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Secretary's record of council meetings. Entries include date, members present, and general business. Contains copies of petitions, orders on treasury, civil and military commissions, and pardons, among others. See also MARYLAND STATE PAPERS Series A series [MSA S1004]. Arranged chronologically. Proceedings for 1637-1793 transcribed in Archives of Maryland. Pension records indexed in MARYLAND INDEXES Pension Records, Revolutionary War, Index [MSA S1421]. Also available on microfilm, [MSA SM123], 11 reels.

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MARYLAND INDEXES (Pension Records, Revolutionary War, Index) S1421

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
Details1637-1650SCM 262-5 (Scanned), SCM 3152-3 (Scanned)Liber Z contains a daily record of transactions from December 30, 1637 to July 23, 1644 and one entry for 1650. It is mostly in the hand of the hand of John Lewger, the first keeper of the records for Maryland and co-author of the first detailed promotional pamphlet for the colony of Maryland, the 1635 Relation ...e-publication of Liber Z from the microfilm images by William Sumner Jenkings, 1949, Early State Records project of the Library of Congress and the University of North CarolinaRB/01/01/0003820S1071-1
Details1637-1657SCM 3152-2 (Scanned)Liber CB 1637-1657 is a partial copy of Liber Z, made between 1733 and 1750. It is not a faithful copy. Parts are transcribed in the Archives of Maryland Online series Archives of Maryland Online Volume 302/26/01/0043822S1071-2
Details1642-1644SCM 262-6 (Scanned), SCM 3152-4 (Scanned)Liber E (renamed Liber PR in 1883) contains a daily record from August 2, 1642 to February 12, 1644/5. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 102/26/01/0023821-1S1071-3
Details1647-1651SR 8555, SCM 263-1, SCM 3152-5 (Scanned)Liber A contains a daily record from May 23, 1647 to April 1, 1651. Pages 1-58 are missing. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 1RB/01/01/0003821-2S1071-4
Details1656-1669SCM 3153-1 (Scanned)Liber HH includes instructions from Cecilius, Lord Baltimore, commisions to Josias Fendall & Philip Calvert and council records from June 18, 1657 to April 16, 1669. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 102/26/01/0053823S1071-5
Details1669-1674SCM 3153-2 (Scanned)Liber CB(AM). This is a copy of Liber AM made in the late 1700's. Included among other records are the Council Proceedings from October 22, 1669 to December 6, 1671. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 5 02/26/01/0063824S1071-6
Details1671-1686SCM 3153-3 (Scanned)Liber RR(RRR), i. Contains records from December 8, 1671 to 1686 including Council Proceedings from 1683 to 1686. Also contains 1856 John P. Kennedy letter & newspaper article. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 15RB/01/01/0004549S1071-7
Details1677-1683SCM 3153-4 (Scanned)Liber R, includes an index. It contains records from December 8, 1671 to 1686 including Council Proceedings from 1683 to 1686. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 1502/26/01/0084550S1071-8
Details1692-1694SCM 3154-1 (Scanned)Liber K begins April 6, 1692 and ends July 14, 1694. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 8 02/26/01/0093825S1071-9
Details1693-1694SCM 3154-2 (Scanned)Liber CB 1693-1694, includes an index. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 20 02/26/01/0103826S1071-10
Details1694-1706SCM 3154-3 (Scanned)Liber HD 2. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 2002/26/01/0113827-1S1071-11
Details1695-1703SCM 3154-4 (Scanned)HD 2, reverseArchives of Maryland Online Volume 23 02/26/01/0113827-2S1071-12
Details08/1697-1703 Liber X 1697/8-1703 contains records from March 9, 1697/8 to October 4, 1703. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 2302/26/01/0123829S1071-13
Details1699-1701 CB 1699-1701 contains records from April 1699 to November 1701.  02/26/01/0133828S1071-14
Details1704 CB 1704, 4 pages.  02/26/01/0133830S1071-15
Details1704-1708SCM 3155-2 (Scanned)Liber CB 1704-1708 contains records from April 12, 1704 to November 8, 1708. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 25 02/26/01/0133831S1071-16
Details1714-1716SCM 3155-3 (Scanned)Liber WB contains records from October 27, 1714 to December 27, 1715. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 25 02/26/01/0133832S1071-17
Details1721-1728SCM 3155-5 (Scanned)Liber X 1721-1728 Archives of Maryland Online Volume 25 02/26/01/0143833S1071-18
Details1728-1738SCM 3155-6 (Scanned)M.Archives of Maryland Online Volume 2502/26/01/0153834S1071-19
Details1738-1753SCM 3155-7 (Scanned)CB 1738-1753 Archives of Maryland Online Volume 28 02/26/01/0163835S1071-20
Details1753-1767SCM 3156-1 (Scanned)JR-USArchives of Maryland Online Volume 3102/26/01/0173836S1071-21
Details1767-1770SCM 3156-2 (Scanned)CBArchives of Maryland Online Volume 32 02/26/01/0183837S1071-22
Details1777-1779SCM 3156-3 (Scanned)CB 1777-1779 contains records from March 30, 1777 to March 31, 1779. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 1602/26/01/0193842S1071-23
Details1779-1780SCM 3156-4 (Scanned)CB 1779-1780 contains records from April 1, 1779 to November 13, 1780. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 2102/26/01/0203846S1071-24
Details1780-1784SCM 368-1 (Scanned), SCM 3157-1 (Scanned)1780-1784 contains records from November 13, 1780 to November 11, 1784.Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4502/26/01/0213853S1071-25
Details1784-1788SCM 368-2 (Scanned), SCM 3157-2 (Scanned)1784-1788 contains records from November 27, 1784 to November 10, 1788. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 71 02/26/01/0223858S1071-26
Details1788-1791SCM 368-3 (Scanned), SCM 3157-3 (Scanned)1788-1791 contains records from November 10, 1788 to November 12, 1791. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 7102/26/01/0233859S1071-27
Details1791-1793SCM 3158-1 (Scanned)1791-1793 contains records from November 14, 1791 to November 11, 1793. Archives of Maryland Online Volume 72 02/26/01/024859S1071-28
Details1793-1799SCM 3158-2 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0251884S1071-29
Details1799-1807SCM 3158-3 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0261886S1071-30
Details1807-1813SCM 3159-1 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0271887S1071-31
Details1813-1817SCM 3159-2 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0281888S1071-32
Details1817-1820    02/26/01/0291890S1071-33
Details1817-1821SCM 3159-3 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0301891S1071-34
Details1821-1824SCM 3160-1 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0311894S1071-35
Details1825-1830SCM 3160-2 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0321895S1071-36
Details1830-1833SCM 218-3 (Scanned), SCM 3161-1 (Scanned)pp. 1-320  02/26/01/0331896-1S1071-37
Details1833-1835SCM 218-3 (Scanned), SCM 3161-1 (Scanned)pp. 321-622  02/26/01/0341896-2S1071-38
Details1835-1838SCM 3161-2 (Scanned)   02/26/01/0357894-1S1071-39
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