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(City Council)
Published Volumes of Ordinances and Resolutions

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Published volumes of approved ordinances and resolutions.

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DateFilm ReelsDescriptionLinksBoxMSA Citation
 Details1797-1831BCA 1223 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-1
 Details1832-1841BCA 1224 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-2
 Details1841-1846BCA 1225 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-3
 Details1847-1852BCA 1226 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-4
 Details1852-1856BCA 1227 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-5
 Details1856-1860BCA 1228 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-6
 Details1859-1864BCA 1229 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-7
 Details1864-1866BCA 1230 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-8
 Details1866-1869BCA 1231 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-9
 Details1869-1877BCA 1232 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-10
 Details1877-1886BCA 1233 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-11
 Details1885-1893BCA 1234 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-12
 Details1892-1903BCA 1235 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-13
 Details1903-1910BCA 1236 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-14
 Details1910-1918BCA 1237 (Scanned)Ordinances and resolutions BRG16-17-15
  Details1797-1900 Ordinances and Resolutions 1BRG16-17-16
  Details1906-1919 Ordinances and Resolutions 2BRG16-17-17
  Details1919-1921 Ordinances and Resolutions 3BRG16-17-18
  Details1922-1939 Ordinances and Resolutions 4BRG16-17-19
  Details1939-1945 Ordinances and Resolutions 5BRG16-17-20
  Details1945-1967 Ordinances and Resolutions 6BRG16-17-21
  Details1967-1980 Ordinances and Resolutions 7BRG16-17-22
  Details1980-1990 Ordinances and Resolutions 8BRG16-17-23
  Details1990-1999 Ordinances and Resolutions 9BRG16-17-24
  Details1990-1999 Ordinances and Resolutions Duplicates 10BRG16-17-25
  Details1941-1945 Baltimore Ordinances Official File 11BRG16-17-26
  Details1946-1947 Baltimore Ordinances Official File 12BRG16-17-27
  Details1947-1950 Baltimore Ordinances Official File 13BRG16-17-28
  Details1950-1952 Baltimore Ordinances Official File 14BRG16-17-29
  Details1952-1953 Baltimore Ordinances Official File 15BRG16-17-30
 Details1918-1922BCA 1238 (Scanned)Ordinances and Resolutions BRG16-17-31
  Details1999-2008 Ordinances and Resolutions   BRG16-17-32
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