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The Baltimore Court House Commissioners were created by the Maryland Legislature in 1835 to rebuild the Baltimore City and County Court House and Records Office which had been destroyed by fire on February 13th of that year. The commissioners were in existence from 1835 to 1840, the year that the new buildings were completed and opened for use. The new buildings housed meeting rooms, offices, and records of the Baltimore County Court and Orphan's Court of Baltimore County and were located on the corner of Lexington and Saint Paul Streets. Razed in 1894, the buildings made way for a larger court house.

Further information can be obtained from Morris L. Radoff, The County Courthouses and Records of Maryland. Part One: The Courthouses, Hall of Records Commission Publication no. 12 (Annapolis: Hall of Records Commission, 1960), pp. 17-37 and Richard J. Cox, "The Plight of American Municipal Archives: Baltimore, 1729-1979," American Archivist 42 (July 1979): 281-92.

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  Details1835-1840Administrative Records

Records related to the planning and construction of the Baltimore City and County Courthouse and Records Office. Included is correspondence from Robert Cary Long, Jr., Robert Mills, and William Strickland concerning the architectural design of the buildings. There is also correspondence of Solomon Etting, President of the Baltimore Court House Commissioners; bank books and daily memos; proposals for brick and lumber supply, painting, glass, iron and stone work, and other labor costs and contracts; payroll records and receipts; contractors' bonds; and recommendations for employment. These records are individually listed in the HRS indexes.

There are related mateials in the records of the City Council, RG.16, City Register, RG.32; City Commissioners, RG.3; and Mayor's Office, RG.9. The Maryland Historical Society also has minutes of the commission, apparently maintained by Solomon Etting, in the Baltimore Court House Commissioners' Minutes, MS.69.

  Details1835-1840Architectural Drawings

Pen and ink plans of the Baltimore City and County Court House and Record Office by Robert Cary Long, Jr.: record office front elevation, Saint Paul's Street; record office cast-iron railing (two drawings); floor plan and pavement elevation of the courthouse (incomplete); and record office floor plan showing stone work. (These items, although previously noted as part of our collection, were not recorded as such.)

There are additional drawings at the Maryland Historical Society and Peale Museum.

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