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Icon Information on CM662 - (Land Records)

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(Land Records)

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There is no description for this series.

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COURT (Land Records) C1068
COURT (Land Records) CE118

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Found 56 total items for this series.

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkMSA Citation
Details1648-1679A CR 50062-1TranscriptArchives of Maryland Online Volume 54CM662-1
Details1679-1692BCR 50062-2Transcript CM662-2
Details1681-1685KCR 50062-3  CM662-3
Details1692-1706CCR 50063-1Transcript CM662-4
Details1694-1701MCR 50063-2  CM662-5
Details1701-1704JD 1CR 50063-3  CM662-6
Details1704-1707GL 1CR 50063-4 Archives of Maryland Online Volume 669CM662-7
Details1707-1714JS NCR 50064-1  CM662-8
Details1714-1718BC 1CR 50064-2  CM662-9
Details1719-1726JS WCR 50064-3  CM662-10
Details1726-1730JS XCR 50065-1  CM662-11
Details1730-1734JS 16CR 50065-2  CM662-12
Details1734-1738JS 18CR 50066-1  CM662-13
Details1738-1740JS 22CR 50066-2  CM662-14
Details1740-1742JS 23CR 50067-1  CM662-15
Details1742-1744JS 24CR 50067-2  CM662-16
Details1744-1747JS 25CR 50068-1  CM662-17
Details1747-1751JS 26CR 50068-2  CM662-18
Details1751-1754JS 27CR 50068-3  CM662-19
Details1754-1758JS 28CR 50069-1  CM662-20
Details1758-1761JS 29CR 50069-2  CM662-21
Details1761-1765DD 1CR 50070-1  CM662-22
Details1765-1768DD 2CR 50070-2  CM662-23
Details1768-1772DD 3CR 50071-1  CM662-24
Details1772-1775DD 4CR 50071-2  CM662-25
Details1775-1780DD 5CR 50072-1  CM662-26
Details1781-1786EF 6CR 50072-2  CM662-27
Details1786-1790EF 7 (N-Z only)CR 50073  CM662-28
Details1790-1793BC 3WK 673-674-2  CM662-29
Details1793-1798BC 4WK 674-675-1  CM662-30
Details1798-1801TW 1WK 674-675-2  CM662-31
Details1801-1803TW 2WK 675-676-1  CM662-32
Details1803-1806TW 3WK 675-676-2  CM662-33
Details1807-1809BC 5WK 676-677-1  CM662-34
Details1809-1811BC 6WK 676-677-2  CM662-35
Details1811-1814BC 7WK 677-678-1  CM662-36
Details1814-1816BC 8WK 677-678-2  CM662-37
Details1816-1817WS 1WK 678-679-1  CM662-38
Details1817-1819WS 2WK 678-679-2  CM662-39
Details1819-1822WS 3WK 679-680-1  CM662-40
Details1822-1825TW 4WK 679-680-2pp. 1-581 CM662-41
Details1825-1827TW 4WK 680-681-1pp. 581-1095 CM662-42
Details1827-1829JNG 1WK 680-681-2  CM662-43
Details1829-1832JNG 2WK 681  CM662-44
Details1832-1835JNG 3WK 681-682-1  CM662-45
Details1835-1837JNG 4WK 681-682-2  CM662-46
Details1837-1838JNG 5WK 682-683-1  CM662-47
Details1839-1840JNG 6WK 682-683-2  CM662-48
Details1840-1841JNG 7WK 683-684-1  CM662-49
Details1841-1842JNG 8WK 683-684-2  CM662-50
Details1842-1844JNG 9WK 683-684-3  CM662-51
Details1844-1846JNG 10WK 684-685-1  CM662-52
Details1846-1848JNG 11WK 684-685-2  CM662-53
Details1848-1849JNG 12WK 685-686-1  CM662-54
Details1849-1851JR 1 CR 6640-1, WK 685-686See also WK 685-686 CM662-55
Details1851JR 2CR 6640-2pp. 1-80 CM662-56
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