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(Walter Sondheim, Jr. Papers)

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On March 25, 1987 Walter Sondheim, Jr., a prominent business and community leader of Baltimore donated to the Baltimore City Archives a collection of his personal files. The files include records and correspondence of his involvement with a variety of municipal agencies over the years. Principally involved are the Board of School Commissioners, the Urban Renewal and Housing Commission, and Charles Center-Inner Harbor Management, Inc. There are also files concerning other city, state, and private groups.

There is a container listing available at the Baltimore City Archives.

These files are closed to the public until the year 2012 unless permission is obtained from either Walter Sondheim, Jr. or his son, John W. Sondheim.

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DateDescriptionLocation (Shelf)BoxMSA Citation
  Details1957-1959Topics: Balustein; Block; BURHA; BURHA, Chairman Letters; BURHA, Charles Center 8/21/1957-7/15/1958; BURHA, Charles Center 7/15/1958-12/16/1959; BURHA, non-discriminationBC/21/02/036/S001BMS16-1
  Details1974-1985Topics: BURHA, Oliver Winston; Citizens Planning & Housing Association (CPHA); Civil Rights Commission; Convention Center 12/12/1974-10/3/1977; Convention Center 10/28/1977; Convention Center, City & State Negotiations #1; Convention Center, City & State Negotiations #2; Convention Center Files, Walter Sondheim; Convention Center Loan 1985; DisneyBC/21/02/037/S002BMS16-2
  Details Topics: Economic Advisory Council; Expressway Design Advisory COmmission; Federal Building sculpture; Fight Blight Fund; Football; General Assembly Compensation Commission #1; General Assembly Compensation Commission #2; General Assembly Compensation Commission #3BC/21/02/038/S003BMS16-3
  Details Topics: Interstate Banking Commission; Judicial Disability Commission; Lexington Street Mall #1; Lexington Street Mall #2; Madison Park South; Maryland Institute; Maryland Commission on Hereditary Disorders; Maryland State Bar Association; Maryland State Bar Association Task ForceBC/21/02/039/S004BMS16-4
  Details1971-1981Topics: Maryland's 350th Birthday; Mass Transit Task Force; Mayor 10/7/1971-5/17/1974; Mayor 7/15/1974-10/18/1976; Mayor 11/22/1976-9/1978; Mayor 9/1978-2/1981BC/21/02/040/S005BMS16-5
  Details1970-1984Topics: Mayor 2/1981-8/15/1984; Mayor's Implementation Committee; Meals on Wheels; Mercantile Safe - Hopkins Place; Metro Center; Mount Royal Center 1970-1973; Mount Royal Center 1974BC/21/02/041/S006BMS16-6
  Details Topics: Music Hall #1; Music Hall #2; Music Hall #3; News American; Walter OrlinskyBC/21/02/042/S007BMS16-7
  Details Topics: Penguin; Police Advisory Committee; School Board - Communism; School Board - Desegreation; School Board - General; School Board - Integration, newspapers, etc.; School Board Issues; School Board President lettersBC/21/02/043/S008BMS16-8
  Details Topics: School Board Appointments; Stadium Clippings #1; Stadium Clippings #2; Stadium Correspondence; Sunpapers; University of Maryland; Voluntary Council of Equal OpportunityBC/21/02/044/S009BMS16-9
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