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Executive records. Consists of Provincial Court proceedings, correspondence between Lower and Upper houses of the General Assembly, lists of taxables from various hundreds (1733), petitions, trials of slaves, and documents relating to loyalists. Correspondents include governors, members of the General Assembly, Convention of Maryland, Council of Safety, John Adams, John Jay, and a foreign minister from Denmark (1784). Arranged numerically by inventory number. For 1775-1789 indexed by MARYLAND INDEXES Maryland State Papers, Index series [MSA S1484]. Some documents abstracted in Calendar of Maryland State Papers, Number 1, The Black Books, Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1943. Some documents for 1775-1789 listed in An Inventory of Maryland State Papers, Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1977. Some correspondence and proceedings transcribed in: Archives of Maryland, various volumes. Also available on microfilm for 1636-1785, [MSA SM3], 4 reels. Naturalization records indexed in MARYLAND INDEXES (Naturalizations, Provincial, Index) 1634-1776 [MSA S1414].

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DateDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1706-17741Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4201/06/03/0154619S987-1
 Details1703-17692, Nos. 1-67Archives of Maryland Online Volume 56 01/06/03/0164620S987-2
 Details1703-17692, Nos. 68-132  01/06/03/0174621S987-3
 Details1664-17843, Nos. 1-62Archives of Maryland Online Volume 5001/06/03/0184622S987-4
  Details1664-17843, Nos. 63-150  01/06/03/0194623S987-5
 Details1664-17843, Nos. 151-260Archives of Maryland Online Volume 56 01/06/03/0204624S987-6
 Details1704-17724, Nos. 1-83Archives of Maryland Online Volume 5601/06/03/0214625S987-7
 Details1704-17724, Nos. 84-183Archives of Maryland Online Volume 5601/06/03/0224626S987-8
 Details1705-17765, Nos. 1-54  01/06/03/0234627S987-9
  Details1705-17765, Nos. 55-108Archives of Maryland Online Volume 42 01/06/03/0244628S987-10
  Details1720-17816Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4401/06/03/0254629S987-11
  Details1715-17747  01/06/03/0264630S987-12
 Details1704-17768, Nos. 1-63Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4401/06/03/0274631S987-13
  Details1704-17768, Nos. 64-129Archives of Maryland Online Volume 3901/06/03/0284632S987-14
  Details1706-17759, Nos. 1-91Archives of Maryland Online Volume 58 01/06/03/0294633S987-15
 Details1706-17759, Nos. 92-177  01/06/03/0304634S987-16
  Details1713-178510, Nos. 1-81Archives of Maryland Online Volume 3801/06/03/0314635S987-17
  Details1713-178510, Nos. 82-223Archives of Maryland Online Volume 56 01/06/03/0324636S987-18
  Details1636-176811Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4201/06/03/0334637S987-19
 Details1737-1773oversize 01/06/02/0474638S987-20
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