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(Retention Schedules, State Agency)

Series Description
This series represents all extant state schedules that have received approval from the State Archivist as required by law. The series includes schedules that have been amended or superseded by later schedules and, therefore, may no longer be in effect. Questions regarding current schedules should be directed to the agency that creates the record. Inquiries about extant schedules can also be directed to the Records Management Division of the Department of General Services.

A schedule is an official document listing and describing all records of an agency or office, and providing: (a) Authorization for the destruction of those records that are not essential to its operations after the lapse of a stated period of time; and (b) For the permanent retention of those records deemed by statute or considered by the Archives to be of permanent value, or both. COMAR 14.18.02

It is required by law, under the State Records Management Program, that each agency, division, office, etc. must prepare, and have approved by the authority of the State Archivist, a records retention and disposal schedule to legally destroy a public record. (Chapter 436, Acts 1953; revised under Chapter 286, Acts 1984)

Below is an itemized finding aid for each retention schedule on file with the Maryland State Archives for years 1953-present. The finding aid displays five columns: "Date" lists the date the schedule was approved; "Description" lists the agency and/or the division within the agency as well as any additional information about the schedule; "PDF" links to the electronic image of a schedule in pdf format; "Schedule Number" is the schedule number assigned by Department of General Services Records Management Division; "MSA Citation" is the series-unit number, a unique identifier, assigned to it by the Maryland State Archives.

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MARYLAND STATE ARCHIVES (Retention Schedules, State Agency) S1468, 1953-2016

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DateDescriptionLinkLinksMdHR NoSchedule NoMSA Citation
 Details09/11/1953Bank CommissionerLink11SE52-1
 Details09/11/1953Water Pollution Control CommissionLink22SE52-2
 Details09/15/1953State Treasurer, Annapolis OfficeLink33SE52-3
 Details10/15/1953Board of Natural Resources, Department of Game and Inland FishLink44SE52-4
 Details10/15/1953Bank CommissionerLink55SE52-5
 Details12/10/1953Comptroller of the Treasury, Income Tax DivisionLink66SE52-6
 Details12/10/1953Comptroller of the Treasury, Income Tax Division (See also schedule 1658)Link77SE52-7
 Details12/10/1953Comptroller of the Treasury, Gasoline Tax DivisionLink88SE52-8
 Details Comptroller of the Treasury, Motor Vehicle Fuel Tax DivisionLink8A8ASE52-9
 Details12/10/1953Board of Natural Resources, Department of Forests and ParksLink99SE52-10
 Details12/10/1953Board of Natural Resources, Department of Forests and ParksLink1010SE52-11
 Details12/10/1953Department of Labor and Industry, Employment Inspection DivisionLink1111SE52-12
 Details12/10/1953Department of Public WelfareLink1212SE52-13
 Details12/10/1953Department of Public WelfareLink1313SE52-14
 Details12/10/1953Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, PersonnelLink1414SE52-15
 Details12/10/1953Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, PersonnelLink1515SE52-16
 Details12/10/1953Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Water RegistrarLink1616SE52-17
 Details12/10/1953Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Water RegistrarLink1717SE52-18
 Details01/08/1954State Treasurer, Annapolis OfficeLink1818SE52-19
 Details01/08/1954State Planning CommissionLink1919SE52-20
 Details01/08/1954State Planning CommissionLink2020SE52-21
 Details01/08/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, CashierLink2121SE52-22
 Details01/08/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, CashierLink2222SE52-23
 Details01/08/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, AssessementLink2323SE52-24
 Details01/08/1954Commissioner of PersonnelLink2424SE52-25
 Details02/05/1954State Tobacco WarehouseLink2525SE52-26
 Details02/05/1954Secretary of State (See also schedule 1891)Link2626SE52-27
 Details02/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink2727SE52-28
 Details02/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink2828SE52-29
 Details02/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink2929SE52-30
 Details02/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink3030SE52-31
 Details03/05/1954Department of Labor and Industry, AdministrationLink3131SE52-32
 Details03/05/1954Department of Labor and Industry, Boiler Inspection DivisionLink3232SE52-33
 Details03/05/1954Department of Public WelfareLink3333SE52-34
 Details03/05/1954Department of Public WelfareLink3434SE52-35
 Details03/05/1954Administrator of Loan LawsLink3535SE52-36
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, Deputy CommissionerLink3636SE52-37
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, Rating BureauLink3737SE52-38
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, Licensing BureauLink3838SE52-39
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, CommissionerLink3939SE52-40
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, Company Examination BureauLink4040SE52-41
 Details03/05/1954Insurance Department, Fire Investigation BureauLink4141SE52-42
 Details03/05/1954Commissioner of Personnel, Administrative DivisionLink4242SE52-43
 Details03/05/1954Commissioner of Personnel, Administrative DivisionLink4343SE52-44
 Details03/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink4444SE52-45
 Details03/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, ComptrollerLink4545SE52-46
 Details04/08/1954Department of Public Welfare, Division of Accounts and AuditsLink4646SE52-47
 Details  Link4646SE52-48
 Details04/08/1954Insurance Department, Actuarial BoardLink4848SE52-49
 Details04/08/1954State Tax Commission, Actuarial BureauLink4949SE52-50
 Details04/08/1954State Tax CommissionLink5050SE52-51
 Details  Link5151SE52-52
 Details04/08/1954Secretary of State (See also schedule 1891)Link5252SE52-53
 Details04/08/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Chief EngineerLink5353SE52-54
 Details04/08/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Chief EngineerLink5454SE52-55
 Details05/07/1954Employees Retirement SystemLink5555SE52-56
 Details06/23/1954Comptroller of the Treasury, General OfficeLink5656SE52-57
 Details06/23/1954Comptroller of the Treasury, General OfficeLink5757SE52-58
 Details  Link5858SE52-59
 Details  Link5959SE52-60
 Details  Link6060SE52-61
 Details06/09/1954Department of Public Welfare, Division of Accounts and AuditsLink6161SE52-62
 Details  Link6262SE52-63
 Details06/30/1954Department of Mental Hygiene, Springfield State Hospital, BusinessLink6363SE52-64
 Details06/30/1954Department of Mental Hygiene, Springfield State HospitalLink6464SE52-65
 Details  Link6565SE52-66
 Details  Link6666SE52-67
 Details08/05/1954Central Payroll BureauLink6767SE52-68
 Details  Link6868SE52-69
 Details08/05/1954Department of Education, Division of Finance and ResearchLink6969SE52-70
 Details08/05/1954Department of Education, Division of Finance and ResearchLink7070SE52-71
 Details08/05/1954Department of Education, Division of Certification and AccreditationLink7171SE52-72
 Details  Link7272SE52-73
 Details08/05/1954Department of Forests and ParksLink7373SE52-74
 Details08/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Design and Drafting DepartmentLink7474SE52-75
 Details08/05/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Design and Drafting DepartmentLink7575SE52-76
 Details06/09/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, General Schedule, Construction ContractsLink7676SE52-77
 Details06/09/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Plumbing DepartmentLink7777SE52-78
 Details06/09/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Design and Drafting DepartmentLink7878SE52-79
 Details06/09/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Construction DepartmentLink7979SE52-80
 Details06/22/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, PurchasingLink8080SE52-81
 Details06/22/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, EngineerLink8181SE52-82
 Details06/23/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Secretary-TreasurerLink8282SE52-83
 Details06/23/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Secretary-TreasurerLink8383SE52-84
 Details  Link8484SE52-85
 Details  Link8585SE52-86
 Details  Link8686SE52-87
 Details09/10/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, System Maintenance SectionLink8787SE52-88
 Details09/10/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, Maintenance and Operation DivisionLink8888SE52-89
 Details09/10/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, General Schedule, House Connection ApplicationLink8989SE52-90
 Details09/10/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, General Schedule, Storm Drain PlansLink9090SE52-91
 Details10/07/1954Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission, PurchasingLink9191SE52-92
 Details  Link9292SE52-93
 Details  Link9393SE52-94
 Details  Link9494SE52-95
 Details  Link9595SE52-96
 Details10/07/1954Department of Labor and Industry, Statistical DivisionLink9696SE52-97
 Details  Link9797SE52-98
 Details  Link9898SE52-99
 Details10/08/1954Department of Public ImprovementsLink9999SE52-100
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