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(Safeco Title Company Collection)

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The predecessors of the Safeco Title Company were the Maryland Title Company and the Title Guarantee Company, which merged in 1960 forming the Maryland Title Guarantee Company. In 1970, the company changed its name to the American General Title Company, but around 1978 this name was once again changed to the Safeco Title Company.

Previous to the merger of the two title companies in 1960 each had accumulated copies of maps showing sections of city blocks, estates, and suburban developments for use in the processing of titles. Therefore, once the merger was effect the Maryland Title Guarantee Company possessed nearly identical sets of property maps. It is the duplicate set which constitutes the Safeco Title Company collection of approximately 4,800 maps.

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The approximately 4,000 maps are laminated and average four maps per side. The plats show: openings and closings of streets and alleys, surveys of property boundaries, descriptions of existing structures, as well as provide names of owners and at times dates of conveyance of property from one owner to another.

Only bounding streets have been described. A street index is available at the Baltimore City Archives.

Nos. A-1 to 4-105BMS10-1

These maps were not laminated or assigned a catalog number. There are several maps which are part of a series on one particular site or development, i.e., Gilmor Homes, Guilford, Homeland, Roland Park, the Philadelphia and Washington Railroad Right-of-Way, and the electrification of the Pennsylvania Railroad through Maryland.

Only bounding streets have been described. A street index is available at the Baltimore City Archives.

Nos. 1-73BMS10-2
 Details1906-1932Ten bound atlases arranged by publication date.AtlasesBMS10-3
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