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(1973 Charter Revision Commission)

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On July 6, 1973 a charter revision commission was formally appointed by Mayor William Donald Schaefer. This commission established study groups to examine and report on personnel, the Board of Estimates, and the interrelationship between municipal agencies. The personnel study group held public hearings December 12 and 13, 1973 and January 24 and March 19, 1974. On April 30, 1974 a final report was submitted to the mayor and city council, recommending the elimination of the civil service commission, the creation of a department of personnel, and other changes in the charter's personnel sections. The report was introduced in the city council and was referred to its judiciary committee. A year later (March 7, 1975) the Board of Estimates study group submitted their final report on article six, recommending enhancing the visible functioning of the Board of Estimates, requiring the Board of Estimates to be more orderly in its operation, and increased power for the city council. The report was introduced in the city council and was referred to its budget and finance committee. Later in the year (September 23, 1975) the city departments study group submitted their final report on article seven and recommended changes in some of its outdated and inflexible provisions.

The three major proposals laid dormant throughout 1975 in the city council because of the political implications of an election year. On February 17, 1976 City Council President Walter Orlinsky introduced the three major proposals of the commission and it was terminated.

During the commission's tenure it was concerned with three lesser issues. On May 4, 1974 the commission submitted a report recommending a thorough revamping of the municipal method for appointment to, confirmation, and tenure of top-level bureaucrats on boards and commissions. Council hearings were held June 15, 1974, and the measure was approved by the voters on November 5, 1974. The Board of Estimates special subcommittee on procurement released their final report on June 10, 1975 recommending revisions to the charter's procurement provisions, but it was not introduced into the city council. Another bill about unanticipated budget surplus was referred to the commission on August 11, 1975, although there is no evidence of what the commission recommended or decided.

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  Details1973-1975Administrative Files

The commission's files were originally in alphabetical, chronological, and subject orders. A detailed index of the files is included in the correspondence file dated August 13, 1976. The commission members' files contain personal resumes, memos, and correspondence to and from members for the period July 1973 - June 1975. The files of the Board of Estimates special subcommittee on procurement include correspondence and related research materials as well as their final report on June 10, 1975. The Board of Estimates study group's files include their November 19, 1974 proposal for comment, two preliminary drafts dated February 10 and November 13, 1974, and its final report. Also included are comments received on their reports, reference materials, and memos.

The commission's chronological data file contains a list of the comission's activities between July 6, 1973 and April 9, 1975. The charter research and information file includes memos, reports, letters, and notes as well as various materials on all aspects of charter revision, dated June 1966 - April 1976. The city departments study group's files include general information and data, correspondence, related drafts, and reference materials. Also included are the Henderson planning proposal dated May 22, 1975, and the group's final report on executive departments and selected functions of city departments, boards, and commissions dated September 23, 1975. The commission's contract files concern financial contracts providing for the funding of the commission, October 1973 - September 1975. The correspondence files contain correspondence and memos, July 1973 - August 1976, on all aspects of the commission's work.

The personnel public hearings files include witness lists, statements, and testimony for the hearings held by the personnel study group on December 12-13, 1973 and January 14 and March 19, 1974 and related correspondence and memos, November 1973 - June 1974. The personnel study group's files also contain reference materials, related articles and reports, and memos, 1970-73; the tentative proposal for comment, March 1974, including two preliminary drafts and three tentative drafts dated January 23, January 29, and February 1974; and the group's final report, April 30, 1974 on revised provisions concerning civil service, personnel, and labor relations. The press releases and radio transcripts files contain the commission's press releases for July 1973 - March 1975 and the League of Women Voters radio transcripts. The summaries of all proposals contain drafts, comparisons, and summaries of the three major proposals submitted by the commission of personnel, the Board of Estimates, and city departments.

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