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Icon Information on C1048 - (Criminal Record)

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(Criminal Record)

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There is no description for this series.

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COURT (Criminal Record) CE44
COURT (Criminal Record) CM649

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1724-1728  JS ADArchives of Maryland Online Volume 54801/14/05/0118741C1048-1
 Details1728-1734  JS WXArchives of Maryland Online Volume 56701/14/05/0118742C1048-2
 Details1734-1736 CR 80210JS 20. Do not circulate. Use CR 80,210Archives of Maryland Online Volume 71401/14/01/0468743C1048-3
 Details1736-1738 CR 80211JS 21. Do not circulate. Use CR 80,211Archives of Maryland Online Volume 71501/14/01/0478744C1048-4
 Details1738-1739JS 22  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 66801/14/05/0128745C1048-5
 Details1739-1742JS 23   01/14/05/0138746C1048-6
 Details1742-1747JS 24   01/14/05/0138747C1048-7
 Details1748-1760    01/14/05/0138748C1048-8
 Details1761-1772DD 1   01/14/05/0148749C1048-9
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