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The Baltimore City Economic Development Corporation was established by the municipal government as a quasi-public agency in 1963 for encouraging industrial and commercial development, advising the mayor and city council on policies affecting potential economic expansion, and to monitor and plan the economic growth of the city. From the beginning the responsibilities of this agency have remained generally the same with a few organizational changes. Originally the agency consisted of ten members, nine appointed by the Mayor for four year terms, including representatives of the association of commerce, Greater Baltimore Committee, Industrial Real Estate Council of Baltimore, Junior Association of Commerce, Steamship Trade Association, the chairman of the Planning Commission, and four members at large; later a representative of the Committee for Downtown, Inc. was added. From 1963 the agency has been headed by a salaried director hired by the above members. In 1968 the members of the corporation were increased to fifteen members with only requirements that their place of business be located in Baltimore.

Starting in the late 1960's the agency began to receive funds for the purchase and lease of properties to businesses. In 1976 the commission was merged with the Baltimore Industrial Development Corporation to become the Baltimore Economic Development Corporation - known as BEDCO - under direction and contract by the Baltimore City Department of Housing and Community Development.

For further information see Ord. 1510 (1963); Ord. 1689 (1963);! Ord. 1244 (1967); Ord. 317 (1968); and Ord. 1022 (1975).

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  Details1963-1983Administrative Files

General administrative records including notes on promotional organizations, advertisements, projects, municipal government relationships and work, correspondence, public relations materials, reports, publications, and supporting materials.

A complete list of the file folders is available at the Baltimore City Archives.

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