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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
Artistic Planning and Operations

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Artistic Planning and Operations

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DateDescriptionSeries NameMSA Citation
  Details1958-2010General Manager's FilesGeneral Manager BMS20-1-1
  Details1962-1984Assistant General Manager's FilesAssistant General ManagerBMS20-1-2
  Details1953-1990Personnel Manager's FilesPersonnel ManagerBMS20-1-3
  Details1957-1996Orchestra Manager's FilesOrchestra ManagerBMS20-1-4
  Details1986-1994Office Manager's FilesOffice ManagerBMS20-1-5
  Details1957-2011Music/Artistic Administrator FilesMusic AdministratorBMS20-1-6
  Details1947-2001Director of Artistic and Educational ProgramsDirector of Artistic and Educational ProgramsBMS20-1-8
  Details1974-1995Concert DepartmentConcert DepartmentBMS20-1-9
  Details1968-1990Manager of Operations FilesManager of OperationsBMS20-1-10
  Details1957-2008Music Director FilesMusic DirectorBMS20-1-11
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