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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
Financial Records

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Financial Records

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DateDescriptionLocation (Shelf)BoxMSA Citation
  Details1983-1996Financial Plans and Budgets, Buildings and Grounds Committee, Committee for the FutureBA/30/23/070/S00243BMS20-4-1
  Details1967-1971Financial Record BookBA/30/22/051/S00300BMS20-4-2
  Details1971-1974Financial Record bookBA/30/22/051/S00301BMS20-4-3
  Details1992-1993Financial Records, mostly by event and code number, for the 1992-1993 season.BA/30/24/015/S00111BMS20-4-4
  Details1994-1995Financial; Performance Sales Statistic reports, Lead Count ReportsBA/30/24/064/S00164BMS20-4-5
  Details1999-2000Weekly Series Sales StatisticsBA/30/21/029/S00370BMS20-4-6
  Details1992-1993Sales StatisticsBA/30/21/058/S00408BMS20-4-7
  Details1994-1995Sales Statistics and Performance SalesBA/30/18/016/S00599BMS20-4-8
  Details1993-1994Sales Statistics- Youth ConcertsBA/30/21/065/S00418BMS20-4-9
  Details1992-1993Annual Fund Contributor Status ReportsBA/30/24/021/S00119BMS20-4-10
  Details1991-1995Season BudgetsBA/30/18/049/S00706BMS20-4-11
  Details2003-2008Season Budgets; contains 3 BindersBA/30/18/020/S00604BMS20-4-12
  Details1986-1987Financial StatementsBA/30/20/033/S00479BMS20-4-13
  Details1985-2004Audit Committee Files; Budget & Finance Committee Files; Management LetterBA/30/17/020/S00773BMS20-4-14
  Details1973-1996Recording Files- Musicians' Association Agreements; Radio and Television Recording Contracts and Payment Total Payments **RESTRICTEDBA/30/17/039/S00792BMS20-4-15
  Details1991-2006Recording Files- Musicians' Association Agreements; Radio and Television Recording Contracts and Payment Total Payments **RESTRICTEDBA/30/17/040/S00793BMS20-4-16
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