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(Certificates, Patented, Allegany)

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Certificates of survey and plats for tracts of land, filed with the Land Office, for which patents were eventually issued. A certificate of survey is an official description of a plot of land. The Land Office issued warrants of survey to the county surveyor who then generated certificates of survey. Arranged numerically by certificate number. Indexed by (Certificates and Petitions, Index) in series S25. The Archives has created an electronic finding aid from the index in (Patents, AL, Tract Index) in series S1580, to be supplemented by information from the records themselves. The Land Office received no certificates for patentable land in Allegany County between 1959 and 1967. For records after 1967, see (Warrants) in series S1285. The series consists of 1,133 folders, each containing an average of 5 pages of text and plats.

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LAND OFFICE (Certificates, Patented, Oversize, Allegany) S1924,

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DatePlatDescriptionLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1799/08/28Patented Certificate 773Elk Gardens, Col. Francis Deakins and William Deakins, 5421 Acres01/26/03/00140002-1/75S1188-1
 Details1796/09/05Patented Certificate 1293Staddert, Benjamin; Landing, 3 1/4 Acres01/25/01/01840002-76/150S1188-2
 Details1792-1959 151-225 01/25/01/00340002-151/225S1188-3
 Details1855/08/04Patented Certificate 2341Chisholm, James; River Side, 342 7/16 Acres01/25/01/03240002-226/300S1188-4
 Details1845/11/17Patented Certificate 2342Jinkins, Benjamin; Riverton, 66 1/4 Acres01/25/01/03240002-301/375S1188-5
 Details1837/06/20Patented Certificate 2915Hayes, John; Waterpower, 4 4/8 Acres01/25/01/03940002-376/450S1188-6
 Details1792-1959 451-525 01/25/01/00740002-451/525S1188-7
 Details1800/12/24Patented Certificate 2127Swan, Gen. John; Potomack Manor, 10794 3/4 Acres01/25/01/02940002-526/600S1188-8
 Details1791Patented Certificate 2234Resurvey on Colliers Discovery, 434 Acres01/26/03/00540002-601/675S1188-9
 Details1796/12/07Patented Certificate 2354Robeys Delight, Gustavus Scott, 421 Acres01/25/01/03240002-676/750S1188-10
 Details1859/11/08Patented Certificate 2992William and James, James B. Powell, 40 Acres01/25/01/04040002-751/825S1188-11
 Details1840/01/01Patented Certificate 818Fairfax, George Templeman and J. W. McCulloh, 1059 5/8 Acres01/25/01/01140002-826/900S1188-12
 Details1795/06/16Patented Certificate 2523Smiths Farm, Alexander Smith, 786 Acres01/25/01/03440002-901/975S1188-13
 Details1841/05/10Patented Certificate 579Corunna, George Templeman and David Stewart, 222 3/16 Acres01/25/01/00840002-976/1050S1188-14
 Details1796/06/06Patented Certificate 1863Mount Pisgah, Benjamin Stoddert, 470 Acres01/25/01/02540002-1051/1125S1188-15
 Details1795/07/15Patented Certificate 1862Mount Pisgah, Mary Ayres and William Ayres, 150 Acres01/25/01/02540002-1126/1200S1188-16
 Details1850/09/06Patented Certificate 3026Winston, W. W. Seaton, 1452 3/8 Acres01/26/03/00640002-1201/1275S1188-17
 Details1858/09/21Patented Certificate 2550Sportsmens Valley, Thomas Deveamon, 257 1/4 Acres01/25/01/03440002-1276/1350S1188-18
 Details1825/02/01Patented Certificate 1Aarons Lott, John Brant, 52 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1351/1425S1188-19
 Details1866/10/27Patented Certificate 2Abbey, Jesper Cheany, 10 3/4 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1426/1500S1188-20
 Details1801/05/25Patented Certificate 3Abednegoes Choice, John Twigg, 50 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1501/1575S1188-21
 Details1839/05/23Patented Certificate 4Aboukir, John Hoye, 64 3/4 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1576/1650S1188-22
 Details1801/12/26Patented Certificate 5Abrahams Habitation, Abraham Power, 9 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1651/1725S1188-23
 Details1791/10/11Patented Certificate 6Abrahams Mount, Edward Grymes, 318 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1726/1800S1188-24
 Details1850/02/04Patented Certificate 7Accident, Thomas Wright, 4 1/3 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1801/1875S1188-25
 Details1801/02/21Patented Certificate 8Accident, Jacob Markley, 50 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1876/1950S1188-26
 Details1844/02/26Patented Certificate 9Acomac, Daniel McLaughlin, et al, 242 7/16 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1951/2025S1188-27
 Details1835/09/25Patented Certificate 10Acords Addition, Mathew St. Clair Clarke, 4 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2026/2100S1188-28
 Details1833/05/27Patented Certificate 11Adams, Thomas Porter, 8 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2101/2175S1188-29
 Details1805/10/10Patented Certificate 12Adams Chance, James Morrison and Adam Segler, 185 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2176/2250S1188-30
 Details1840/06/02Patented Certificate 13Adams Choice, Alpheus H. Gross, 28 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2251/2325S1188-31
 Details1840/06/03Patented Certificate 14Adams Pleasure, Alpheus H. Gross, 155 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2326/2400S1188-32
 Details1815/01/16Patented Certificate 15Adams Vale, Adam Hoover, 234 1/8 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2401/2475S1188-33
 Details1815/01/27Patented Certificate 16Addition, James Morrison, 300 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2476/2550AS1188-34
 Details1811/10/28Patented Certificate 17Addition, James D. Goff, 469 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2551/2625S1188-35
 Details1808/08/20Patented Certificate 18Addition, Jerard Dannison, 64 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2626/2700S1188-36
 Details1804/05/14Patented Certificate 19Addition, Jacob Kontz, 53 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2701/2775S1188-37
 Details1816/07/16Patented Certificate 20Addition, Upton Bruce, 38 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2776/2850AS1188-38
 Details1799/01/05Patented Certificate 21Addition, Jesse Tomlinson, 112 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2851/2925S1188-39
 Details1839/05/28Patented Certificate 22Addition, Benjamin G. Vaughn, 155 7/8 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2926/3000S1188-40
 Details1794/05/10Patented Certificate 23Addition, Joseph Mounts, Sr., 31 Acres01/25/01/00140002-3001/3073S1188-41
 Details1792/05/11Patented Certificate 24Addition, William House, 13 Acres01/25/01/00140002-152/783S1188-42
 Details1851/02/25Patented Certificate 25Addition, David Hubbard, 322 3/4 Acres01/25/01/00040002-392S1188-43
 Details1841/08/24Patented Certificate 26Addition, The Clifton Coal Company, 1 1/2 Acres01/25/01/00140002-800/1063S1188-44
 Details1834/04/22Patented Certificate 27Addition, Elijah Roboron, 16 1/4 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1069/1741S1188-45
 Details1839/12/20Patented Certificate 28Addition, Charles Purl, et al, 962 Acres01/25/01/00140002-1762/2231S1188-46
 Details1826/11/17Patented Certificate 29Addition, William Reed, 26 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2232/2604S1188-47
 Details1851/07/17Patented Certificate 30Additional. Meshac Frost, 7 Acres01/25/01/00140002-2612/3063S1188-48
 Details11/10/1804Patented Certificate 31Addition To Adams Folly, Thomas Beall, 16 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-49
 Details07/23/1796Patented Certificate 32Addition To Ayres Caution, Moses Ayres, 537 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-50
 Details02/19/1838Patented Certificate 33Addition To Bealls New Discovery, Alpheus B. Beall, 28 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-51
 Details09/19/1871Patented Certificate 34Addition To Britton, James M. Mathews, 238 3/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-52
 Details04/26/1854Patented Certificate 35Addition To Buseys Farm, Edward Busey, 14 7/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-53
 Details02/17/1830Patented Certificate 36Addition To Carrolls Will, Robert Wason, 28 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-54
 Details04/15/1818Patented Certificate 37Addition To Chance, Paul Busey, 220 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-55
 Details06/01/1866Patented Certificate 38Addition To Clearout, Isaac Cheney, 8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-56
 Details11/24/1854Patented Certificate 39Addition To Clementon, John Fika, 74 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-57
 Details03/03/1927Patented Certificate 39AAddition To Compromise, Laing Land Company, Inc., 38 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-58
 Details05/18/1836Patented Certificate 40Addition To Cookes Venture, Henry M. Pettit, 21 3/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-59
 Details12/23/1816Patented Certificate 41Addition To Darkeys Fancy, Luther Martin, Jr. and Robert Martin, 70 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-60
 Details05/27/1869Patented Certificate 42Addition To Davids Discovery, Josiah Summers, 111 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-61
 Details03/08/1871Patented Certificate 43Addition To Deans Enlargement, William Dean, 263 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-62
 Details11/16/1796Patented Certificate 44Addition To Dear Lick, John Deakins, 88 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-63
 Details12/08/1818Patented Certificate 45Addition To Decived, Jeremiah Berry, 3 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-64
 Details06/24/1793Patented Certificate 46Addition To Deer Park, Maj. John Swann, 180 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-65
 Details09/16/1802Patented Certificate 47Addition To Deer Park, Sarah Gassaway, 76 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-66
 Details08/09/1821Patented Certificate 48Addition To Doe Lick, Christian Smith, 46 3/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-67
 Details06/03/1801Patented Certificate 49Addition To Drakes Choice, Thomas Beall, 35 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-68
 Details02/16/1850Patented Certificate 50Addition To Duckworths Farm, Benjamin B. Dawson, 10 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-69
 Details05/24/1791Patented Certificate 51Addition To Dumfries, Maj. John Swan, 132 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-70
 Details03/19/1869Patented Certificate 52Addition To Expected, Francis Drake, Sr., 7 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-71
 Details02/11/1828Patented Certificate 53Addition To Fat Pig, Leonard Schirchliff, 53 1/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-72
 Details01/03/1846Patented Certificate 54Addition To Fox Chase, Thomas Duke Beall, 34 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-73
 Details12/31/1838Patented Certificate 55Addition To Friendship, John Davis, 41 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-74
 Details05/04/1839Patented Certificate 56Addition To Germany, John King, et al, 104 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-75
 Details02/08/1821Patented Certificate 57Addition To Hay Stack, Joseph Cresap, 117 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-76
 Details08/25/1840Patented Certificate 58Addition To Head Spring, John North, 42 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-77
 Details03/22/1796Patented Certificate 59Addition To Hornets Nest, Thomas Beall, 57 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-78
 Details02/17/1874Patented Certificate 60Addition To Horse Pasture, John Hartley, 47 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-79
 Details05/09/1797Patented Certificate 61Addition To Hunting Ground, John Ritchie, 533 1/2 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-80
 Details12/21/1819Patented Certificate 62Addition To Johnsons Folly, Nathan Robinet, 49 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-81
 Details11/30/1808Patented Certificate 63Addition To Josephs Folly, Nathan Robinet, 36 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-82
 Details12/09/1806Patented Certificate 64Addition To Level Ridge, Archibald Arnald, 75 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-83
 Details05/21/1801Patented Certificate 65Addition To Lewmans Ramble, Bartholomew Lewman, 38 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-84
 Details01/02/1850Patented Certificate 66Addition To Locust Tree Bottom, John McHenry, 56 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-85
 Details05/07/1796Patented Certificate 67Addition To Long Level, John Jacob Bugh, 191 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-86
 Details06/10/1795Patented Certificate 68Addition To Lot 3360, Charles Ulh, 89 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-87
 Details02/15/1836Patented Certificate 69Addition To Manor, James Swan, 543 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-88
 Details10/04/1837Patented Certificate 70Addition To Mill Seat, Samuel Bowden, 32 3/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-89
 Details10/28/1835Patented Certificate 71Addition To Mill Seat, William Lynn and Jonathan W. Magruder, 109 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-90
 Details05/15/1828Patented Certificate 72Addition To Mill Seat, John Friend, 37 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-91
 Details05/17/1851Patented Certificate 73Addition To Mount Alto, Moses L. Robinett, 19 1/8 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-92
 Details08/23/1838Patented Certificate 74Addition To Mount Pleasant, Lewis Howell, 27 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-93
 Details04/10/1848Patented Certificate 75Addition To Mount Pleasant, Samuel T. Smith, 54 1/4 Acres01/25/01/001 S1188-94
 Details06/19/1797Patented Certificate 76Addition To Mount Pleasant, Dickerson Simpson, 343 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-95
 Details06/11/1831Patented Certificate 77Addition To Paradise, William R. Haye, 1472 4/8 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-96
 Details07/26/1869Patented Certificate 78Addition To Peach Orchard, Jacob Kerns, 90 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-97
 Details11/17/1826Patented Certificate 79Addition To Pleasant Hill, William Reed, 36 1/2 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-98
 Details05/04/1827Patented Certificate 80Addition To Pleasant Hills, Thomas Pratt, 422 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-99
 Details12/02/1863Patented Certificate 81Addition To Policy, John Johns, William Phillips, and James B. Thomas, 207 Acres01/25/01/002 S1188-100
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