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(State of Maryland Papers Pertaining to Baltimore City)

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Throughout the history of the City of Baltimore, its government has been closely connected with the state government. From 1729, when the state legislature created the Baltimore Town Commissioners to supervise the organization of Baltimore Town, to the present time, the bonds have gradually relaxed to the point where the city won home rule in the election of November 1918. Even with the incorporation of the city in 1796, the state retained control over the real and personal property tax rates, holding them to a fixed low amount, thereby sharply limiting revenues and the services the new municipal government could provide. Dramatic increases in population and social problems as well as the improved outlook of Baltimore's economy placed great strain on these arrangements and in 1818 the Maryland General Assembly enlarged the powers of the municipal government while maintaining the city's dependency upon the state legislature. This transfer of authority has continued until the present time as well as the close inter-relationship between the interests of the municipal government and the actions of the general assembly, and the whole of the state's governing structure.

The documents which comprise this record group primarily represent the legislative connections between the municipal and state governments and illustrate the careful supervision of Baltimore City and its government which the Maryland General Assembly has long exercised. There are numerous other documents reflecting this relationship, especially in the mayoral (RG 9) and city council (RG 16) records. The militia records included in series 2 concern a portion of the state's defense in which Baltimore played a central role.

For more detailed information, see Municipal Journal [6-19-31; vol. 19 #25; p. 4].

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DateSeries NameDescriptionMSA Citation
  Details1812-1910Maryland General Assembly Papers

Correspondence, copies of acts of the assembly and pending bills, petitions and memorials, newspaper clippings, miscellaneous pages from the Journal of Proceedings of the assembly, and annual reports of state-chartered charitable institutions. The majority of these documents are copies of legislation, either printed or handwritten, reflecting the close connections between the general assembly and the municipal government. The acts pertain to a variety of issues including inspection regulations, opening or modifying streets, construction of bridges and other public improvements, markets, cemeteries, taxation, issuance of city stock or bonds, incorporation of institutions or businesses, and changes in the Code of Public Local Laws.

One box of drafts of legislation, not previously indexed by the HRS, has been included at the end of this series.

  Details1818Maryland Militia Papers

Certifications of various individuals' unfitness to serve in the militia and printed notices of their assignments to the companies of the Baltimore-based Twenty-seventy Regiment. These notices also include a listing of parade dates and corresponding court-martial hearings to try these men who were absent from the parades.

At the end of the Revolutionary War, Maryland had five full regiments in regular service, many of whose men were converted into militia. The Maryland militia became the present-day Maryland National Guard in 1867 by act of the state legislature.

For more information concerning the history of Maryland's militia see Hanson Hiss, "The Maryland National Guard," Outing Magazine 20 (May and June 1892): 149-54, 217-23.

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