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(Law Department)
Opinions of the City Solicitor

Series Description
Official opinions representing professional decisions or advice rendered. Indexed 1903-1963.

An Index to the Opinions of the City Solicitor of the City of Baltimore, 1903-1931, 3 vols., compiled by Charles Pielert and Horace Flack.

Index to the Opinions of the City Solicitor of Baltimore, 1931-1963, compiled by Carl N. Everstine.

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1903-1906BCA 113, BCA 1375City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-1
 Details1906-1909BCA 114, BCA 1376City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-2
 Details1909-1911BCA 115, BCA 1377City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-3
 Details1911-1915BCA 116, BCA 1378City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-4
 Details1916-1924BCA 117, BCA 1379City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-5
 Details1924-1932BCA 118, BCA 1380City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-6
 Details1932-1942BCA 119, BCA 1381City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-7
 Details1942-1951BCA 120, BCA 1382City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-8
 Details1951-1961BCA 121, BCA 1383City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-9
 Details1962-1963BCA 122, BCA 1384City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-10
 Details1963-1966BCA 123, BCA 1385City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-11
 Details1966-1968BCA 124, BCA 1386City Solicitor's OpinionsBRG13-1-12
 Details1903-1931BCA 125, BCA 199City Solicitor's Opinions, Published IndexesBRG13-1-13
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