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Executive records consisting of recommendations, petitions, requests, military intelligence reports, commissions, and resolutions. Most documents relate to the Revolutionary War. Correspondents include governors, legislators, civil and military officials, Council of Safety, and Maryland Convention. Arranged numerically by inventory number. For 1775-1789 indexed by MARYLAND INDEXES Maryland State Papers, Index series [MSA S1484]. Oaths of Fidelity indexed in MARYAND INDEXES Oaths of Fidelity, Index [MSA S1420]. Many documents abstracted in Calendar of Maryland State Papers, Number 4, The Red Books, Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1950. Documents dated 1775-1789 listed in An Inventory of Maryland State Papers, Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1977. Also available on microfilm for 1773-1825, [MSA SM4], 14 reels. Military service records found in the Red Books series are indexed in MARYLAND INDEXES (Muster and pay roll, index) 1734-1772 [MSA S1418].

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DateDescriptionLinkLinksLocationMdHR NoMSA Citation
  Details1775-18271  01/06/03/0344557S989-1
  Details1775-17762, Nos. 1-60  01/06/03/0354558S989-2
  Details1775-17762, Nos. 61-161  01/06/03/0364559S989-3
  Details1775-18163  01/06/03/0374560S989-4
  Details1775-18274, Nos. 1-95  01/06/03/0384561S989-5
  Details1775-18274, Nos. 96-183  01/06/03/0394562S989-6
  Details1775-17815  01/06/03/0404563S989-7
  Details1775-17896  01/06/03/0414564S989-8
  Details1777-17817, Nos. 1-114  01/06/03/0424565S989-9
  Details1777-17817, Nos. 115-215  01/06/03/0434566S989-10
  Details1778-17818Archives of Maryland Online Volume 43 01/06/03/0444567S989-11
  Details1776-18049, Nos. 1-99  01/06/03/0454568S989-12
  Details1776-18049, Nos. 100-204  01/06/04/0014569S989-13
  Details1776-18049, Nos. 205-326  01/06/04/0024570S989-14
  Details1775-179310  01/06/04/0034571S989-15
 Details1774-178111  01/06/04/0044572S989-16
 Details1775-177712  01/06/04/0054573S989-17
 Details1775-177713, Nos. 1-121  01/06/04/0064574S989-18
 Details1775-177713, Nos. 122-232  01/06/04/0074575S989-19
 Details1766-178614  01/06/04/0084576S989-20
  Details1775-177815, Nos. 1-115  01/06/04/0094577S989-21
 Details1775-177815, Nos. 116-236  01/06/04/0104578S989-22
 Details1776-178316, Nos. 1-88  01/06/04/0114579S989-23
 Details1776-178316, Nos. 89-175. Inventoried as MdHR 4580A  01/06/04/0124580S989-24
 Details1776-180717, Nos. 1-96. Inventoried as MdHR 4580B  01/06/04/0134581S989-25
 Details1776-180717, Nos. 97-194  01/06/04/0144582S989-26
 Details1776-178718  01/06/04/0154583S989-27
 Details1776-177919  01/06/04/0164584S989-28
 Details1775-178120, Nos. 1-101  01/06/04/0174585S989-29
 Details1775-178120, Nos. 102-192Archives of Maryland Online Volume 43 01/06/04/0184586S989-30
 Details1776-178421, Nos. 1-59  01/06/04/0194587S989-31
 Details1776-178421, Nos. 60-136  01/06/04/0204588S989-32
 Details1776-178222Archives of Maryland Online Volume 43 01/06/04/0214589S989-33
 Details1776-179023, Nos. 1-98  01/06/04/0224590S989-34
 Details1776-179023, Nos. 99-196  01/06/04/0234591S989-35
 Details1776-179224Archives of Maryland Online Volume 43 01/06/04/0244592S989-36
 Details1776-177925Archives of Maryland Online Volume 43 01/06/04/0254593S989-37
 Details1748-180826, Nos. 1-99  01/06/04/0264594S989-38
 Details1748-180826, Nos. 100-157  01/06/04/0274595S989-39
 Details1780-178327, Nos. 1-68  01/06/04/0284596S989-40
 Details1780-178327, Nos. 69-157  01/06/04/0294597S989-41
 Details1777-178928  01/06/04/0304598S989-42
 Details1778-178929  01/06/04/0314599S989-43
 Details1777-178230, Nos. 1-62  01/06/04/0324600S989-44
 Details1777-178230, Nos. 63-127  01/06/04/0334601S989-45
 Details1780-180131  01/06/04/0344602S989-46
 Details1776-182232, Nos. 1-85  01/06/04/0354603S989-47
 Details1776-182232, Nos. 86-172  01/06/04/0364604S989-48
 Details1780-182533, Nos. 1-71  01/06/04/0374605S989-49
 Details1780-182533, Nos. 72-144  01/06/04/0384606S989-50
 Details1775-1783Portfolio 01/06/05/0244607S989-51
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