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This board was established by the 1898 charter in order to bring uniformity to awarding of contracts. It met for the first time on March 29, 1900 and existed until May 19, 1947 when its duties were taken over by the Board of Estimates.

The Board of Awards consisted of the mayor, the comptroller, city register, city solicitor, and the president of the city council's second branch. All city work or the purchase of supplies and materials that exceeded $500 had to be bid. After the work was advertised for ten to twenty days the bids were opened by the Board of Estimates and awarded to the lowest responsible bidder.

For more information about the Board of Awards see the city charters for 1898, 1918, and 1946.

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1900-1946MinutesThe minutes are complete beginning with March 29, 1900 and continuing through May 19, 1947. The minutes are brief, listing the department, the item bid for, the bids, and the successful bidder. Occasionally there are letters from the department concerning the bids or bonds and letters of support for the bidders.BRG37-1
  Details1869-1870MinutesThe predecessor to the Board of Awards was a three man panel of the mayor, comptroller, and city register. This board awarded contracts after reviewing the submitted bids. These minutes are only part of the volume for 1869-70.BRG37-2
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