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(Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission / Citizens Emergency Relief Committee)

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In early 1931 W. Frank Roberts, President of the Baltimore Chamber of Commerce, called a meeting to discuss the growing unemployment crisis in the city and the unavailablity of funds to relieve this problem. The meeting was attended by the mayor, police commissioner, and representatives of the state government, the Community Fund of Baltimore, the Red Cross, the Associated Jewish Charities, and the Bureau of Catholic Charities. An executive committee was established for raising funds, to coordinate the activities of the various charity agencies, and to be responsible for the disbursement of funds. Under the title of the Citizens Emergency Relief Committee, this body functioned in an advisory and coordinating manner with the traditional charity organizations.

By September 1933 it was evident that the private agenicies were no longer equipped to deal with the deteriorating unemployment situation, and the Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission was formed, although the Citizens Emergency Relief Commission remained in existence. BERC administered the distribution of federal funds under the Federal Emergency Relief Administration and was a subsidy of the Maryland Emergency Relief Administration.

The Baltimore Emergency Relief Commission was ended in October 1936 because of the discontinuance of federal funds and the failure of the state to meet the financial deficiency. Much of its work was taken over by the new Works Progress Administration. The Citizens Emergency Relief Commission remained in existence until at least 1941, coordinating the activities of the various charity organizations.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1933-1936Financial ReportsFinal report of BERC covering the entire period of its operation. Included are balance sheets for 1934-36; a breakdown of relief cases in terms of the number of individuals affected and the types of aid received; description of disbursements for each year; a list of monthly obligations and liquidations for each year; charts of administrative costs; and charts of case openings and closings. Also included is a description of the number and volume of surplus food tickets for the period February 13, 1936 through May 31, 1936.BRG23-1
  Details1933-1934Preliminary ReportsThis series covers much of the same material as the financial reports except for greater detail, especially about underlying social and economic causes. Also included its material concerning the Citizens Emergency Relief Committee; receipts and disbursements from January 2, 1932 through August 31, 1933; and statements to and from the treasurer and information on contributions.BRG23-2
  Details1930-1932Correspondence and Committee Meeting RecordsThis series consists exclusively of material relating to the Citizens Emergency Relief Committee. Included is correspondence between committee members and between the committee and members of the Baltimore business community about the interaction between municipal authorities and the committee. Detailed accounts of committee meetings are also included and are of particular value in tracing the history of the organization.BRG23-3
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