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The Classified Municipal Employees Association was first organized in 1929 when Elmer F. Bernhardt and Catherine H. Elliott petitioned Mayor William F. Broening for an employees organization. Subsequently, the petition was signed by employees of each department, submitted to the mayor and approved. Thereupon, a meeting was called of all members interested for the purpose of preparing the plans for an organization.

The organization committee drafted a constitution and by-laws and offered to every classified municipal employee an opportunity to establish an association for the purpose "to promote the welfare and interest of its members in the matter of social, educational, and other activities." The association was then established, officers elected, constitution adopted, and plans formulated to accomplish its various purposes as intended. In 1989, the Classified Municipal Employees Association disbanded as a representative body for municipal employees.

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Annual yearbooks highlighting the activities of the Classified Municipal Employees Association. Included are C.M.E.A. committee and officer reports, photographs, lists of and messages from elected officials of the city government, historical information, advertisements and articles about social and athletic events.

A container listing is available at the Baltimore City Archives.


Monthly newsletters published by the Classified Municipal Employees Association. Includes news articles concerning the problems, interests, and activities of city employees, photographs, advertisements, and messages from C.M.E.A. officers and members.

A container listing is available at the Baltimore City Archives.

Hall Light NewsletterBMS14-2
  Details1962-1977Sporadic meeting minutes of the Board of Governors of the Classified Municipal Employees Association. The year covered included 1962-1964, 1969-1974, and 1976.Meeting Minutes, Board of GovernorsBMS14-3
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