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Contains primarily patents, certificates of survey, and some warrants of survey. Early entries also include probate records and records pertaining to indentured servants. Patents are documents granting ownership rights to some previously unpatented property. It has the nature of a deed and contains a description of the property and conditions of tenure. Warrants were precepts issued to a surveyor who in turn generated certificates of survey which are official descriptions of plots of land. For 1637-1853 also available on microfilm, [MSA SM2], 87 reels. Indexed by MARYLAND INDEXES, Patents, Index series [MSA S1426]. Partially described in: Land Office and Prerogative Court Records of Colonial Maryland, (Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1946), pp. 13-25. Partially described in: Early Settlers of Maryland, (Baltimore: Genealogical Publishing Company, 1979), pp. vii-xi.

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1679-1681 WC 2  01/23/01/00117331S11-1
 Details1634-1658 1, pp. 1-161, transcript of F, pp. 162-640, transcript of B. Photostat. Partially transcribed in the Archives of Maryland Online series.Archives of Maryland Online Volume 101/23/01/00217332-2S11-2
 Details1637-1651 2, pp. 1-190, transcript of Z, pp. 191-626, transcript of A. Photostat.Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4 01/23/01/00317333-2S11-3
 Details1647-1658 3, transcript of A & B. Photostat. Partially transcribed. Referenced as "Liber B #3"Archives of Maryland Online Volume 1 01/23/01/00417334-2S11-4
 Details1646-1657 AB & H, pp. 1-57, transcript of A, pp. 57-104, transcript of F, pp. 105-436, transcript of H, p. 437, excerpt of L. Photostat  01/23/01/00517335-2S11-5
 Details1658 Q, transcript. Photostat  01/23/01/00617336-3S11-6
 Details1659-1663 4, pp. 1-540, transcript of R, pp. 541-627, transcript of X. Photostat  01/23/01/00717337-2S11-7
 Details1661-1664 5, transcript of X and AA. Photostat [note: pp.401-440 are found misbound between pp. 480-481]  01/23/01/00817338-2S11-8
 Details1663-1664 6, transcript of AA. Photostat  01/23/01/00917339-2S11-9
 Details1664-1665 7, transcript of CC. Photostat  01/23/01/01017340-2S11-10
 Details1664-1665 8, transcript of DD and CC. Photostat  01/23/01/01117341-2S11-11
 Details1665-1666 9, transcript of EE. Photostat  01/23/01/01217342-2S11-12
 Details1666-1668 10, pp. 1-320, transcript of FF and GG, pp. 321-640, transcript of FF and GG. Photostat  01/23/01/01317343-3S11-13
 Details1667-1668 11, transcript of GG. Photostat  01/23/01/01517344-2S11-14
 Details1668-1671 12, transcript of HH and JJ. Photostat  01/23/01/01617345-2S11-15
 Details1668-1671 13, transcript of JJ. Photostat  01/23/01/01717346-2S11-16
 Details1669-1672 14, transcript of KK. Photostat  01/23/01/01817347-2S11-17
 Details1673-1679SR 4327 (Scanned)15, i, pp. 1-344, transcript of LL. Do not circulate. Use SR 4327  01/23/01/01917348S11-18
 Details1673-1679SR 4327 (Scanned)15, pp. 344-614, transcript of LL. Do not circulate. Use SR 4327  01/23/01/02017349S11-19
 Details1670-1673 16, transcript of WT  01/23/01/02117350S11-20
 Details1670-1675 17, transcript of WT and MM. Photostat  01/23/01/02217351-2S11-21
 Details1672-1675 18, transcript of MM. Photostat  01/23/01/02317352-2S11-22
 Details1675-1680 19, transcript of WC. Photostat  01/23/01/02417353-2S11-23
 Details1675-1680 20, transcript of WC. Photostat  01/23/01/02517354-2S11-24
 Details1679-1683 21, transcript of WC 3 and WC 5. Photostat  01/23/01/02617355-2S11-25
 Details1682-1688 22, transcript of SD A and SD B. Photostat  01/23/01/02717356-2S11-26
 Details1694-1695 23, transcript of B 2. Photostat  01/23/01/02817357-2S11-27
 Details1694-1695 B 23, i, transcript of B 2  01/23/01/02917358S11-28
 Details1680-1681 CB 2  01/23/01/03017359S11-29
 Details1681-1684 CB 3  01/23/01/03117360S11-30
 Details1705 IB & IL C, p. 1a   01/23/01/03217361-1S11-31
 Details1684-1688 IB & IL C, pp. 1-337  01/23/01/03217361-2S11-32
 Details1700 IB & IL C, pp. 337-404  01/23/01/03217361-3S11-33
 Details1683-1684 SD A  01/23/01/03317362S11-34
 Details1684-1686 NS B, pp. 1-457  01/23/01/03417363-1S11-35
 Details1686-1689 NS B, pp. 458-718  01/23/01/03517363-2S11-36
 Details1685-1688 NS 2  01/23/01/03617364S11-37
 Details1689 WD, pp. 1-57  01/23/01/03717365-1S11-38
 Details1695-1706 WD, pp. 58-535  01/23/01/03717365-2S11-39
 Details1685-1689 DS F, pp. 1-354  01/23/01/03817366-1S11-40
 Details1702-1704 DS F, pp. 357-543  01/23/01/03817366-2S11-41
 Details1694-1698 BB B3  01/23/01/03917367S11-42
 Details1695-1700 CC 4  01/23/01/04017368S11-43
 Details1698-1707 CD, i, transcript of CD 4. Photostat  01/23/01/04117369-2S11-44
 Details1695-1696 C 3, i, transcript  01/23/01/04217370S11-45
 Details1700-1707 DD 5, pp. 1-458  01/23/01/04317371S11-46
 Details1707-1713 DD 5, pp. 459-845  01/23/01/04417372S11-47
 Details1713-1716 EE 6  01/23/01/04517373S11-48
 Details1716-1722 FF 7  01/23/02/00117374S11-49
 Details1706-1708 PL 2  01/23/02/00217375S11-50
 Details1708-1714 PL 3, i. Photostat  01/23/02/00317376-2S11-51
 Details1710, 1715-1721 PL 4  01/23/02/00417377S11-52
 Details1722-1723 PL 5, pp. 1-460  01/23/02/00517378-1S11-53
 Details1723-1726 PL 5, pp. 461-853  01/23/02/00617378-2S11-54
 Details1724-1728 PL 6. Photostat  01/23/02/00717379-1S11-55
 Details1727-1728 PL 7, pp. 1-330  01/23/02/00917380-1S11-56
 Details1728 PL 7, pp. 331-640  01/23/02/01017380-2S11-57
 Details1730-1732 PL 8, pp. 1-528  01/23/02/01117381-1S11-58
 Details1732-1734 PL 8, pp. 529-838  01/23/02/01217381-2S11-59
 Details1710-1718 RY 1  01/23/02/01317382S11-60
 Details1714-1722 CE 1  01/23/02/01417383S11-61
 Details1716-1722 IL A, pp. 1-569  01/23/02/01517384-1S11-62
 Details1722-1728 IL A, pp. 570-870  01/23/02/01617384-2S11-63
 Details1723-1731 IL B  01/23/02/01717385S11-64
 Details1726-1735 AM 1  01/23/02/01817386S11-65
 Details1732-1734 EI 1  01/23/02/01917387S11-66
 Details1734-1739 EI 2  01/23/02/02017388S11-67
 Details1730-1737 EI 3  01/23/02/02117389S11-68
 Details1734-1740 EI 4  01/23/02/02217390S11-69
 Details1734-1741 EI 5  01/23/02/02317391S11-70
 Details1737-1744 EI 6. Photostat  01/23/02/02417392-3S11-71
 Details1737-1744 EI 6. Photostat  01/23/02/02517392-4S11-72
 Details1739-1744 LG B  01/23/02/02617393S11-73
 Details1739-1747 LG C  01/23/02/02717394S11-74
 Details1741-1745 LG E, pp. 1-361  01/23/02/02817395-1S11-75
 Details1741-1745 LG E, pp. 362-748  01/23/02/02917395-2S11-76
 Details1743-1747 PT 1, i. transcript  01/23/02/03017396S11-77
 Details1742-1746 PT 2  01/23/02/03117397S11-78
 Details1745-1748 BT & BY 3  01/23/02/03217398S11-79
 Details1743-1748 TI 1  01/23/02/03317399S11-80
 Details1746-1749 TI 3  01/23/02/03417400S11-81
 Details1746-1749 TI 4, pp. 1-361  01/23/02/03517401-1S11-82
 Details1749-1752 TI 4, pp. 362-743  01/23/02/03617401-2S11-83
 Details1746-1750 BY & GS 1. Photostat  01/23/02/03717402-3S11-84
 Details1747-1751 BY & GS 2  01/23/02/03917403S11-85
 Details1748-1750 BY & GS 3, pp. 1-347  01/23/02/04017404-1S11-86
 Details1750-1762 BY & GS 3, pp. 348-731  01/23/02/04117404-2S11-87
 Details1748-1752 BY & GS 4, pp. 1-354  01/23/02/04217405-1S11-88
 Details1752-1754 BY & GS 4, pp. 355-707  01/23/02/04317405-2S11-89
 Details1748-1752 BY & GS 5. Photostat  01/23/02/04417406-3S11-90
 Details1752-1755 Y & S 6  01/23/02/04517407S11-91
 Details1751-1753 Y & S 7  01/23/03/00117408S11-92
 Details1752-1753 Y & S 8, pp. 1-358  01/23/03/00217409-1S11-93
 Details1753-1754 Y & S 8, pp. 359-723  01/23/03/00317409-2S11-94
 Details1748-1753 GS 1  01/23/03/00417410S11-95
 Details1753-1755 GS 2  01/23/03/00517411S11-96
 Details1751-1756 BC & GS 1  01/23/03/00617412S11-97
 Details1753-1756 BC & GS 2  01/23/03/00717413S11-98
 Details1753-1760 BC & GS 3  01/23/03/00817414S11-99
 Details1753-1755 BC & GS 4  01/23/03/00917415S11-100
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