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(Baltimore City Property Tax Records)
Baltimore City Assessor Tax Records

Series Description
These are the intermediate records completed by the field assessors for taxation purposes which are arranged internally by streets and contain generally the same information as the tax books (RG. 4, Series 1). The main difference is that internal arrangement and field assessors' records often contain modifications and corrections. These records were probably maintained by the Commissioners of Tax for Baltimore City, appointed for periodic reassessments. The creation of the Appeal Tax Court (RG.5) in 1841 (and its successor the Department of Assessments in 1934) mainatianed similar volumes. The records of the Appeal Tax Court are different in that they are the rough workbooks carried into the field by the assessors (RG.5, Series 2). The records listed below are apparently the final copies of these workbooks, including changes and a partial listing of alphabetical name indexes. The tax books (RG.4, series 1) are the final records based on the work of the field assessors and reviewed by the various bodies authorized to do so. Researchers should plan to examine all three record series for research into the general property taxation system of Baltimore. Nearly all the volumes listed below contain alphabetical name indexes. Other variations have been noted where appropriate. These records are restricted to microfilm; the BCA number following the description is the microfilm reel number.

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksMSA Citation
 Details1800BCA 195Districts 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5BRG4-2-1
 Details1806, 1808 Internally arranged by yearBRG4-2-2
 Details1808-1810BCA 195Information overlaps with volumes for 1806, 1808 and 1811BRG4-2-3
 Details1811BCA 195  BRG4-2-4
 Details1813BCA 195City-wideBRG4-2-5
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 1 BRG4-2-6
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 2BRG4-2-7
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 3 BRG4-2-8
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 4 BRG4-2-9
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 5 BRG4-2-10
 Details1813BCA 195Ward 6 BRG4-2-11
 Details1816BCA 1961st District (Wards 1-3), 2nd District (Wards 3-5) and 3rd DistrictBRG4-2-12
 Details1816-1817BCA 196 BRG4-2-13
 Details1817BCA 196Wards 9-11BRG4-2-14
 Details1817-1818BCA 196 BRG4-2-15
 Details1818BCA 196Ward 6-8BRG4-2-16
 Details1818BCA 196Ward 7-9BRG4-2-17
 Details1818-1819BCA 197 BRG4-2-18
 Details1819BCA 197Contains special listing for Wards 9-11BRG4-2-19
 Details1820-1821BCA 197Wards 9-11BRG4-2-20
 Details1821-1822BCA 221 (Scanned)Wards 9-11BRG4-2-21
 Details1823BCA 221 (Scanned)Ward 1-3BRG4-2-22
 Details1823BCA 221 (Scanned)Wards 4-6BRG4-2-23
 Details1823BCA 222 (Scanned)Wards 7, 8, 9BRG4-2-24
 Details1823BCA 222 (Scanned)Ward 10BRG4-2-25
 Details1823BCA 222 (Scanned)Ward 10-12BRG4-2-26
 Details1824BCA 222 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-27
 Details1824BCA 222 (Scanned)Ward 6BRG4-2-28
 Details1824BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 7BRG4-2-29
 Details1824BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 8BRG4-2-30
 Details1827BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-31
 Details1836BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 1BRG4-2-32
 Details1836BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 3BRG4-2-33
 Details1837BCA 223 (Scanned)Ward 4BRG4-2-34
 Details1837BCA 226 (Scanned)Ward 5BRG4-2-35
 Details1837BCA 226 (Scanned)Ward 7BRG4-2-36
 Details1837BCA 226 (Scanned)Ward 8BRG4-2-37
 Details1837BCA 226 (Scanned)Ward 9BRG4-2-38
 Details1837-1938BCA 226 (Scanned)Wards 10BRG4-2-39
 Details1838BCA 226 (Scanned)Wards 11BRG4-2-40
 Details1839BCA 227 (Scanned)Wards 3-4BRG4-2-41
 Details1839BCA 227 (Scanned)Ward 7-8BRG4-2-42
 Details1839BCA 227 (Scanned)Ward 9-10BRG4-2-43
 Details1839BCA 227 (Scanned)Ward 11-12BRG4-2-44
 Details1839BCA 227 (Scanned)Ward CitywideBRG4-2-45
 Details1840 Wards 1-12BRG4-2-46
 Details1841BCA 227 (Scanned)Wards 1-6BRG4-2-47
 Details1841BCA 228 (Scanned)Wards 5BRG4-2-48
 Details1841BCA 229 (Scanned)Ward 7BRG4-2-49
 Details1841BCA 229 (Scanned)Ward 9BRG4-2-50
 Details1841BCA 229 (Scanned)Ward 12BRG4-2-51
 Details1841   BRG4-2-52
 Details1841   BRG4-2-53
 Details1841   BRG4-2-54
 Details1843BCA 229 (Scanned)Wards 1-12BRG4-2-55
 Details1844BCA 913 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-56
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 1BRG4-2-57
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-58
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 3BRG4-2-59
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 4BRG4-2-60
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 5BRG4-2-61
 Details1846-1852BCA 231 (Scanned)Ward 6BRG4-2-62
 Details1846-1852BCA 242 (Scanned)Ward 7BRG4-2-63
 Details1846-1852BCA 242 (Scanned)Ward 8BRG4-2-64
 Details1846-1852BCA 242 (Scanned)Ward 9BRG4-2-65
 Details1846-1852BCA 242 (Scanned)Ward 10BRG4-2-66
 Details1846-1852BCA 242 (Scanned)Ward 11BRG4-2-67
 Details1846-1852BCA 244 (Scanned)Ward 12BRG4-2-68
 Details1846-1852BCA 244 (Scanned)Ward 13BRG4-2-69
 Details1846-1852BCA 244 (Scanned)Ward 14BRG4-2-70
 Details1846-1852BCA 244 (Scanned)Ward 15BRG4-2-71
 Details1846-1852BCA 244 (Scanned)Ward 16BRG4-2-72
 Details1846-1852BCA 245 (Scanned)Ward 17BRG4-2-73
 Details1846-1852BCA 245 (Scanned)Ward 18BRG4-2-74
 Details1846-1852BCA 245 (Scanned)Ward 19BRG4-2-75
 Details1846-1852BCA 245 (Scanned)Ward 20BRG4-2-76
 Details1852-1858BCA 246 (Scanned)Ward 1BRG4-2-77
 Details1852-1858BCA 246 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-78
 Details1852-1858BCA 246 (Scanned)Ward 3BRG4-2-79
 Details1852-1858BCA 246 (Scanned)Ward 4BRG4-2-80
 Details1852-1858BCA 246 (Scanned)Ward 5BRG4-2-81
 Details1852-1858BCA 366 (Scanned)Ward 6BRG4-2-82
 Details1852-1858BCA 366 (Scanned)Ward 7BRG4-2-83
 Details1852-1858BCA 366 (Scanned)Ward 8BRG4-2-84
 Details1852-1858BCA 366 (Scanned)Ward 9BRG4-2-85
 Details1852-1858BCA 366 (Scanned)Ward 10BRG4-2-86
 Details1852-1858BCA 367 (Scanned)Ward 12BRG4-2-87
 Details1852-1858BCA 367 (Scanned)Ward 13BRG4-2-88
 Details1852-1858BCA 367 (Scanned)Ward 14BRG4-2-89
 Details1852-1858BCA 367 (Scanned)Ward 15BRG4-2-90
 Details1852-1858BCA 367 (Scanned)Ward 16BRG4-2-91
 Details1852-1858BCA 368 (Scanned)Ward 17BRG4-2-92
 Details1852-1858BCA 368 (Scanned)Ward 18BRG4-2-93
 Details1852-1858BCA 368 (Scanned)Ward 19BRG4-2-94
 Details1852-1858BCA 369 (Scanned)Ward 20BRG4-2-95
 Details1857-1867BCA 369 (Scanned)Ward 20BRG4-2-96
 Details1857BCA 369 (Scanned)Ward 4. Additional references to 1867 BRG4-2-97
 Details1858-1867BCA 369 (Scanned)Ward 1BRG4-2-98
 Details1858-1867BCA 369 (Scanned)Ward 2BRG4-2-99
 Details1858-1867BCA 369 (Scanned), BCA 370 (Scanned)Ward 3BRG4-2-100
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