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(Baltimore City Property Tax Records)
Baltimore City General Property Tax Books

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The General Property Tax Books are the final tax records for the municipality, arranged on a city-wide basis. The information in these volumes varies over time though they will generally include the names of individuals and companies, amount of assessment or tax, and payments. Some of the earlier books do give race, out-of-town residence, occasional occupation, and property improvements. After 1812 the volumes begin to include more information on items such as furniture, plate, horses, carriages, wagons, special fees and taxes (such as for roads, bridges, court, and the poor), abatements, adjustments, stock-in-trade, securities, and bank stock. These volumes do not represent a complete series and should be consulted with the field assessment records (BRG4-2) and the Appeal Tax Court (BRG. 5). The complete series of records listed below, unless otherwise stated, are city-wide volumes. A large number of the books have been microfilmed; the BCA number following the description is the microfilm reel number. An alphabetical name index to the earliest records has been published: Richard J. Cox, ed., A Name Index to the Baltimore City Tax Records. 1798-1808, of the Baltimore City Archives, Publications of the Baltimore City Archives, no. 4 (Baltimore: Baltimore City Archives and Records Management Office, 1981). See also the typescript on which the following entries are based.

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
Details1797 BCA 177 (Scanned)Original. Alphabetical by surname. Transcript: TAX LIST - 1797 BALTIMORE CITY 1797 SPECIAL TAX LIST By Richard J. Cox* National Genealogical Society Quarterly 66 (September 1978): 188-91 Historians and genealogists researching early Baltimore residents have generally relied upon the 1783 State assessment, 1798 Federal assessment, and the city directories which began publication in 1796.' Other than these sources, the records of early Baltimoreans are limited to church records, newspapers, and miscellaneous assessments and fines levied by the State and town.2 The financial structure of Baltimore was unsystematic until well after 1797, the year of its erection as a self-governing city. This fact explains the miscellany of fiscal and legal documents. Before this administrative change taxes were generally voluntary or by lottery for public improvements such as fences, wharves, and market houses, or came in the form of fines and licenses granted by the state legislature.3 An example of this form of special tax is the tax list published below. This tax was made on carriages, horses, carts, sulkies, wagons, riding chairs, chaises, and billiard tables. The purpose of this tax was to provide for the "paving, cleaning and keeping in repair the streets, lanes and alleys, and for mending, building and keeping in repair the bridges in the said town"; the origins of this tax date back to 1782 and remained in force for many years after the city's incorporation/ The following list includes the taxes of 432 persons who owned 205 horses (h), 23 riding horses (rh), 169 carts (c), 91 four-wheel carriages (fwc), 34 riding chairs (re), 29 billiard tables (bt), two sulkies (s), four chaises (ch), three wagons (w), and one two-wheel carriage (twc).5 As might be expected, this was primarily a list of wealthy individuals, tavern owners, and artisans. The document is a part of the Baltimore City Archives. Abernethy, James (h) Adams, Charles (c) Adams, Jacob (h) Adams, John (c) Agustia, Price (c) Aiken, Andrew (c) Allison, Rev. Doct. (h) Alricks, H.(h) Atkinson, Isaac (c, rh) Badman, John (c) Bailey, Enoch (h) Bailla,______, "Frenchman" (bt) Baker, Benjamin (re) Baker, Joseph (c) Baker, Matthias (2h) Baker, William (c) Banker, Peter (h) Barkley & McKean (h) Barkman & Co. (h) Barnard, John (bt) Bauer, James (fwc) Beaman, James (h) Bedford & Moreton (2h) Bennett, Patrick (h) Berlaulin, Joseph (bt) Bevans, James (c) Biays, James (fwc) Biays, Joseph (c) Blackroot, H. George (fwc) Bond, Barnard (c) Bonney, M. (h) Boyce, Thomas (c) Boyle, John (h) Brady, John (c) Briden, James (bt, rh) Bridenaur, Adam (fwc) Brook, Henry (h) Brown, Aquilla(2h) Brown, David, potter (c) Brown, Dinson (2h) Brown, Dr. George (h) Brown, Jacob (h) Brown, John, potter (c) Brown, Josiah (c, h) Browning, Peregrine (c) Bryan, Jacob, negro (c) Bryson, James (c) Buchanan, A. James (re) Buchanan, Andrew (h) Buchanan, Archibald 00 Buchanan, Dr. George (h) Buchanan, John (2c) Buchanan & Young (h) Burk, David (h) Burk, William (c) Bush, John (c) Calhaun, James (h) Campbell, Arch[ibal]d (fwc) Cann, James (2c) Carey, James (re) Carter, Robert (fwc) Casper, Cape (h) Casset, Peter (s) Caton, Rich[ar]d (2fwc, ch, rh) Catrall, James (c) Caulson & Hutton (c,h) Caulter, John (fwc) Causton, Isaac (2h) Cecero, John (bt) Champayne, R. John (re) Chilcoate,______(bt) Child, Price, & Co. (h) Chislolen, Thomas (c) Clark, James (h) Clayfelder, Jacob (Ch) Cleanfetter, John (h) Cleland, Samuel (h) Clemmonds, Josiah (re) Baltimore City 1797 Special Tax List 189 Cloney, James (fwc) Clopper, Andrew (h) Cochran, William (2h) Coffee, Cornelius (h) Coghlan, William (bt) Cole, Thomas (h) Cole, William (h) Conrad, Archibald (c) Cook, William (h) Copper, Samuel (c) Cormerges, Benjamin, & Co. (h) Cormley, Constantine (fwc) Corrie, James (h) Cox, James (h) Craig, William (h) Crawford, Dr. (h) Cullen, Alexander (2c) Cullendon, George (c) Cuning, Alexander (c) Custain, James (h) Daily, John (c) Dall, James (h) Daveis& Fulton (h) Davey, W. Alexander] (w, c) David,______, "Frenchman" (bt) Davidge, Dr. (h) Deleymple, Jesse (c) DeRochbroom, Lewis (h) Dewitt, Tho[ma]s (bt, re) Dickey, John (h) Dixson, John (re) Donnell, John (h) Donovan, Bartholomew (bt) Donovan, Thomas (bt) Drsk, Michael (c) Dugan, Cumberland (h) Duncan,______(h) Dunsmore, David (c) Eden, Benjamin (2c) Eden, Jeremiah (2c) Eden, John(c) Edwards, Mrs. (bt) Eichelberger, Martin 00 Eiler, Nicholas (c) Elgar, Hartman (6fwc) Elicott, Elias (re) Elvis, William (fwc) Etting, Solomon (fwc) Evans, Henry (h) Evans, Hugh (fwc) Evans, William (bt, 5fwc) Faget, John (bt) Farrell, James (h) Fawler, William (c) Felty, Valentine (c) Field, W.George(h) Finnley, Ebenezer (h) Fisher, Thomas (h) Fishwick, James (h) Floyd, Caleb (c) Ford, Joseph (c) Ford, William (c) Fortune, James (h) Francis, Joseph (3fwc) French, Dominick (c) Fripaneau, Augustine (c) Fulton, David (h) Galloway, Thomas (c.h) Galloway, William (h) Garts & Company (c,h) Garts, Peter (h) Gasper, William Myer (c) Ghequiere, Charles (fwc) Gill, Gabril, mason (2c, w) Gilmore, John (2fwc) Gilmore, Robert (2fwc, twe, rh) Gittings, James (h) Gittings, Richard (rc,h) Giving, William (c) Godfry, Somervale (c,h) Goldsborugh House (h) Goodwin, Dr. Lyde(h) Goodwin, William, Junior (h) Goodwin, William, Senior (h) Gordon, M. (h) Gormly, Cann (2fwc) Gorsuch, Nicholas (h) Gorsuch, Robert (2h) Gough, D. Henry (fwc) Grace, Boyer (2c) Graham, William (h) raut, Paul, & Co. (2h) Gravey, Frederick (c) Graybell, Jacob (h) Green, Samuel (fwc) Greenwood, Thomas (w) Griffith, Nathan (h) Grundy, George (fwc) Hacket& Grant (h) Hadgr, William (c) Haefflr, Peter (h) Hagerty, John (re) Hagthrap, Edward (h) Haistings, Darley (c) Hall, Josiah, negro (c) Hammond, John (c) Hammond, Laney (c,h) Hauch, Michael (h) Hawkins, William (re) Heide, George (h) Heinzman, Samuel (c) Hill, Edward (c) Hodgson & Nicholson (h) Hoffman, George (h) HofTraran, Jacob (re) Hollingsworth, Samuel (2h) Hollingsworth, Tho[ma]s (fwc) Hollins, John (h) Holmes, John (fwc) Hughes, Christopher (3c, h) Hughes, Daniel (c) Hultz, Matthew (h) Hussey, Nathan (2h) Ireland, Edward (fwc) Jackson, Anthony (c) Jackson, William (re, bt) Jacobs, B. (c) Jacobs, Samuel, tailor (h) Jacobs, Tally (c) Jacobs, William (c, re, h) James, William (h) Jarvis, Orman (2c) Jeffery, James (h) Johannatt, Francis (h) Johns, Aquilla(rc) Johnson, Christopher (h) Johnson, Dr. Edward (h) Johnson, Edward, Jr. (h) Johnson, Dr. Thomas (h) Johnson, William (re) Jones, John (fwc) Jones, Richard (h) Jordan, William (2c) Kaminsky, Alexander (2h, bt, tavern license) Kean, Ja[me]s (c) Kear, James (2c) Kell, Thomas (h) Keller, Paul (c) Kelseimer, T. (c) Kelso, J[oh]n & George (c) Kerr, Thomas, brewer (h) King, Benjamin (h) King, John (c) King, William (c) Kirby, William (h) Kitting, Theophilus (c) Laney, M. (c, h) Lattimore, Randolph (fwc, c) Lauderman, Henry (c) Lee, John (c) Lee, Michaele(2h) Levering, Peter (h) Levey, F. Jacob (h) Lindenberger, George (h) Littlejohn, Dr. Miles (h) Long, Samuel (fwc) Lorman, William (h) McCannan, James (re) McCarty, William (h) McCausland, Marcus (c, 3rh) McClain, Roger (c) McCormick, James, Jr.(h) McDawell, Thomas (c) McDonack, John (3c) McDonnall, Alexander (h) McMechen, David (h) McMechen, William (h) Maegn, Marcus (c) Mancer, George (c) Marston, David (h) Marten, John (c) Massey, Joseph (h) Matthews, George (h) Mercer, J. Benjamin BRG4-1-1
Details1799-1800 BCA 81-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Alphabetical by surnameBRG4-1-2
Details1801-1803 BCA 81-2 (Scanned), BCA 82-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Alphabetical by surname.BRG4-1-3
Details1804-1808 BCA 82-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. Alphabetical by surname.BRG4-1-4
Details1809-1812 BCA 83-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Alphabetical by surname.BRG4-1-5
Details1812 BCA 83-2 (Scanned)Tax BookBRG4-1-6
Details1813  Tax Book. Alphabetical list of owners or persons chargeable with the assessment of property in Baltimore City. with amount of each person's assessed property annexed to his name.  BRG4-1-7
Details1813  Tax Book. Alphabetical list of owners or persons chargeable with the assessment of property in Baltimore City. with amount of each person's assessed property annexed to his name.  BRG4-1-8
Details1813  Tax Book. Alphabetical list of owners or persons chargeable with the assessment of property in Baltimore City. with amount of each person's assessed property annexed to his name.  BRG4-1-9
Details1815  Tax Book BRG4-1-10
Details1818 BCA 84-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Wards 1-5. Preceded by an index (surname and ward)BRG4-1-11
Details1818 BCA 84-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. Wards 9-11. Preceded by an index (surname and ward)BRG4-1-12
Details1818  Tax Book. Wards 1-5. Copy 2 BRG4-1-13
Details1822 BCA 85-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Upper District, A-ZBRG4-1-14
Details1822 BCA 85-2 (Scanned), BCA 86-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Lower District, A-ZBRG4-1-15
Details18222BCA 86-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. I-QBRG4-1-16
Details18241BCA 87-1 (Scanned), BCA 111-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. A-ZBRG4-1-17
Details18242 Tax Book. A-ZBRG4-1-18
Details18243BCA 111-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. A-ZBRG4-1-19
Details18251BCA 87-2 (Scanned), BCA 111-2 (Scanned)Upper District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surname.BRG4-1-20
Details18251BCA 112-1 (Scanned)Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surname.BRG4-1-21
Details18252BCA 112-2 (Scanned)Middle District, A-T. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surname.BRG4-1-22
Details18253BCA 135-1 (Scanned)Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surname.BRG4-1-23
Details1825 BCA 135-2 (Scanned)Lower District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-24
Details1826 BCA 136-1 (Scanned)Upper District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surname.BRG4-1-25
Details18261BCA 136-2 (Scanned)Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-26
Details18262BCA 137-1 (Scanned)Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-27
Details1826 BCA 137-2 (Scanned)Lower District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-28
Details1827 BCA 138-1 (Scanned)Upper District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-29
Details1827 BCA 138-2 (Scanned)Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-30
Details1827 BCA 139-1 (Scanned)Lower District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-31
Details1828 BCA 139-2 (Scanned), BCA 140-1 (Scanned)Upper District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-32
Details1828  Middle District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-33
Details1828 BCA 140-2 (Scanned), BCA 141-1 (Scanned)Lower District, A-Z. Loose alphabetical arrangement by surnameBRG4-1-34
Details1829  Upper DistrictBRG4-1-35
Details1829 BCA 141-2 (Scanned), BCA 142-1 (Scanned)Middle DistrictBRG4-1-36
Details1829  Lower DistrictBRG4-1-37
Details1830 BCA 142-2 (Scanned), BCA 143-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Upper DistrictBRG4-1-38
Details1830 BCA 143-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. Middle DistrictBRG4-1-39
Details1830 BCA 144-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Lower DistrictBRG4-1-40
Details1831 BCA 144-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. Upper DistrictBRG4-1-41
Details1831 BCA 144-3 (Scanned), BCA 145-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Middle DistrictBRG4-1-42
Details1831  Lower DistrictBRG4-1-43
Details1832 BCA 145-2 (Scanned), BCA 146-1 (Scanned)Upper DistrictBRG4-1-44
Details1832  Middle DistrictBRG4-1-45
Details1832 BCA 146-2 (Scanned), BCA 147-1 (Scanned)Lower DistrictBRG4-1-46
Details1833  Southwestern DistrictBRG4-1-47
Details1833 BCA 147-2 (Scanned), BCA 151-1 (Scanned)Northwestern DistrictBRG4-1-48
Details1833  Northern DistrictBRG4-1-49
Details1834 BCA 151-1 (Scanned)1st DistrictBRG4-1-50
Details18341BCA 152-1 (Scanned)2nd DistrictBRG4-1-51
Details18342BCA 152-2 (Scanned)2nd DistrictBRG4-1-52
Details1834 BCA 153-1 (Scanned)3rd DistrictBRG4-1-53
Details1835 BCA 153-2 (Scanned)1st DistrictBRG4-1-54
Details18351BCA 154-1 (Scanned)3rd DistrictBRG4-1-55
Details18352BCA 154-1 (Scanned)3rd District BRG4-1-56
Details1838-1839 BCA 154-2 (Scanned)Index to unidentified volumes. Includes name, page reference, description of property, assessments, and abatementsBRG4-1-57
Details18411BCA 155-1 (Scanned) BRG4-1-58
Details18412BCA 155-2 (Scanned) BRG4-1-59
Details18413BCA 155-3 (Scanned), BCA 156-1 (Scanned) BRG4-1-60
Details18414BCA 156-2 (Scanned) BRG4-1-61
Details18415BCA 156-3 (Scanned), BCA 157-1 (Scanned) BRG4-1-62
Details18416BCA 157-2 (Scanned) BRG4-1-63
Details18417BCA 157-3 (Scanned), BCA 158-1 (Scanned) BRG4-1-64
Details18421BCA 158-1 (Scanned)Ledger 1 (A-Z) strict alpha by surnameBRG4-1-65
Details18422BCA 159-1 (Scanned)Ledger 2 (A-Z) strict alpha by surname BRG4-1-66
Details18423BCA 159-2 (Scanned), BCA 160-1 (Scanned)Ledger 3 (A-Z) strict alpha by surnameBRG4-1-67
Details18424BCA 160-2 (Scanned)Ledger 4 (A-Z) strict alpha by surnameBRG4-1-68
Details18425 BCA 160-3 (Scanned), BCA 161-1 (Scanned)Ledger 5 (A-Z) strict alpha by surnameBRG4-1-69
Details18426BCA 161-2 (Scanned)Ledger 6 (A-Z) strict alpha by surnameBRG4-1-70
Details18431BCA 162-1 (Scanned)Tax Book. Arranged alphbeticallyBRG4-1-71
Details18432BCA 162-2 (Scanned)Tax Book. Arranged alphabeticallyBRG4-1-72
Details1843 BCA 164 (Scanned)Wards 1-12 (Districts 1-6) each district preceded by an indexBRG4-1-73
Details18491BCA 165-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, A-ZBRG4-1-74
Details18561BCA 165-2 (Scanned), BCA 166-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, A-CBRG4-1-75
Details18562BCA 166-2 (Scanned), BCA 167-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, C-GBRG4-1-76
Details18563BCA 167-2 (Scanned), BCA 168-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, G-KBRG4-1-77
Details18564BCA 168-2 (Scanned), BCA 169-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, L-OBRG4-1-78
Details18565BCA 169-2 (Scanned), BCA 170-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, P-SBRG4-1-79
Details18566BCA 170-2 (Scanned), BCA 171-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Arranged alphabetically, S-ZBRG4-1-80
Details18567BCA 171-2 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. Investments in stocks, bonds and securitiesBRG4-1-81
 Details1858 BCA 172 (Scanned), BCA 175-1 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book. BRG4-1-82
 Details1859 BCA 175-2 (Scanned), BCA 176 (Scanned)General Property Tax BookBRG4-1-83
 Details1861 BCA 374 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Sarah Abbes to T. Cummings)BRG4-1-84
 Details1861 BCA 375 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Eugene Cuminsky to Mrs. Susan Henderson)BRG4-1-85
 Details1861 BCA 376 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Miss Susan Henderson to William Moreland)BRG4-1-86
 Details1861 BCA 377 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Henry M. Morfit to Robert Sears)BRG4-1-87
 Details1861 BCA 378 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Claus Sears to Henry Wiesenberg)BRG4-1-88
 Details1861 BCA 379 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Henry Wiesenberg to Z)BRG4-1-89
 Details1866 BCA 379 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (A to B.T. Cator)BRG4-1-90
 Details1866 BCA 380 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (John L. Cator to Anna Gallagher)BRG4-1-91
 Details1866 BCA 381 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Anthony Gallagher to J. Paul Jones)BRG4-1-92
 Details1866 BCA 382 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (John M. Jones to Thomas McNew)BRG4-1-93
 Details1866 BCA 383 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (David McKnein to Charles Snyder)BRG4-1-94
 Details1866 BCA 384 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Don. Snyder to Z)BRG4-1-95
 Details1867 BCA 384 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (A to Louis Altvater)BRG4-1-96
 Details1867 BCA 385 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Frederick Apron to Denson & Collins)BRG4-1-97
 Details1867 BCA 386 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Owen Denny to Magdeline Gulismar)BRG4-1-98
 Details1876 BCA 387 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (Betsy Aaron to George A. Brown)BRG4-1-99
 Details1876 BCA 388 (Scanned)General Property Tax Book (George A. Brown to Benjamin Dennis)BRG4-1-100
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