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(Judgment Record)

Series Description
Records of civil and criminal cases. Entries include names of plaintiffs, defendants, and judge as well as the complaint, decision, and other legal documents. Arranged chronologically by court term. Most volumes indexed. Indexed by Ejectments, Index [MSA S550], Judgment Record, Index [MSA S543], MARYLAND INDEXES Judgment Record, Provincial Court, Index [MSA S1465], MARYLAND INDEXES Land Records, Provincial and State, Index [MSA S1466], and MARYLAND INDEXES Marriage Licenses and Record, Index [MSA S1397]. Naturalization records within the Judgement Record series are indexed in MARYLAND INDEXES Naturalizations, Provincial, Index 1634-1776 [MSA S1414]. Also available on microfilm, [MSA SM20], 37 reels. Records for 1658-1684 printed in Archives of Maryland.

Note: volume TG consists of two record series. The first is Criminal Records (MSA S 547-1) ending on page 121, the second part is Judgment Records (MSA S 551-21) beginning on the following page which is also numbered 121. Some of the page numbers are either duplicated or out of sequence for which careful attention is advised.

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DateBook NameFilm ReelsDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
 Details1658-1662S. Some pages damaged or missing.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 41 01/16/02/00117244-1S551-1
 Details1663-1665BB, pp. 1-525, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 49 01/16/02/00217245-1S551-2
 Details1665-1669FF, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 4901/16/02/00317246-1S551-3
 Details1669-1672JJ, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 5701/16/02/00417247-1S551-4
 Details1672-1675MM, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 65 01/16/02/00517248-1S551-5
 Details1675-1679NN, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 6601/16/02/00617249-1S551-6
 Details10/1679-02/1682WC, pp. 1-501.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 6901/16/02/041748-1S551-7
 Details02/1682-06/1684WC, pp. 502-911, i.  Archives of Maryland Online Volume 70 01/16/02/042748-2S551-8
 Details09/1684-11/1687DSA    01/16/02/043750-1S551-9
 Details04/1689SS    01/16/02/044750-2S551-10
 Details04/1692-10/1693DSC    01/16/02/045751-1S551-11
 Details05/1694-10/1695TL 1, pp. 1-246    01/16/04/001752-1S551-12
 Details05/1694-10/1695TL 1, pp. 247-446    01/16/04/002752-2S551-13
 Details10/1695-09/1696TL 1, pp. 447-664    01/16/04/003752-3S551-14
 Details10/1695-09/1696TL 1, pp. 665-824    01/16/04/004752-4S551-15
 Details12/1696TL 2    01/16/04/0058481S551-16
 Details05/1697-10/1697HW 3    01/16/04/0063997-1S551-17
 Details08/1698IL    01/16/04/007754-1S551-18
 Details05/1699-04/1701WT 3    01/16/04/008853S551-19
 Details04/1702-10/1702WT 4    01/16/04/009754-2S551-20
 Details10/1702TG, pp. 121b-168 See note for this volume in series description   01/16/04/010749-2S551-21
 Details05/1703-04/1705TL 3    01/16/04/011755S551-22
 Details04/1705-04/1706TB 2    01/16/04/012756S551-23
 Details09/1706-09/1707PL 1    01/16/04/013757S551-24
 Details09/1707-11/1708PL 2, pp. 1-419    01/16/04/014758-1S551-25
 Details04/1709-07/1709PL 2, pp. 420-717    01/16/04/015758-2S551-26
 Details07/1709-10/1710PL 3    01/16/04/016759S551-27
 Details04/1711-10/1712TP 2    01/16/04/017760S551-28
 Details10/1712-10/1713IO 1    01/16/04/018761S551-29
 Details10/1713-05/1716VD 1    01/16/04/019762S551-30
 Details05/1716-04/1717VD 2    01/16/04/020763S551-31
 Details04/1717-04/1718VD 3    01/16/04/021764S551-32
 Details07/1718-04/1719PL 4    01/16/04/022765S551-33
 Details09/1719-04/1721WG 1, pp. 1-450    01/16/04/023766-1S551-34
 Details04/1721-04/1722WG 1, pp. 451-849    01/16/04/024766-2S551-35
 Details09/1722-05/1724PL 7    01/16/04/025767S551-36
 Details10/1724-10/1726WG 2    01/16/04/026768S551-37
 Details05/1727-10/1728RB 1, pp. 1-424    01/16/04/027769-1S551-38
 Details05/1729-10/1730RB 2    01/16/04/028770S551-39
 Details05/1731RB 1, pp. 425-555    01/16/04/027769-2S551-40
 Details10/1731-10/1732RB 3    01/16/04/029771S551-41
 Details10/1732-10/1733WG 3    01/16/04/030772S551-42
 Details05/1734-07/1735EI 1    01/16/04/031773S551-43
 Details10/1735-05/1737EI 2    01/16/04/032774S551-44
 Details10/1737-05/1738EI 4    01/16/04/033775S551-45
 Details10/1738-05/1739EI 5    01/16/04/034776S551-46
 Details10/1739-10/1741EI 6    01/16/04/035777S551-47
 Details04/1742-09/1744EI 7    01/16/04/036778S551-48
 Details09/1744-09/1745EI 9    01/16/04/037779S551-49
 Details09/1745-09/1746EI 10, pp. 1-484    01/16/04/038780-1S551-50
 Details04/1747-05/1748EI 10, pp. 485-1072    01/16/04/039780-2S551-51
 Details10/1748-10/1749EI 11    01/16/04/040782S551-52
 Details04/1750-09/1750EI 13, pp. 1-450    01/16/04/041784-1S551-53
 Details09/1750-09/1751EI 13, pp. 451-932    01/16/04/042784-2S551-54
 Details09/1751-04/1752EI 14, pp. 1-554    01/16/04/043785-1S551-55
 Details09/1752-04/1753EI 14, pp. 555-892    01/16/04/044785-2S551-56
 Details04/1753-10/1754EI 15    01/16/04/045786S551-57
 Details05/1755-10/1755GS 1    01/16/04/046787S551-58
 Details05/1756-10/1756BT 1    01/16/04/047788S551-59
 Details05/1756-10/1756BT 1    01/17/02/001789S551-60
 Details05/1757BT 2    01/17/02/002790S551-61
 Details09/1757-04/1759BT 3    01/17/02/003791S551-62
 Details04/1759-09/1759BT 5, pp. 1-498    01/17/02/004792-1S551-63
 Details04/1760-09/1760BT 5, pp. 499-904    01/17/02/005792-2S551-64
 Details09/1760-09/1761DD 1    01/17/02/006793S551-65
 Details09/1761-09/1762DD 2    01/17/02/007794S551-66
 Details09/1762DD 5, pp. 1-143    01/17/02/010797-1S551-67
 Details09/1762-04/1763DD 3    01/17/02/008795S551-68
 Details04/1763-09/1763DD 4    01/17/02/009796S551-69
 Details09/1763-04/1764DD 5, pp. 145-533    01/17/02/010797-2S551-70
 Details04/1764-09/1764DD 6    01/17/02/011798S551-71
 Details09/1764-04/1765DD 7    01/17/02/012799S551-72
 Details04/1765DD 12, pp. 701-717    01/17/02/018804-2S551-73
 Details04/1765-09/1765DD 8    01/17/02/013800S551-74
 Details09/1765DD 9    01/17/02/014801S551-75
 Details09/1765-04/1766DD 10, pp.1-300    01/17/02/015802-1S551-76
 Details04/1766DD 10, pp. 301-601    01/17/02/016802-2S551-77
 Details10/1766DD 11    01/17/02/017803S551-78
 Details05/1767DD 12, pp. 1-685    01/17/02/018804-1S551-79
 Details10/1767-05/1768DD 13    01/17/02/019805S551-80
 Details05/1768DD 14    01/17/02/020806S551-81
 Details10/1768-05/1769DD 15    01/17/02/021807S551-82
 Details10/1769DD 16, pp. 1-400    01/17/02/022808-1S551-83
 Details04/1770DD 16, pp. 401-741    01/17/02/023808-2S551-84
 Details09/1770-04/1771DD 17, pp. 1-386    01/17/02/024809-1S551-85
 Details04/1771DD 20, pp. 671-680    01/17/02/030812-4S551-86
 Details04/1771-09/1771DD 17, pp. 387-751    01/17/02/025809-2S551-87
 Details09/1771DD 20, pp. 701-711    01/17/02/030812-5S551-88
 Details09/1771-04/1772DD 18, pp. 1-374    01/17/02/026810-1S551-89
 Details04/1772-09/1772DD 18, pp. 375-752    01/17/02/027810-2S551-90
 Details04/1773DD 19, pp. 1-378    01/17/02/028811-1S551-91
 Details09/1773DD 20, pp. 657-660    01/17/02/030812-3S551-92
 Details09/1773-04/1774DD 19, pp. 379-748    01/17/02/029811-2S551-93
 Details04/1774-09/1775DD 20, pp. 1-433, 551-647    01/17/02/030812-1S551-94
 Details04/1775-09/1775DD 21, pp. 1-233. Do not circulate. Use SR 2524-2SR 2524-2   01/17/02/031813-1S551-95
 Details        s551-96
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