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Icon Information on BRG19-1-1 - HRS Records

Series Information
(Health Department)
HRS Records

Series Description
HRS 224-226 (1798); HRS 254-262 (1800); HRS 203-211 (1803); HRS 108-109 (1804); HRS 343-349 (1805); HRS 152-158 (1807); HRS 562-563A (1809); HRS 503-537 (1810); HRS 550-572 (1811); HRS 646-652 (1812); HRS 478-481 (1813); HRS 141-146 (1814); HRS 252-263 (1815); HRS 539-548 (1816); HRS 656-678 (1817); HRS 753-767 (1818); HRS 179 (1819)

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Found 33 total items for this series.

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DateDescriptionMSA Citation
Details1798HRS 224BRG19-1-1-1
Details1798HRS 225BRG19-1-1-2
Details1798HRS 226BRG19-1-1-3
Details1800HRS 254-262BRG19-1-1-4
Details1803HRS 203BRG19-1-1-5
Details1803HRS 204-207BRG19-1-1-6
Details1803HRS 208BRG19-1-1-7
Details1803HRS 209BRG19-1-1-8
Details1803HRS 209BRG19-1-1-9
Details1803HRS 209-211BRG19-1-1-10
Details1804HRS 108-109BRG19-1-1-11
Details1804HRS 109BRG19-1-1-12
Details1805HRS 343-349BRG19-1-1-13
Details1807HRS 152-153BRG19-1-1-14
Details1807HRS 153-158BRG19-1-1-15
Details1809HRS 562-563BRG19-1-1-16
Details1809HRS 563ABRG19-1-1-17
Details1810HRS 503-520BRG19-1-1-18
Details1810HRS 521-537BRG19-1-1-19
Details1811HRS 550-561ABRG19-1-1-20
Details1811HRS 562-572BRG19-1-1-21
Details1812HRS 646-652BRG19-1-1-22
Details1813HRS 478-481BRG19-1-1-23
Details1814HRS 141-146BRG19-1-1-24
Details1815HRS 252-263BRG19-1-1-25
Details1816HRS 539-548BRG19-1-1-26
Details1817HRS 656-678BRG19-1-1-27
Details1818HRS 753-759BRG19-1-1-28
Details1818HRS 760-766ABRG19-1-1-29
Details1818HRS 767BRG19-1-1-30
Details1819HRS 179BRG19-1-1-31
Details1819HRS 179BRG19-1-1-32
Details1819HRS 179BRG19-1-1-33
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