Estate of William Turner - London Bridge in Bridgetown. Recorded (Chancery Record) 44, p. 442. 01/35/05/01317898-28-1/3S512-28
 Details07/05/181429: Robert Aitken, Edward H. Stall, Martha Stall, George Monk, Ann Monk, Maria Aitken, Eliza Aitken, James Aitken, and Rebecca Aitken vs. Daniel Bruce. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 108, p. 384. 01/35/05/01317898-29-1/2S512-29
 Details10/31/180630: Lewis Atterbury vs. James Mattison. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on lot in BC. Recorded (Chancery Record) 67, p. 54. 01/35/05/01317898-30S512-30
 Details08/25/181031: Solomon Allen, Jr. vs. Solomon Allen, James Horton, and Lewis Pascault. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Sapling Ridge, New Landing, Watsons Trust, Livewell, Canaan, Caroline Forrest, Mount Pleasant, Eagles Nest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 77, p. 577. 01/35/05/01317898-31-1/2S512-31
 Details12/08/180232: Thomas Allnutt vs. Francis Simmons, Elizabeth Simmons, and John Wright Simmons. CV. Estate of John W. Simmons. Recorded (Chancery Record) 62, p. 181. 01/35/05/01317898-32-1/2S512-32
 Details04/26/181233: Thomas Ayers and John Ayers vs. Samuel Moale. HA. Contract to purchase James Forrest, Addition to James Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 105, p. 761. 01/35/05/01417898-33S512-33
 Details07/30/179234: John Addison, Anthony Addison, and Overton Carr vs. Raphael Boarman. PG. Injunction against execution of judgment. 01/35/05/01417898-34S512-34
 Details12/20/181335: Rachel Ayers vs. Sarah Gouldsmith, Thomas Kell, Mary Kell, Joshua R. Foard, Kitty Foard, Thomas Gouldsmith, Elizabeth Gouldsmith, and Sarah Gouldsmith. QA. Estate of William C. Gouldsmith. Recorded (Chancery Record) 94, p. 107. 01/35/05/01417898-35S512-35
 Details06/18/179237: James Amoss vs. James White Hall. HA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Aquillas Beginning, Aquillas Inheritance, New Westwood, Willburnes Adventure. 01/35/05/01417898-37S512-36
 Details12/03/180538: Thomas G. Addison vs. Walter Dulany. AA, KE, PG. Estate of Mary Dulany. 01/35/05/01417898-38S512-37
 Details12/06/179139: Samuel Adams vs. Levin Pullet. SO. Injunction against execution of judgement on Colemans Adventure, Beckles, Chance. 01/35/05/01417898-39S512-38
 Details08/08/181640: Colin Auld vs. Richard Henderson, Thomas Henderson, Anna Henderson, Janet Lingan, Anna B. Fitzhugh, Janet Anana Fitzhugh, Richard Henderson, Sarah Henderson, Janet Henderson, and John Murdock. PG. Estate of Archibald Henderson - Addition to Little Dean, Silent Grove, Cranfords Adventure, Meadows, Taylors Burgh, Gore, Whim, Hendersons Range. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 616.  01/35/05/01417898-40S512-39
 Details09/22/180742: Hermonius Alricks and Jane Alricks vs. Thomas Yates, Gabriel Wood, Edward Harris, John Stewart, and Robert Barry. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Halls Venture. Recorded (Chancery Record) 72, p. 265. 01/35/05/01417898-42-1/2S512-40
 Details10/17/180943: Thomas M. Allnutt vs. Elizabeth Summers and Walter W. Summers. MO. Contract to purchase land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 214, and 100, p. 155. 01/35/05/01417898-43S512-41
 Details02/03/179844: John Andreas vs. William Patridge, Thomas Pierpoint, Margaret Pierpoint, William Patridge, Ann Patridge, Rachel Wells, Charles Wells, Mary Wells, and Nicholas Wells. BA. Estate of John Wells. Recorded (Chancery Record) 54, p. 132. 01/35/05/01417898-44-1/2S512-42
 Details03/21/181645: William Albert vs. Joseph Albert, Sarah Albert, Hannah Albert, and Elizabeth Albert. HA. Petition to record deed for Batchelors Beginning. Recorded (Chancery Record) 97, p. 235. 01/35/05/01417898-45S512-43
 Details03/24/181547: Alexander Adams. MO. Petition to record deed for Hard To Come To. Recorded (Chancery Record) 96, p. 54. 01/35/05/01417898-47S512-44
 Details03/03/181749: Samuel Armiger, Benjamin Armiger, and Thomas Armiger vs. William Armiger, Richard Armiger, Sarah Ann Armiger, Susanna Armiger, John Francis Armiger, Rachel Armiger, James Carr, and Mary Ann Carr. AA. Estate of John Armiger - Addition to St. Jerome. Recorded (Chancery Record) 104, p. 383.  01/35/05/01517898-49S512-45
 Details09/18/181850: John Armstrong and Ann Armstrong vs. Heny Fahanestock. BA. Mortgage foreclosure on Green Spring Forrest. Recorded (Chancery Record) 109, p. 1. 01/35/05/01517898-50-1/2S512-46
 Details08/21/180251: Anthony Addison and Dr. William Baker vs. William Bayly and Walter Mackall. MO, PG, WA. Defraud of creditors of Bayly - Bradfords Rest, Bachelors Forrest in MO. Also Terra Firma, Sugar Botton, Perices Will in WA. Also Scotland, Barbadoes, Weavers Prospect, Discovery, Blue Plains, Addisons Good Will in PG.  01/35/05/01517898-51S512-47
 Details06/14/179852: George Adams, Stephen Adams, Andrew Adams, Charles Nutter, Louisa Nutter, Thomas Hambleton, John Dashiell, Mary Dashiell, William Chaille, Nancy Dashiell, Richard Handy, Sarah Handy, Elizabeth Handy, Amelia Handy, Ebenezer Handy, John Whittington Adams, John Simmons, Christian Simmons, William Jones, and John Jones. AA, SO. Estate of William Adams - Wallis Chance, Windsors Trouble, Cramburn, Ichabod, Denby, Lanes Possession, lot in Princess Anne in SO. Also lots in Annapolis. Recorded (Chancery Record) 47, p. 246.  01/35/05/01517898-52-1/8S512-48
 Details10/01/180253: Hermanis Alricks vs. Jonathan Browning, John L. Browning, and William Shanks. MO. Defraud of creditors of Jonathan Browning - lot in Clarksburg. 01/35/05/01517898-53S512-49
 Details11/04/180154: Sally Armstrong vs. John Armstrong. BA. Alimony. 01/35/05/01517898-54S512-50
 Details08/27/180155: John Ayers vs. William Robinson, Anna Robinson, Deborah Jones, Joseph Coulson, Elizabeth Coulson, and George Coulson. BA. Contract to purchase lots in BC. 01/35/05/01517898-55S512-51
 Details03/04/179956: Joseph Artice vs. Shadrick Newton, Eleanor Newton, Joseph Newton, and Anastasia Newton. SM. Estate of Ralph Wheatly - Backland Plains, Bobs Discovery. 01/35/05/01517898-56S512-52
 Details02/11/181157: John B. Aveilhe and Justin Louseer vs. Anna Maria Chew. HA. Contract to purchase Balmors Island. 01/35/05/01517898-57S512-53
 Details02/13/181658: Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Council of Annapolis vs. John Shaw. AA. Title to ballroom in Annapolis. 01/35/05/01517898-58S512-54
 Details07/28/181559: Elizabeth Alter, Henry Heffley, Susanna Heffley, William Miller, Christian Miller, George Shaum, Sarah Shaum, and Eva Alter. WA. Petition to sell lot in Hagerstown. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 419. 01/35/05/01517898-59S512-55
 Details02/179460: John Addison, Sr. CH. Insolvent estate of Addison. 01/35/05/01517898-60S512-56
 Details12/28/179261: George Adams. FR. Insolvent estate of Adams. 01/35/05/01517898-61S512-57
 Details07/12/181462: Levi Brown and Nancy Brown. DO. Petition to sell lots in Cambridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 467. 01/35/05/01617898-62S512-58
 Details01/05/181463: Ann Abbott. TA. Petition to sell land. Recorded (Chancery Record) 88, p. 612. 01/35/05/01617898-63S512-59
 Details02/06/179464: Mayor, Recorder, and Aldermen of Annapolis vs. Gabriel DuVall and William Dent Beall. AA. Estate of Alexander Trumain. Recorded (Chancery Record) 29, p. 9. 01/35/05/01617898-64S512-60
 Details02/22/180465: George Aston vs. John Field, John Field, Jr., Samuel Davis, and William Payntell. CE, KE. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 61, p. 322. 01/35/05/01617898-65-1/3S512-61
 Details09/07/180266: William Ady vs. William Cooley. HA. Mortgage foreclosure on Friends Discovery. Recorded (Chancery Record) 56, p. 415. 01/35/05/01617898-66-1/2S512-62
 Details05/24/181967: Richard Austin, Benjamin Benny, and Elizabeth Benny vs. Richard Martindale, William Corkrell, Mary Corkrell, Elizabeth Martindale, John Martindale, and Thomas Martindale. TA. Estate of Price Martindale. 01/35/05/01617898-67S512-63
 Details07/25/180168: Thomas G. Addison vs. Gassaway Rawlings. AA. Petition to sell land. 01/35/05/01617898-68S512-64
 Details12/23/180870: Abraham Andrew vs. Thomas Wedderstrand. BA. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Reocord) 82, p. 1. 01/35/05/01717898-70S512-65
 Details04/05/180271: John Ashton vs. Aquilla Brown, George Grundy, James Thornburgh, and Joseph Thornburgh. BA. Insolvent estate of Brown. 01/35/05/01717898-71S512-66
 Details12/08/180072: James Anderson. SO. Appointment of trustee for Ralph Moore. 01/35/05/01717898-72-1/2S512-67
 Details07/30/179573: John H. Adams and Leah Adams vs. John Wilkins and Isaac Ewing. SO. Estate of James Ewing - Turkey Ridge, Haywards Purchase. Recorded (Chancery Record) 49, p. 449. 01/35/05/01717898-73-1/2S512-68
 Details12/26/180474: Frederick Armington vs. William Irons. KE. Petition to record deed for London Bridge. Recorded (Chancery Record) 65, p. 517. 01/35/05/01717898-74S512-69
 Details07/19/181675: William Anderson and Benjamin Anderson vs. Elizabeth Barritt, John Barritt, James Huggins, Sarah Huggins, and Thomas Ayers. HA. Petition to purchase Double Purchase. 01/35/05/01717898-75S512-70
 Details01/26/178676: William Allender vs. William McCubbin. BA. Petition to discover account of Henry James. 01/35/05/01717898-76-1/5S512-71
 Details01/17/181477: Andew Anderson vs. Isaac Brelsford and Levi Terry. AA. Mortgage foreclosure on Second Discovery, Howards Resolution. 01/35/05/01717898-77S512-72
 Details08/16/179578: Anne Adams vs. William Elgit Hitch. SO. Mortgage foreclosure on Come by Change, High Suffolk. 01/35/05/01717898-78S512-73
 Details09/24/180880: Thomas Atkinson, John Meredith, B. Wheeler, and Isaac Atkinson vs. Hannah Atkinson. TA. Estate of William Atkinson. Recorded (Chancery Record) 81, p. 459. 01/35/05/01717898-80-1/4S512-74
 Details04/01/180181: Benjamin Amoss vs. Daniel Amoss, Robert Amoss, and Barnett Johnson. HA. Title to Brantons Ridge, Poverty Enlarged, Amoss Case, Amoss Lot, Amoss Pursuit, Saplin Ridge. 01/35/05/01817898-81-1/3S512-75
 Details07/23/179082: Mark Alexander, William King, Robert Long, and Mark Cox vs. Attorney General. BA. Title to Carrolls Scrutiny. Plat; also shows James Park, Addition to James Park, Danby Hills, Tower Hill, Durbins Venture, Fullers Outlet, Swallow Bill, Range and Forest. 01/35/05/01817898-82-1/3S512-76
 Details02/26/181283: William Alexander, Tobias Rudolph, Samuel Briscoe, and James Sewell vs. Joseph Tatnall, Kensey Johns, and William Cooch. CE. Mortgage foreclosure. Recorded (Chancery Record) 90, p. 448. 01/35/05/01817898-83S512-77
 Details07/08/181384: James C. Armstrong and Henry Armstrong vs. William Armstrong. BA. Petition to partition lots in BC. Plat. Recorded (Chancery Record) 91, p. 303. 01/35/05/01817898-84S512-78
 Details04/09/178785: Attorney General vs. Thomas Yates, Stephen Stewart, and Charles Myers. BA. Title to land. 01/35/05/01817898-85-1/2S512-79
 Details04/08/179385B: Attorney General vs. Robert Ferguson. CH. Title to Moores Branch, Hawkins Addition, Come by Chance, Bridgetts Delight, Middleton Resurveyed, Christian Milford. 01/35/05/01817898-85B-1/2S512-80
 Details10/25/178885C: Abraham Brittain and Thomas Miles vs. Attorney General. BA. Title to Darnalls Camp. 01/35/05/01817898-85CS512-81
 Details09/02/178685D: Edward Dorsey of John and Rebecca Hammond vs. Attorney General. BA. Estate of Samuel Baker - Ball Hills, East Nothiah. 01/35/05/01817898-85DS512-82
 Details07/07/178885E: Michael Tom vs. Attorney General, John Buchanan, Gilbert Buchanan, and James Wardrop. WA. Contract to purchase Dear Bought. 01/35/05/01817898-85ES512-83
 Details01/10/179285F: James Hays vs. Attorney General. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment. 01/35/05/01817898-85FS512-84
 Details08/04/179085G: William Whetcroft vs. Attorney General. BA. Injunction against execution of judgment on Smiths Forest, Great Glade. 01/35/05/01817898-85GS512-85
 Details04/30/178785H: Henry Owings vs. Attorney General, Archibald Moncrief, and Samuel Swearingen. BA. Contract to purchase Freeborns Progress. 01/35/05/01917898-85HS512-86
 Details01/02/178985I: Thomas Ruston vs. Attorney General. CE. Estate of John Ruston - Talbots Manor, Gee Harrison, Partnership, Addition to Forge Mills, Grindon, Welch Knavery, assets of Principio Co. 01/35/05/01917898-85I-1/3S512-87
 Details03/10/179185J: Attorney General vs. Philip Hall. BA. Contract to pay a fine. 01/35/05/01917898-85JS512-88
 Details10/18/178685K: John Haskins Stone vs. Attorney General, Charles Ridgely, and Robert Morris. BA. Title to lots of Principio Co. lands. 01/35/05/01917898-85KS512-89
 Details05/18/178785L: Attorney General and Thomas Alexander Thompson vs. John Lee Gibson, David Caldwell, and Charles Taylor. HA. Injunction against removal of timber from Charles Neighbor. 01/35/05/01917898-85LS512-90
 Details05/17/178885M: Attorney General vs. James Franklin. BA. Injunction against removal of timber. 01/35/05/01917898-85MS512-91
 Details07/26/179085N: Robert Gill vs. Attorney General. CH. Title to Foxes Race. 01/35/05/01917898-85NS512-92
 Details178985O: John Churchman and Samuel Chase vs. Attorney General. CE. Title to land. 01/35/05/01917898-85OS512-93
 Details08/01/179185P: Richard Ridgely vs. Attorney General. FR. Title to lots in Monocacy Manor. 01/35/05/01917898-85PS512-94
 Details05/07/179585Q: Henry Riston and Lawrence Levin. AA. Estate of Charles Ridgely of John. 01/35/05/01917898-85QS512-95
 Details05/02/178986: George Adams vs. William Thomas and Margaret Dyer. FR. Injunction against execution of judgment. 01/35/05/01917898-86S512-96
 Details09/21/179587: John Andreas vs. Peter Grubb. BA. Contract to purchase lot in Howards Addition to Baltimore. 01/35/05/01917898-87S512-97
 Details06/24/180888: Henry Alexander, Sarah Middleton, and James Roe Middleton vs. Walden G. Middleton. BA, HA. Estate of William Middleton - Pools Islandin HA. Recorded (Chancery Record) 72, p. 156. 01/35/05/01917898-88-1/2S512-98
 Details09/28/180589: Robert L. Annan vs. Joseph Scott. FR. Mortgage foreclosure on Carrollsburg. Recorded (Chancery Record) 65, p. 300. 01/35/05/01917898-89S512-99
 Details01/19/179990: Peter Abrams. CE. Appointment of trustee for Arthur Alexander. 01/35/05/01917898-90S512-100
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