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Recorded copies of wills, codicils, and oaths of witnesses. First two volumes contain wills transcribed from other sources (e.g., testamentary proceedings, inventories and accounts, patent records, and proceedings of the Governor and Council. Wills recorded separately beginning 1676. Arranged mostly chronologically. Indexed by Wills, Index series [MSA S539], MARYLAND INDEXES Probate Records, Colonial, Index series [MSA S1393], and MARYLAND INDEXES Marriage Licenses and Records, Index [MSA S1397]. Also availble on microfilm, [MSA SM16], 39 reels. Described in Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland. Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1946, pp.100-104.

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1635-1674 1. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0011279-4S538-1
 Details1669-1707 2. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0021280-2S538-2
 Details1680 2A, Part 1View Wills 01/11/01/0031281-1S538-3
 Details1681 2A, Part 2View Wills 01/11/01/0031281-2S538-4
 Details1682 2A, Part 3View Wills 01/11/01/0031281-3S538-5
 Details1693-1694 2A, Part 4View Wills 01/11/01/0031281-4S538-6
 Details1703-1704PT 13, pp. 1-368; also contains Inventories and Accounts.View Wills 01/11/01/0041282S538-7
 Details1704-1706PT 13, pp. 369-746; also contains Inventories and Accounts.View Wills 01/11/01/0051283S538-8
 Details1682-1688G4View Wills 01/11/01/0061284S538-9
 Details1676-1677A5View Wills 01/11/01/0071285S538-10
 Details1688-1700H6View Wills 01/11/01/0081286S538-11
 Details1693-1698K7View Wills 01/11/01/0091287S538-12
 Details1670-1671WA8View Wills 01/11/01/0101288-1S538-13
 Details1678-1679WB9View Wills 01/11/01/0101288-2S538-14
 Details1679WC10View Wills 01/11/01/0101288-3S538-15
 Details1701-1703TB11, TranscriptView Wills 01/11/01/0111289-1S538-16
 Details1701-1703TB11View Wills 01/11/01/0121289-2S538-17
 Details1705-1709JC & WB 212, Part 1. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0131290-1S538-18
 Details1709JC & WB 212, Part 2. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0131290-2S538-19
 Details1710-1714WB 513. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0141291-4S538-20
 Details1714-1717WB 614, pp. 1-375View Wills 01/11/01/0151292-1S538-21
 Details1717-1718WB 614, pp. 376-738View Wills 01/11/01/0161292-2S538-22
 Details1718-1719TB 115View Wills 01/11/01/0171293S538-23
 Details1720-1721TB 516View Wills 01/11/01/0181294S538-24
 Details1721-1722AD 217View Wills 01/11/01/0191295S538-25
 Details1723-1726WD 118View Wills 01/11/01/0201296S538-26
 Details1726-1728CC 219, pp. 1-476View Wills 01/11/01/0211297-1S538-27
 Details1728-1730CC 219, pp. 477-925View Wills 01/11/01/0221297-2S538-28
 Details1730-1732CC 320, pp. 1-420View Wills 01/11/01/0231298-1S538-29
 Details1732-1734TD20, pp. 421-928View Wills 01/11/01/0241298-2S538-30
 Details1734-1735DD 121, pp. 1-456View Wills 01/11/01/0251299-1S538-31
 Details1735-1738DD 121, pp. 457-928View Wills 01/11/01/0261299-2S538-32
 Details1738-1742DD 122View Wills 01/11/01/0271300S538-33
 Details1743-1744DD 223. PhotostatView Wills01/11/01/0281301-3S538-34
 Details1744-1746DD 324. PhotostatView Wills01/11/01/0291302-3S538-35
 Details1746-1748DD 425, pp. 1-297View Wills01/11/01/0301303-1S538-36
 Details1746-1748DD 425, pp. 297-586View Wills01/11/01/0311303-2S538-37
 Details1748-1749DD 526. PhotostatView Wills01/11/01/0321304-2S538-38
 Details1749-1750DD 627. PhotostatView Wills01/11/01/0331305-1S538-39
 Details1751-1752DD 728, pp. 1-268View Wills01/11/01/0341306-1S538-40
 Details1752-1754DD 728, pp. 269-562View Wills01/11/01/0351306-2S538-41
 Details1753-1755BT 129, pp. 1-276View Wills01/11/01/0361307-1S538-42
 Details1753-1755BT 129, pp. 277-562View Wills01/11/01/0371307-2S538-43
 Details1755-1758BT 230, pp. 1-466View Wills01/11/01/0381308-1S538-44
 Details1758-1760BT 230, pp. 467-864View Wills01/11/01/0391309S538-45
 Details1760-1762DD 131, pp. 1-592View Wills01/11/01/0401310S538-46
 Details1762-1764DD 131, pp. 593-1132View Wills01/11/01/0411311S538-47
 Details1764SB 132. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0421312-2S538-48
 Details1764-1765CG 133View Wills 01/11/01/0431313S538-49
 Details1765-1766CG 234. PhotostatView Wills 01/11/01/0441314-3S538-50
 Details1766-1767CG 335View Wills 01/11/01/0451315S538-51
 Details1767-1768WD 136View Wills 01/11/02/0011316S538-52
 Details1769-1770WD 237View Wills 01/11/02/0021317S538-53
 Details1770-1771WD 338, pp. 1-408View Wills 01/11/02/0031318S538-54
 Details1771-1773WD 338, pp. 409-902View Wills 01/11/02/0041319S538-55
 Details1773WD 439, pp. 1-461View Wills 01/11/02/0051320S538-56
 Details1773-1774WD 439, pp. 462-901View Wills 01/11/02/0061321S538-57
 Details1774-1775WF 140, pp. 1-358View Wills 01/11/02/0071322S538-58
 Details1775-1777WF 140, pp. 359-743View Wills 01/11/02/0081323S538-59
 Details1776-1777WF 241View Wills 01/11/02/0091324S538-60
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