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Requests for resurvey necessary to correct errors in the original survey. Arranged by county, then numerically. See also unprocessed Petitions series, 1728-1913, [MSA T4]. Indexed by Certificates and Petitions, Index series [MSA S25].

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DescriptionLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 DetailsAnne Arundel, 1-9201/25/01/08240048-1/92S26-1
 DetailsBaltimore, 1-9001/25/02/07740049-1/90S26-2
 DetailsBaltimore, 91-18301/25/02/07840049-91/183S26-3
 DetailsCalvert, 1-3901/25/02/08340050-1/39S26-4
 DetailsCecil, 1-6201/25/03/01540051-1/62S26-5
 DetailsCharles, 1-9801/25/03/03840052-1/98S26-6
 DetailsDorchester, 1-10301/25/04/00340053-1/103S26-7
 DetailsFrederick, 1-3401/25/05/00240054-1/34S26-8
 DetailsKent, 1-1501/25/05/03640055-1/15S26-9
 DetailsMontgomery01/25/05/047 S26-10
 DetailsPrince George's, 1-3401/26/01/02740056-1/34S26-11
 DetailsSt. Mary's, 1-7601/26/01/06340057-1/76S26-12
 DetailsSomerset, 1-11501/26/02/01040058-1/115S26-13
 DetailsTalbot, 1-6601/26/02/02340059-1/66S26-14
 DetailsWashington, 1-501/26/02/04250318-1/5S26-15
 DetailsBaltimore, 7, 75, 120; Calvert, 22; Charles, 33; Dorchester, 46, 51, 81; Frederick, 14, 18; Prince George's, 5, 21; St. Mary's, 68; Somerset, 15, 9001/30/01/032 S26-16
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