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Icon Information on CE42 - (Death Record, Index)

Series Information
(Death Record, Index)

Series Description
1894-1903. Each index book is identified by the first letter of the surnames indexed with each book then arranged chronologically by first letter of the given name.

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Found 193 total items for this series.

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkLinksMSA Citation
Details1875-02/18841, ACR 49108 View Death Index CE42-1
Details02/1884-09/18902, ACR 49109 View Death Index CE42-2
Details09/1890-12/18913, ACR 49110 View Death IndexCE42-3
Details11/1891-12/18935, ACR 49112 View Death IndexCE42-4
Details1875-18791, BCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-5
Details1879-07/18822, BCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-6
Details07/1882-04/18873, BCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-7
Details05/1887-10/18914, BCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-8
Details10/1891-12/18935, BCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-9
Details1875-18811, CCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-10
Details1881-10/18852, CCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-11
Details10/1885-07/18903, CCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-12
Details07/1890-12/18914, CCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-13
Details11/1891-12/18935, CCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-14
Details1875-18791, DCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-15
Details1879-12/18832, DCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-16
Details12/1883-03/18883, DCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-17
Details03/1888-12/18914, DCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-18
Details11/1891-12/18935, DCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-19
Details1875-10/18851, ECR 49108 View Death Index CE42-20
Details10/1885-11/18912, ECR 49109 View Death Index CE42-21
Details11/1891-12/18934, ECR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-22
Details1875-18801, FCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-23
Details1880-12/18852, FCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-24
Details12/1885-04/18903, FCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-25
Details04/1890-12/18914, FCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-26
Details11/1891-12/18935, FCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-27
Details1875-18791, GCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-28
Details1879-05/18832, GCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-29
Details05/1883-04/18873, GCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-30
Details05/1887-09/18904, GCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-31
Details09/1890-12/18935, GCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-32
Details1875-18791, HCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-33
Details1879-12/18832, HCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-34
Details12/1883-12/18883, HCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-35
Details12/1888-12/18914, HCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-36
Details11/1891-12/18935, HCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-37
Details1875-01/18851CR 49108 View Death IndexCE42-38
Details02/1885-12/18932CR 49109 View Death IndexCE42-39
Details1875-18801, JCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-40
Details1880-08/18832, JCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-41
Details08/1883-07/18873, JCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-42
Details07/1887-09/18904, JCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-43
Details09/1890-12/18935, JCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-44
Details1875-18801, KCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-45
Details1880-10/18852, KCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-46
Details11/1885-07/18913, KCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-47
Details07/1891-12/18914, KCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-48
Details11/1891-12/18935, KCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-49
Details1875-18801, LCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-50
Details1880-06/18852, LCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-51
Details06/1885-03/18903, LCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-52
Details03/1890-12/18914, LCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-53
Details11/1891-12/18935, LCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-54
Details1875-18791, MCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-55
Details1879-01/18832, MCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-56
Details01/1883-06/18863, MCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-57
Details06/1886-05/18894, MCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-58
Details05/1889-12/18935, MCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-59
Details1879-06/18842, Mc CR 49109See M's for 1875-1879View Death Index CE42-60
Details06/1884-03/18893, McCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-61
Details03/1889-12/18914, McCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-62
Details11/1891-12/18935, McCR 49112 View Death IndexCE42-63
Details1875-03/18881, NCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-64
Details03/1888-11/18912, NCR 49109 View Death IndexCE42-65
Details11/1891-12/18934, NCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-66
Details1875-10/18911, OCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-67
Details10/1891-12/18912, OCR 49109 View Death IndexCE42-68
Details11/1891-12/18934, OCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-69
Details1875-18811, PCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-70
Details1881-03/18882, PCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-71
Details03/1888-12/18913, PCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-72
Details11/1891-12/18935, PCR 49112 View Death IndexCE42-73
Details1875-12/18911, QCR 49108 View Death IndexCE42-74
Details11/1891-11/18934, QCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-75
Details1875-18801, RCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-76
Details1880-06/18842, RCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-77
Details06/1884-09/18883, RCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-78
Details09/1888-12/18914, RCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-79
Details11/1891-12/18935, RCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-80
Details1875-18781, SCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-81
Details1878-09/18842, SCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-82
Details09/1884-05/18913, SCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-83
Details05/1891-01/18924, SCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-84
Details11/1891-12/18935, SCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-85
Details1875-18811, TCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-86
Details1881-06/18902, TCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-87
Details06/1890-12/18913, TCR 49110 View Death IndexCE42-88
Details11/1891-12/18935, TCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-89
Details1875-12/18911, UCR 49108 View Death IndexCE42-90
Details01/1892-12/18934, UCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-91
Details1875-11/18911, VCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-92
Details11/1891-12/18934, VCR 49111 View Death IndexCE42-93
Details1875-18801, WCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-94
Details1880-11/18842, WCR 49109 View Death Index CE42-95
Details11/1884-03/18883, WCR 49110 View Death Index CE42-96
Details03/1888-12/18914, WCR 49111 View Death Index CE42-97
Details11/1891-12/18935, WCR 49112 View Death Index CE42-98
Details1875-12/18931, YCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-99
Details1875-12/18931, ZCR 49108 View Death Index CE42-100
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