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Copies of incoming and outgoing correspondence. Volumes for 1753-1769 contain only letters of Governor Horatio Sharpe. Volumes for 1777-1823 contain primarily out-going correspondence. See also MARYLAND STATE PAPERS Scharf Collection series [MSA S1005] and Series A series [MSA S1004]. Arranged chronologically. Sharpe letters transcribed in the Archives of Maryland, vols VI, IX, XIV, and XXXI. Also available on microfilm for 1753-1823, [MSA SM104], 4 reels.

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MARYLAND STATE PAPERS (Sharpe Papers) S1003 1753-1768
GOVERNOR AND COUNCIL (Letterbook) SM104 1753-1823

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DateDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NumberMSA Citation
 Details1753-1758#1. Archives of Maryland Volume 602/26/02/0194000S1075-1
 Details1754-1756#2. Archives of Maryland Volume 6 02/26/02/0194001S1075-2
 Details1756-1768#3.Archives of Maryland Volume 602/26/02/0194002S1075-3
 Details1758-1767#4. Archives of Maryland Volume 902/26/02/0204003S1075-4
 Details1767-1771#5. Archives of Maryland Volume 14 02/26/02/0204004S1075-5
 Details1777-1779i. Archives of Maryland Volume 1602/26/02/0214007S1075-6
 Details1779-1780 Archives of Maryland Volume 43 02/26/02/0223847S1075-7
 Details1780-1787 Archives of Maryland Volume 4502/26/02/0234008S1075-8
 Details1787-1793   02/26/02/0244009S1075-9
 Details1793-1796   02/26/02/0251883S1075-10
 Details1796-1818   02/26/02/0261885S1075-11
 Details1817-1820   02/26/02/0241889S1075-12
 Details1817-1834   02/26/02/0271892S1075-13
 Details1821-1822   02/26/02/0281893S1075-14
 Details1822-1823   02/26/02/0291745-1S1075-15
 Details1834-1838   02/26/01/0357894-3S1075-16
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