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Baltimore City Historical Society Manuscript Collection

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The items in the collection were generously donated to the Baltimore City Archives by the Baltimore City Historical Society.

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  Details1914Atlas created by the Topographical Survey Commission. The bound volume is available for reference at BCA, images of the same material (but digitized from a different copy) is linked to the item. This atlas only encompasses the pre-1918 annex Baltimore City, taking it only up to the Johns Hopkins Homewood campus. The digital copy of the atlas is structured in such a way that when looking at the first image (http://mdhistory.net/msa_sc4645/msa_sc4645_1_12/html/msa_sc4645_1_12-0001.html), the following images start in the northwestern corner and work their way to the east, and then south one section from the northwest corner and across to the east, etc.Atlas of Baltimore, Maryland. Topographical Survey CommissionBMS32-1
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