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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
Executive Office

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Executive Office

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DateDescriptionLocation (Shelf)BoxMSA Citation
  Details1984-1986Contract negotiations files from the Executive Office.BA/30/24/059/S00159BMS20-2-1
  Details1981-1987Executive Office; European and Russian Tours in 1981 and 1987, Correspondence, promo material, clippings itineraries, contracts, budgets, etcBA/30/24/057/S00157BMS20-2-2
  Details1942-1988Executive Office; General Files including the Baltimore Ballet and Opera, BSO Awards, Commissioned Works, Sergiu Comissiona files, Friends of the Symphony, and Historical documents **RESTRICTEDBA/30/23/024/S00190BMS20-2-3
  Details1977-1989Executive Office; General Files M-R including Maryland State Arts Council Relations, Oregon Ridge Pavilion Construction and Radio Broadcasts.BA/30/24/077/S00177BMS20-2-4
  Details1978-1991Executive Office; General Files: Board Minutes, Board of Director's Reports, Committee Reports, Correspondence **RESTRICTEDBA/30/23/025/S00191BMS20-2-5
  Details1974-1987Executive Office; Tours and Concerts, Contracts with CRI, Vanguard, and Parkway Productions, State Bridge Grant Letter Writing Campaign, 1986.BA/30/24/058/S00158BMS20-2-6
  Details1968-1985Executive Office; Union Negotiations, Contracts , Settlements, Correspondence relating to Musician's strike of 1981 and 1978 and 1975 Negotiations. **RESTRICTEDBA/30/24/056/S00156BMS20-2-7
  Details1978-1986Executive Office; European Tour 81, Wolftrap Performances, Contract Negotiations 1984-1986.BA/30/24/055/S00155BMS20-2-8
  Details1988-1993Executive Office (John Gidwitz); Subject FilesBA/30/18/022/S00606BMS20-2-10
  Details1982-2003Executive Office (John Gidwitz); Subject FilesBA/30/18/023/S00607BMS20-2-11
  Details1986-1989Executive Office; Strike Negotiations, one box floppy disksBA/30/20/018/S00445BMS20-2-12
  Details1983-2007Executive Office (Hilde Vocelka); Annual Meetings, Hippodrome Agreement, 1996 Music Director SearchBA/30/17/022/S00775BMS20-2-13
  Details2005-2010Executive Office (Paul Meecham); Retired FilesBA/30/17/023/S00776BMS20-2-14
  Details1997-2005Executive Office (Hilde Vocelka); Strathmore FilesBA/30/17/025/S00778BMS20-2-16
 Details1985-2003Executive Office (Hilde Vocelka): Board Orientation, Capital Campaigns, Development, European Tours, Group 1 Orchestras, Legislative Concerts, M-Team, Marketing Task Force, Restructures, Strathmore (Pre-Planning)BA/30/17/007/S00890BMS20-2-17
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