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Series Information
(Law Department)
Case File Dockets
1898-1903, 1934-1978

Series Description
Volumes include case file number for cases in BRG13-2, as well as the name of plaintiff and defendant, court of hearing, date, amount claimed, nature of action, and disposition. There is a name index in the front of each volume. Not every case file opened by the Law Department was listed in the dockets, which generally contain only law suits filed by and against the city. There is a seperate index that covers 1919-1934. See BRG13-2 for more information.

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1898-19031Case File Dockets 1-671BRG13-11-1
 Details08/16/1934-10/06/19382Case File Dockets 61771-69266BRG13-11-2
 Details10/06/1938-01/30/19513Case File Dockets 68852-86985BRG13-11-3
 Details01/31/1951-05/04/19544Case File Dockets 87012-92543BRG13-11-4
 Details05/04/1954-03/04/19575Case File Dockets 92544-97269BRG13-11-5
 Details03/07/1957-03/14/19606Case File Dockets 97287-101271BRG13-11-6
 Details03/17/1960-04/09/19637Case File Dockets 102281-107622BRG13-11-7
 Details04/09/1963-06/29/19668Case File Dockets 107624-113311BRG13-11-8
 Details06/29/1966-12/30/19699Case File Dockets 113340-120726BRG13-11-9
 Details12/30/1969-03/22/197410Case File Dockets 120751-129402BRG13-11-10
 Details03/22/1974-02/03/197811Case File Dockets 129403-136010BRG13-11-11
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