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(Judgment Record)

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Recorded proceedings in civil and criminal appeals. Also includes equity and estate appeals prior to 1806 and minutes for 1694-1780. Contains summaries of lower court proceedings, exhibits, and decisions of the Court of Appeals. Arranged chronologically by court term. Volume and page references provided through Docket series [MSA S412]. See also Judgment Record, Eastern Shore series [MSA S421] and Judgment Record, Western Shore series [MSA S420].

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DateBook NameDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1694-1729HD 1 Archives of Maryland Online Volume 77 01/66/10/062753S422-1
 Details1749-1758 MM 1, pp. 1-334  01/66/10/063783-1S422-2
 Details05/1782-10/1785 MM 1, pp. 339-356  01/66/10/063783-2S422-3
 Details05/1788TDM 1  01/66/10/064836S422-4
 Details05/1789TDM 2  01/66/10/065837S422-5
 Details06/1790TDM 3  01/66/10/066838S422-6
 Details06/1795BW 1  01/66/10/067839S422-7
 Details06/1795-06/1796BW 2  01/66/10/068840S422-8
 Details06/1796BW 5  01/66/10/069842S422-9
 Details11/1796-06/1797BW 4  01/66/10/070841S422-10
 Details1797-1803 BW 6A 01/66/10/071844S422-11
 Details1797-1803 BW 6, copy  01/66/10/072843S422-12
 Details1797-1799BW 7  01/66/10/073832S422-13
 Details1797-1799 BW 7, i, copy  01/66/11/001845S422-14
 Details1798-1801BW 8  01/66/11/002846S422-15
 Details06/1799-11/1799BW 9  01/66/11/003847S422-16
 Details1800-1802BW 10  01/66/11/004849S422-17
 Details1800-1802 BW 10A, i, copy  01/66/11/005850S422-18
 Details06/1801-11/1801   01/66/11/006848S422-19
 Details11/1802-11/1803 BW 01/66/11/007851S422-20
 Details11/1803-11/1804   01/66/11/008325S422-21
 Details12/1851-12/1854 RWG 6 & WAS 1 01/66/11/042360S422-22
 Details1854-1862WAS 2  01/66/11/043361S422-23
 Details1856-1861WAS 3  01/66/11/044362S422-24
 Details12/1862-04/1865GE 1  01/66/11/045363S422-25
 Details1865-1867GE 2  01/66/12/001364S422-26
 Details10/1867-10/1869JSF 1  01/66/12/002365S422-27
 Details04/1870-04/1873JSF 2  01/66/12/003366S422-28
 Details10/1873-10/1891SCJ 1  01/66/12/004367S422-29
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