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Icon Information on CE8 - (Equity Record)

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(Equity Record)

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There is no description for this series.

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CIRCUIT COURT (Equity Record) C2477
CIRCUIT COURT (Equity Record) CM473

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsLegacy Accession NoLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1851-1855ES 1 C2477-1Link CE8-1
 Details1855ES 2 C2477-2Link CE8-2
 Details1856ES 3 C2477-3Link CE8-3
 Details1858ES 4 C2477-4Link CE8-4
 Details1865JWLC 1 C2477-5Link CE8-5
 Details1866JWLC 2 C2477-6Link CE8-6
 Details1867JWLC 3 C2477-7Link CE8-7
 Details1860BGF 1 C2477-8Link CE8-8
 Details1861BGF 2 C2477-9Link CE8-9
 Details1863BGF 3 C2477-10Link CE8-10
 Details1869CM 1 C2477-11Link CE8-11
 Details1871CM 2 C2477-12Link CE8-12
 Details1872CM 3 C2477-13Link CE8-13
 Details1873CM 4 C2477-14Link CE8-14
 Details1874TG 1 C2477-15Link CE8-15
 Details1876TG 2 C2477-16Link CE8-16
 Details1877TG 3 C2477-17Link CE8-17
 Details1878TG 4 C2477-18Link CE8-18
 Details1878TG 5 C2477-19Link CE8-19
 Details1879TG 6 C2477-20Link CE8-20
 Details1879TG 7 C2477-21Link CE8-21
 Details1881AF 1 C2477-22Link CE8-22
 Details1881AF 2 C2477-23Link CE8-23
 Details1882AF 3 C2477-24Link CE8-24
 Details1883AF 4 C2477-25Link CE8-25
 Details1884AF 5 C2477-26Link CE8-26
 Details1885AF 6 C2477-27Link CE8-27
 Details1887WIP 1 C2477-28Link CE8-28
 Details1888WIP 2 C2477-29Link CE8-29
 Details1888WIP 3 C2477-30Link CE8-30
 Details1888WIP 4 C2477-31Link CE8-31
 Details1890WIP 5 C2477-32Link CE8-32
 Details1891WIP 6 C2477-33Link CE8-33
 Details1892JLJ 1 C2477-34Link CE8-34
 Details1893JLJ 2 C2477-35Link CE8-35
 Details1894JLJ 3 C2477-36Link CE8-36
 Details1895JLJ 4 C2477-37Link CE8-37
 Details1896JLJ 5 C2477-38Link CE8-38
 Details1898JLJ 6 C2477-39Link CE8-39
 Details1899DHH 1 C2477-40Link CE8-40
 Details1900DHH 2 C2477-41Link CE8-41
 Details1901DHH 3 C2477-42Link CE8-42
 Details1902DHH 4 C2477-43Link CE8-43
 Details1903DHH 5 C2477-44Link CE8-44
 Details1904STH 1 C2477-45Link CE8-45
 Details1905STH 2 C2477-46Link CE8-46
 Details1906STH 3 C2477-47Link CE8-47
 Details1906STH 4 C2477-48Link CE8-48
 Details1907STH 5 C2477-49Link CE8-49
 Details1907STH 6 C2477-50Link CE8-50
 Details1908STH 7 C2477-51Link CE8-51
 Details1909STH 8 C2477-52Link CE8-52
 Details1909STH 9 C2477-53Link CE8-53
 Details1910HWB 1 C2477-54Link CE8-54
 Details1911HWB 2 C2477-55Link CE8-55
 Details1911HWB 3 C2477-56Link CE8-56
 Details1911HWB 4 C2477-57Link CE8-57
 Details1914HWB 5 C2477-58Link CE8-58
 Details1915HWB 6 C2477-59Link CE8-59
 Details1915HWB 7 C2477-60Link CE8-60
 Details1917EGH 1 C2477-61Link CE8-61
 Details1918EGH 2 C2477-62Link CE8-62
 Details1919EGH 3 C2477-63Link CE8-63
 Details1920EGH 4 C2477-64Link CE8-64
 Details1923EGH 5 C2477-65Link CE8-65
 Details1924EGH 6 C2477-66Link CE8-66
 Details1926EGH 7 C2477-67Link CE8-67
 Details1928EGH 8 C2477-68Link CE8-68
 Details1930EGH 9 C2477-69Link CE8-69
 Details1932EGH 10 C2477-70Link CE8-70
 Details1933EGH 11 C2477-71Link CE8-71
 Details1934EGH 12 C2477-72Link CE8-72
 Details1936EGH 13 C2477-73Link CE8-73
 Details1936EGH 14 C2477-74Link CE8-74
 Details1937ECW 1 C2477-75Link CE8-75
 Details1939ECW 2 C2477-76Link CE8-76
 Details1941ECW 3 C2477-77Link CE8-77
 Details1945ECW 4 C2477-78Link CE8-78
 Details1946ECW 5 C2477-79Link CE8-79
 Details1947-1949ECW 6CR 701 (Scanned) Link CE8-80
 Details1949-1950ECW 7CR 590 (Scanned) Link CE8-81
 Details1950-1954ECW 8CR 909 (Scanned) Link CE8-82
 Details1954-1955ECW 9CR 1171 (Scanned) Link CE8-83
 Details1955-1956ECW 10CR 1417 (Scanned) Link CE8-84
 Details1956-1957ECW 11CR 9997 (Scanned) Link CE8-85
 Details1957-1958ECW 12CR 26578 (Scanned) Link CE8-86
 Details1958-1959ECW 13CR 26579 (Scanned) Link CE8-87
 Details1959-1960ECW 14CR 9998 (Scanned) Link CE8-88
 Details1960ECW 15CR 26580 (Scanned) Link CE8-89
 Details1960ECW 16CR 26581 (Scanned) Link CE8-90
 Details1961ECW 17CR 26582 (Scanned) Link CE8-91
 Details1961-1962ECW 18CR 26583 Link CE8-92
 Details1962ECW 19CR 26584 (Scanned) Link CE8-93
 Details1962ECW 20CR 26585 (Scanned) Link CE8-94
 Details1962-1964ECW 21CR 26586 (Scanned) Link CE8-95
 Details1964-1965ECW 22CR 26587 (Scanned) Link CE8-96
 Details1965ECW 23CR 26588-1 (Scanned) Link CE8-97
 Details1965-1967ECW 24CR 26588-2 (Scanned) Link CE8-98
 Details1967ECW 25CR 26589-1 (Scanned) Link CE8-99
 Details1967-1968ECW 26CR 26589-2 (Scanned) Link CE8-100
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