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(Baltimore Symphony Orchestra)
Educational Materials

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Educational Materials

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DateDescriptionLocation (Shelf)BoxMSA Citation
  Details1969-1994Educational Material: Tiny Tots Programs, Musical Explorations Evaluations, Music Perspectives from the Baltimore County Public SchoolsBA/30/25/062/S0098BMS20-6-1
  Details1988-1995Educational Material, Youth ConcertBA/30/25/056/S0084BMS20-6-2
  Details1988-1994Educational Material; Education Committee MeetingsBA/30/24/022/S00120BMS20-6-3
  Details1995Educational Material; Education Pilot Program, Application ReviewsBA/30/21/065/S00419BMS20-6-4
  Details1991-1993Educational Material- Music for Youth, Teacher's GuidesBA/30/24/051/S00151BMS20-6-5
  Details1985-1995Educational Material; Music for Youth, Youth ConcertsBA/30/25/064/S00100BMS20-6-6
  Details1995Educational Material; Pilot Program ApplicationsBA/30/24/016/S00112BMS20-6-7
  Details1983Educational Material; Music for Youth and Tiny Tots Order forms. Also includes a teacher's manuals, guides, and a book entitled "Magic Voices: a guide for arts integration into schools". This box contains the entirety of box 81 from BTM6 as well.BA/30/25/053/S0080BMS20-6-8
  Details1986-1994Educational Material; Public Schools, Music for Youth, Ticketing, Teachers' GuidesBA/30/25/061/S0097BMS20-6-9
  Details1985-1991Educational Material; Tiny Tots, Music for Youth, Baltimore City and County Schools BA/30/23/073/S00246BMS20-6-10
  Details1983-1995Educational Material; Youth Concerts, Tiny Tots, OutreachBA/30/21/059/S00409BMS20-6-11
  Details1990-1994Educational Material; Youth Education Consultant Information PacketsBA/30/21/066/S00421BMS20-6-12
  Details1993-1994Educational Material; Youth Education Consultant processBA/30/21/066/S00420BMS20-6-13
  Details1980-1987Educational Material; Music for Youth; Programs, Teachers Guides, Evaluations from Students, Player Questionnaire Responses, Budgets.BA/30/24/025/S00125BMS20-6-14
  Details1993-1994Educational Material; Musical Explorations; Student, teacher, and musician evaluation formsBA/30/21/064/S00417BMS20-6-16
  Details1980-1987Educational Material; Tiny Tots Programs, Schedules, Correspondence, Brochures, TicketsBA/30/24/026/S00126BMS20-6-17
  Details1979-1989Educational Material; Youth concerts, promotions, contests, and grants.BA/30/24/013/S00109BMS20-6-18
  Details1972-1991Educational Material; Youth Programs: Music for Youth Tiny Tots and Prime Time programs, notes, and orders.BA/30/24/023/S00123BMS20-6-19
  Details1983-1991Educational Material; Music for Youth Teacher's GuidesBA/30/25/060/S0096BMS20-6-20
  Details1981-1996Educational Material; Tiny Tots and Music for Youth EvaluationsBA/30/18/046/S00696BMS20-6-21
 Details1992-1993Educational Material; Midweek records and Anne Arundel ContactsBA/30/18/009/S00886BMS20-6-22
 Details1991-1994Educational Material: Music for Youth, Tiny Tots printed programs, correspondenceBA/30/23/002/S00922BMS20-6-23
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