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Icon Information on CM789 - (Certificates of Freedom)

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(Certificates of Freedom)

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There is no description for this series.

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COURT (Certificates of Freedom) C46 1806-1851

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkMSA Citation
 Details1806-1807A 1CR 47242-1 (Scanned)  CM789-1
 Details1807-1811B 2CR 79177-2 (Scanned)  CM789-2
 Details1810-1831 CR 47242-2 (Scanned) Archives of Maryland Online Volume 823CM789-3
 Details1831-1844 CR 47242-3 (Scanned) Archives of Maryland Online Volume 824CM789-4
 Details1845-1851 CR 47243-1 (Scanned)pp. 1-101, 299-302Archives of Maryland Online Volume 820CM789-5
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