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(Baltimore Municipal Journals and Newsletters)
1913-1931, 1978-1982

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A collection of newspapers and newsletters published by the municipal government and its various departments, agencies, and commissions.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1913-1931Baltimore Municipal JournalThe Baltimore Municipal Journal was started during the administration of Mayor James H. Preston. Mayor Preston, in his annual report for 1914-15, summarized the journal's purpose as being and "excellent medium for the city's advertising" and a way to supply "to the people information as to what is being done by their city government in greater detail than they could obtain from the daily papers." The journal is rich in administrative (especially financial) detail and also contains information on notable personalities, public improvements, commercial enterprises, communities, festivals, and historic preservation efforts. There is no clear reason why the journal was discontinued. Mayor William F. Broening stated in 1930 that its publication "had been turned over to private interests"; it is possible that the increasing cost of the journal proved to be too great for both the municipal government and private publishers.BRG26-1
  Details1912-1918Baltimore Municipal Journal Photographs

Photographs, probably taken for use in the journal, of street scenes and buildings. These photographs were mostly done by Alfred Waldeck during the years 1912-18; two photographs are by the Hughes Company, 1917. The views are of St. Paul Street, Harrison Stree, Frederick Street, Gay Street, the Fallsway, Lexington Street, Hamilton Street, Howard Street, the Holliday Street Theatre just prior to and during razing in 1915, the Wallis Building on 215 St. Paul Street, the site of the Fourth Maryland Infantry Regiment Armory in 1915, the Latrobe Building on 207 St. Paul Street, the Zion Church on Holliday Street, Lehman's Hall, the old Brooklyn Bridge during razing, the Ferry Bar, and the Light Street Bridge.

Transferred to the Peale Museum.

  Details1978-1982Baltimore JournalIn late 1978 the Baltimore Journal was started with the purpose of providing an official outlet for the news of city business and advertisements; this revival was ended in June 1982. Copies of the journal including the December 5, 1978 prototype and a continuous run of the bi-weekly publication from January 5, 1979 through June 1982. Includes information on procurement bids, city sales and auctions, Board of Estimates business, City Council ordinances and hearings, executive orders of the Mayor, municipal commissions meetings, zoning changes and traffic regulations, and articles about various municipal agencies.BRG26-3
  Details1982The City's PrideThe City's Pride is a monthly newspaper published for the municipal employees of Baltimore. The emphasis is on city issues, problems, programs, events, history, landmarks, etc.BRG26-4
  Details1960Agency NewslettersA collection of newsletters published by various departments, agencies, bureaus, commissions, etc. of the municipal government.BRG26-5
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