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(Commission Record)

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Political appointments. Positions included judgeships, justices of the peace, provincial commissioners, and sheriffs. See also MARYLAND STATE PAPERS Scharf Collection [MSA S1005]. For later records see SECRETARY OF STATE Commission Record series [MSA S1081]. Indexed by MARYLAND STATE PAPERS Naturalizations, Provincial, Index [MSA S1414]. Arranged chronologically. Volumes for 1726-1786 and 1777-1798 indexed by Commission Record, Index series [MSA S1079]. Also available on microfilm for 1726-1798 [MSA SM171], 1 reel.

Agency History

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NumberMSA Citation
 Details1726-1786 pp. 1-317  02/26/03/0104010-1S1080-1
 Details1726-1786 Transcript  02/26/03/0114011-1S1080-2
 Details1726-1786 Transcript, photostat  02/26/03/0124011-2S1080-3
 Details1733-1773 1733-1750, 1761-1773. also called Liber 82 J.R. Several pages included in volume 32 of the Archives of Maryland OnlineArchives of Maryland Online Volume 32 02/26/03/0134012-1S1080-4
 Details1774-1776 JB J  02/26/03/0144012-2S1080-5
 Details1777-1798 Indexed by office and county  02/26/03/0154013-1S1080-6
 Details1777-1827TAS 1   02/26/03/0161347S1080-7
 Details1796-1833 TAS  02/26/03/0171350S1080-8
 Details1805-1811    02/26/03/0181936S1080-9
 Details1812-1816    02/26/03/0191937S1080-10
 Details1816-1820    02/26/03/0201938S1080-11
 Details1820-1823    02/26/03/0211939S1080-12
 Details1824-1826    02/26/03/0221940S1080-13
 Details1827-1833    02/26/03/0237906S1080-14
 Details1833-1837    02/26/03/0247907S1080-15
 Details1837-10/06/1838    02/26/03/0257908-1S1080-16
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