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(Early Records of Baltimore)

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This is an artificial record group of early records concerning Baltimore Town. It consists of nine volumes compiled from the Baltimore Town Commissioners (see RG. 1), the City Commissioners (see RG. 3), the Office of Mayor (see RG. 9), the City Council (see RG. 16), the Special Commissioners, and the Board of Port Wardens. These records relate to land and contain testamentary proceedings, accounts and petitions for street and wharf construction and repair, lists of fines and special taxes, and other administrative and financial records.

Researchers who are interested in more detailed information about the various agencies represented here should consult Jacob H. Hollander's, The Financial History of Baltimore (Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1899) and the appropriate record group descriptions in this guide.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1758-1797Bound Records

This series consists of a group of miscellaneous records which have been restored and bound together in two volumes. Volume one contains documents from the years 1756, 1759, 1766, 1774, 1781-1785, and 1787-1796. The second volume continues with 1796-1797. Among the records found in these volumes are: agreements and contracts, deeds, wills, marriage certificates, notices, licenses, petitions and applications, memorials, correspondence, depositions, tax lists, time sheets, bills and receipts.

There is a detailed inventory available in each volume. An index to many of the individuals named in these records is provided by Richard J. Cox in his article, "Some Early Residents of Baltimore, Maryland, 1785-1795," National Genealogical Society Quarterly 67 (September, 1979): 202-29 and (December, 1979): 283-86.

  Details1729-1841Administrative Records

This series consists of bound volumes of administrative records. The books are concerned with petitions, proceedings, and ordinances. Wilbur Coyle transcribed and published some of these records in First Records of Baltimore Town and Jones Town, 1729-1797 (1905), Records of the City of Baltimore (City Commissioners) 1797-1813 (1906), Records of the City of Baltimore (Special Commissioners) 1782-1797 (1909), Records of the City of Baltimore (supplement) 1729-1813 (1909) and Records of the City of Baltimore (Eastern and Western Precinct Commissioners) 1810-1817 (1909). Some of these records are among those indexed by the Works Progress Administration's Historical Records Survey.

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