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(Baltimore Equitable Society)

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The Baltimore Equitable Society provides fire insurance to property owners. Formed on January 21, 1794, incorporation occurred on December 27, 1794. On April 10, 1794, the Society issued its first policy.

The Society continues to do business today from its office building located at the southeast corner of Eutaw and Fayette streets. This building, constructed in 1857, is on the National Register of Historic Places. The Society also maintains a fire museum on the second floor. This museum contains a large variety of historic fire fighting equipment and memorabilia from around the world.

These ledgers contain an abstract of the policy issued. The abstract provides: the owner's name(s); the location, dimensions, and type of building (i.e.brick, wood, etc.). The policy also includes the number of stories and whether the property is residential or commercial. Occasionally mentioned is the name(s) and occupation(s) of the residents. Information concerning any adjoining structures also appears (i.e. smokehouse, carriage house, kitchen, etc.) Given in the left hand margin is the policy number.

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionMSA Citation
 Details04/10/1794-11/14/1807BCA 4633Policy LedgersBMS12-1
 Details05/01/1807-12/31/1818BCA 4634Policy LedgersBMS12-2
 Details01/01/1819-08/01/1825BCA 4635Policy LedgersBMS12-3
 Details08/15/1825-11/01/1836BCA 4944Policy LedgersBMS12-4
 Details11/16/1836-09/02/1846BCA 4945Policy LedgersBMS12-5
 Details09/03/1846-03/30/1855BCA 4946Policy LedgersBMS12-6
 Details03/31/1855-07/30/1859BCA 4947Policy LedgersBMS12-7
 Details08/01/1860-02/12/1864BCA 4948Policy LedgersBMS12-8
 Details02/13/1864-02/27/1868BCA 4949Policy LedgersBMS12-9
 Details02/28/1868-05/23/1871BCA 4950Policy LedgersBMS12-10
 Details05/25/1871-08/09/1880BCA 4951Policy LedgersBMS12-11
 Details08/12/1880-03/04/1886BCA 4952Policy LedgersBMS12-12
 Details03/04/1886-10/21/1890BCA 4953Policy LedgersBMS12-13
 Details10/21/1890-12/28/1896BCA 4954Policy LedgersBMS12-14
 Details11/28/1896-12/31/1900BCA 5058Policy LedgersBMS12-15
 Details   BMS12-16
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