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Icon Information on CM205 - (Marriage Index, Male)

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(Marriage Index, Male)

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There is no description for this series.

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COURT OF COMMON PLEAS (Marriage Index, Male) C212

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsLinkLinksMSA Citation
 Details1851-1885Aairy to BeardCR 1663 (Scanned)Link CM205-1
 Details1851-1885Beard to BrianCR 1664 (Scanned)Link CM205-2
 Details1851-1885Brian to CarterCR 1665 (Scanned)Link CM205-3
 Details1851-1885Carter to CraggsCR 1666 (Scanned)Link CM205-4
 Details1851-1885Crahan to DorseyCR 1667 (Scanned)Link CM205-5
 Details1851-1885Dorsey to FiningerCR 1668 (Scanned)Link CM205-6
 Details1851-1885Fink to GibsonCR 1669 (Scanned)Link CM205-7
 Details1851-1885Gibson to HandyCR 1670 (Scanned)Link CM205-8
 Details1851-1885Handy to HoffmanCR 1671 (Scanned)Link CM205-9
 Details1851-1885Hoffman to JohnsonCR 1672 (Scanned)Link CM205-10
 Details1851-1885Johnson to KingCR 1673 (Scanned)Link CM205-11
 Details1851-1885King to LiebeckCR 1674 (Scanned)Link CM205-12
 Details1851-1885Lieben to MageeCR 1675 (Scanned)Link CM205-13
 Details1851-1885Magee to MooreCR 1676 (Scanned)Link CM205-14
 Details1851-1885Moore to OwensCR 1677 (Scanned)Link CM205-15
 Details1851-1885Owens to RayCR 1678 (Scanned)Link CM205-16
 Details1851-1885Ray to SadlerCR 1679 (Scanned)Link CM205-17
 Details1851-1885Sadler to SinaCR 1680 (Scanned)Link CM205-18
 Details1851-1885Sinclair to StooksCR 1681 (Scanned)Link CM205-19
 Details1851-1885Stoop to UnderwoodCR 1682 (Scanned)Link CM205-20
 Details1851-1885Underwood to WhelenCR 1683 (Scanned)Link CM205-21
 Details1851-1885Whelen to ZyprianCR 1684 (Scanned)Link CM205-22
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