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(National Star Spangled Banner Centennial Commission)

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In commemoration of Francis Scott Key's "Star Spangled Banner," a centennial celebration was held the week of September 6-13, 1914 in Baltimore. This celebration was the suggestion of Mayor James H. Preston who believed that the formation of such a national organization could promote patriotism by emphasizing the flag. During the interval of the centennial, the first meeting of the National Star Spangled Banner Centennial Commission was held to draft a catechism relative to the flag.

Further information regarding this commission can be obtained from their numerous brochures and programs and magazine and newspaper articles of the period. There is no descriptive history of the celebration.

For meeting minutes of the commission see: RG.9, S.15 (49 thru 49F).

There is a 1914 meeting minutes book located at the Maryland Historical Society, MS 2263.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1914-1915Financial LedgersSix volumes of financial ledgers detailing the commission's activity. There are some miscellaneous documents originally filed in the ledgers also included in this box.BRG15-1
  Details1913-1915VouchersVouchers, telegrams, newspaper clippings (in English and German), requisitions, correspondence, and lists of commission members.BRG15-2
  Details1914Photograph Scrapbook

Photographs by John H. Stocksdale of the various aspects of the celebration including the Cuban Consul, industrial parade, suffragettes, floral auto parade, parade of fraternal orders, municipal parade, military parade, building of the human flag at Fort McHenry, address by William Jennings Bryan, and masonic arch.

Transferred to the Peale Museum.

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